Eating early in pregnancy

The first trimester of gestation period is characterized by a special approach not only to the way of life, but also to nutrition. Usually it is in the first trimester that a woman suffers from toxicosis. And only one glance at the products becomes a provocation of a terrible nausea, and even a vomitive reflex. But, to eat food is still necessary. It is the first trimester that requires (not just asking) a carefully balanced diet from a woman. After all, this directly determines the health and fetal development of the unborn child.

early pregnancy nutrition So, from what it is necessary to refuse, and what on the contrary should be included in the daily diet of a pregnant woman?

The fight against toxicosis through proper nutrition

If you properly organize the quality and quantity of your meals, then this can really be an effective tool against excruciating toxicosis. What does that require?
  1. Meals should be at least five to six times a day, in small portions.
  2. The first meal (crackers, crackers, kefir, etc.) should occur right in bed.
  3. Between meals, you need to drink a lot of pure still water, about two liters a day.

Only healthy and healthy food

You should completely forget about hot dogs, fast hot sandwiches with all sorts of stuff, chips, french fries, smoked products (and sausages, and fish), marinades, fatty dishes, sweet soda (especially Coca-Cola), and other products containing artificial dyes, including yoghurts. It is extremely necessary to refuse to cut off any alcohol containing drinks: vodka, beer, wine, champagne and various cocktails. On the table, pregnant women should have steamed, baked, boiled and fresh vegetables, salads, meat, cheese, eggs, fruits. Greens should be present in every dish. A fish. You should not forget about it, either. And we replenish calcium reserves by using dairy products, and of course, cottage cheese. With great care, it is in the first trimester to treat products that cause allergies, for example, to chocolate, citrus, honey, and other.

If you want something ...

Sometimes husbands suffer from the unpredictability of their pregnant wives. She wants sea kale in the middle of the night, then give me a piece of fresh chalk. Do not take this as a mental "rush". Just need to understand that at the moment her body requires iodine or calcium. As a rule, in the first trimester, many pregnant women exhibit iron deficiency in the body. And iron is hemoglobin in the blood, which is vital to carry oxygen to the tissues of both organisms, and the future mother, and her fetus. If the mother has anemia, the baby will starve. Iron can be obtained if you regularly eat red meat, fish, eggs (yolks), apricots, dark green leafy vegetables, cereals.

Vitamin complexes are an integral part of the diet of a pregnant woman

vitamins in early pregnancy Unfortunately, the modern ecological situation does not promote health promotion in pregnant women. That is why, in order to strengthen the health of the immune system, which is significantly weakened with the onset of pregnancy, the doctor prescribes vitamin complexes for the pregnant woman. Selecting vitamins for this or that pregnancy case, the doctor necessarily takes into account all the features of its course.
A woman should follow all the doctor's recommendations so that the pregnancy proceeds well. Therefore, every morning, lunch or dinner, depending on these instructions, you need to take vitamins for pregnant women.
As a rule, in these vitamin complexes there are all substances that supplement the diet - potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins B, A, C, E, and others. To all this, these drugs will not help increase the body weight of a woman.

Pregnancy is not a sign of what you need to eat for two

Absolute delusion, when they say that now, when pregnancy has come, there is a need for two! No and no again. Except for the excess weight of a future mother this will not result. To make up for all the energy that goes into the work of two organisms, it's just worth emphasizing the quality and usefulness of food.
Remember the golden rule of pregnancy: eat better often, but in small. According to medical norms, an average of nine months of pregnancy a woman should gain weight not more than thirteen kilograms. And yet, it is important to know that the increase in body weight in the first trimester of pregnancy is absolutely not dependent on the nutrition of the woman.
You can not fall into the reverse stupidity - go on a diet. Remember, pregnancy is not a season of experiments on your body. Here you need to think only about the health and development of your unborn child. To get rid of fear, gain extra pounds, it is best to do fitness for pregnant women. These classes will be useful to both mother and her child.

Work on yourself

Of course, at one point to take and rebuild yourself, your habits and addictions are extremely difficult. But this does not require anyone. The main thing is to make a decision, because all this is done for the future of a healthy and normally developing baby! Therefore, after making a decision, it's just worth starting to do everything in the right direction. And then, very soon, a real miracle will appear in your house - healthy, strong, growing and pleasing to you. Your baby will certainly thank you for all your efforts, your strong health and normal development.