Elena koshlakova. young mothers about pregnancy, childbirth

Elena Koshlakova. Young mothers about pregnancy, childbirth and their babies 0

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Elena Koshlakova. Young mothers about pregnancy, childbirth and their babies

Elena Koshlakova Moscow

Elena Koshlakova, Moscow:

- My pregnancy was planned. Two months before her, I went to the hospital: I had a preventive course of antibiotics (I often have inflammation of the appendages); passed a course of physiotherapy and began taking vitamins for pregnant women.

- I walked in nature (at the dacha), ate fresh vegetables and fruits, slept and read lots of literature, preparing for the upcoming birth and the subsequent care of the baby.

- Up to 36 pedules I was observed in the women's consultation at the district clinic, and afterwards - directly in the hospital with a doctor who later took on my birth.

- At the time of 32 weeks, my husband and I went to a holiday home in the Moscow region for 2 weeks. On the road, I had no problems. In the rest house I went to the pool, read, swam, visited the phytobar (I drank vitamin teas). Every day before going to bed, my husband and I, regardless of the weather, walked. The difficulty was only one: the kid quickly grew and pressed on the bottom of the abdomen, so it was difficult to move.

- Before and during pregnancy, I read a lot of literature, and also got a lot of information from my doctor. Very worried immediately before delivery, but thanks to the advice of a doctor and a midwife, everything passed relatively painlessly and quickly.

- I did not attend special courses.

- Somewhere by the 20th week, after reviewing a lot of information about maternity homes and interviewing all my friends and a doctor in a women's consultation, I made a choice that justified myself completely: both the staff and the care for me and the baby were all at a high level .

- I was hospitalized on the day when I was given the term of labor in the women's consultation. The doctor, who subsequently took me into labor, after the examination, said that everything will happen either today or tomorrow.

- The same day, when I went to the hospital, after getting to know the doctor and inspecting, I went to the hospital canteen for lunch (I'll remember the menu forever: borsch and pilaf). I started to eat, and at that moment my water flowed away.

-How and planned. We reached our maternity hospital. Therefore, my husband and I had time to talk and calm each other.

"The man is afraid of blood, so his presence was not considered."

"Compared to all my acquaintances, my births took place in a" rosy light. " Perhaps it helped that I did not think about pain, but about my baby. Yes, fights and attempts - it hurts, but everything is forgotten when you imagine how scary the kid is in the stomach.

- When the bouts became very strong, I was introduced PROMEDOL. This gave me the opportunity to rest a little and save more strength for the "finals". It was a mutual decision - mine and my doctor.

- My son lay apart from me, but every 3 hours he was brought for feeding. This gave me time to recover after delivery. True, there was no free time: we did exercise therapy (for better contraction of the uterus), then we listened to lectures on caring for the baby.

- First, it is breastfeeding. Sometimes it seems that milk is not enough and the son does not eat, but you start to do a control weighing - and it turns out that everything is all right, just the kid sometimes wants to eat less, and sometimes more.

Secondly, it is the hypersensitivity of the baby's skin. But I decided for myself and this problem. To avoid irritation and diaper rash in the baby, after each washing and bathing, you need to dry out the skin and every crease. And we take baths with the addition of alcohol solution of chlorophyllipt in water or steal 1 glass of "Hercules" with boiling water, and then filter it into the bath.

And finally, thirdly, this feeling that you do not understand your baby, you think that you are not a very good mom ... But it all goes away.

- For a period of 4 months I started active shopping. My purchases were deliberate (I did them on the list). At the time of my hospitalization for the baby in the house everything was ready: his room, bed, things and means to care for him. Only two things were not bought: a stroller and a bath for bathing.

  1. Did you plan a pregnancy? If so, what actions have you taken to plan your pregnancy?
  2. What changed in your lifestyle after you learned about pregnancy?
  3. Did you choose a center for pregnancy management? If yes, by what criteria? What would you pay attention to now?
  4. Did you go to rest? If so, where and in what period of pregnancy? How did you move the road? What difficulties did you face?
  5. How did you prepare for childbirth? Was the preparation sufficient?
  6. Have you attended a school to prepare for childbirth? If so, did the classes help you? What exactly ?
  7. Did you choose a maternity hospital? By what criteria? Did the choice justify itself?
  8. Have you been hospitalized on a routine basis or with the onset of labor?
  9. Where did the birth begin?
  10. Have you considered in advance how you will get to the hospital? How did you get there as a result?
  11. Was the husband present at birth? If so, did this help you?
  12. What can you say about the birth pain? How did you endure it?
  13. Anesthesia was used at the time of delivery? Was it your choice?
  14. Were you in the same room with the child or separately? Did your choice justify itself and why?
  15. What were the difficulties in feeding and caring for a child? What could be done in advance to prevent these problems?
  16. Did you buy a child's dowry in advance? Did you act correctly?