Early signs of pregnancy before delay

Early signs of pregnancy before the onset of a delay in menstruation: truth and fiction

Early signs of pregnancy before delayEarly signs of pregnancy before delay - Are there any? Many women are sure that yes - they are, and they are trying to find them. Meanwhile, how most of these symptoms are very, very doubtful, and the other part is no more than a woman's auto-suggestion. But for the sake of persuasiveness, let us consider various variants of the early manifestations of an interesting situation.

The most reliable signs

Хорионический гонадотропин

Chorionic gonadotropin is produced by chorion (the future placenta) from the moment the ovum develops in the uterus or other organ (with ectopic pregnancy). By the level of chorionic gonadotropin and in general its presence, one can draw conclusions regarding the presence of some dangerous diseases (when it is present in not pregnant women and men) and various pathologies of pregnancy. If we talk about changes in the hormonal background, how about early signs of pregnancy before the delay of menstruation, it should be noted that hCG appears in minor amounts in the blood approximately a week after the fertilization of the ovum with the sperm. After 10 days, it is almost guaranteed to get the right result by passing the appropriate blood test.

If the level of this hormone is lower than it should be at a certain time, but the woman is exactly in position, then this can be caused by the following reasons.

  • The fetus stopped developing (frozen pregnancy).
  • The fetus develops outside the uterus (ectopic).
  • There is a serious threat of miscarriage.

No less dangerous causes lead to the same result over longer periods. Low HCG is observed in phyto-placental insufficiency, perenashivanii child, as well as its intrauterine death.

The result is higher than the norm when 2 or more children are born, with a bubble drift - a very dangerous pathology, which can lead to the development of cancer.

False positive results, when these early signs of pregnancy before men do not appear in expectant mothers, indicate the presence of a tumor in the body. It makes no sense to take an analysis for hCG, if you drink some medications, for example, containing gestagen.

Ложноотрицательные результаты могут быть связаны с тем, что анализ был сделан слишком рано, когда никакие early signs of pregnancy before the delay of menstruation еще не появились. Также не стоит забывать, что данный анализ нужно сдавать с утра натощак.

Another option is to determine the increase in hCG - to make a pregnancy test. However, its reliability is the higher, the more time has passed from conception. Almost 100% of the correct result can be obtained from the first day of the delay. But some good tests allow you to determine the early signs of pregnancy before the month, these tests are highly sensitive, respond to the minimum concentration of the substance in the woman's urine. In early terms after conception, the test is recommended to be done in the morning, when the concentration of the "pregnancy hormone" in urine reaches the highest level.

Basal temperature

During pregnancy, the rectal temperature is above 37 degrees. Rise occurs during ovulation. However, as an early sign of pregnancy before the delay of menstruation, this feature of female physiology is hardly worth taking. Elevated temperature will be if the egg is ripe, regardless of whether the conception has occurred or not. If the menstruation in its usual time has not come, and the temperature remains elevated, then it makes sense to look for other symptoms of pregnancy.

To measure rectal temperature is necessary, following a few very important recommendations. The most accurate measurements are obtained immediately after awakening, in the morning. Wrong results can be with illness, taking certain medicines, for several hours after sexual intercourse.


Nausea, vomiting, taste change - these early signs of pregnancy before delay appear extremely rarely. Therefore, if you suddenly feel unwell, do not immediately write it down on a possible interesting situation, but also drink, say, antibiotics as prevention and without consulting a doctor, also not worth it. As a rule, the manifestations of toxicosis in the early periods are insignificant and irregular. It can only be mild nausea, increased salivation in the morning and even increased appetite.

Unreliable signs

Implantation bleeding

In very rare cases, during the ovulation, blood from the vagina begins to be released in small amounts or simply smears of brown discharge appear. This can be caused by implantation of the egg into the endometrium of the uterus.

Pain in the lower abdomen

They can appear briefly as precursors of ovulation and after a while, before the period of menstruation, become more regular and strong. Very similar to premenstrual. However, sometimes such pains indicate a threatening spontaneous miscarriage. There may be pain and with ectopic pregnancy and some other non-gynecological pathologies, say, with appendicitis.

Increased body temperature

Subfebrile temperature - a little above 37 degrees, can be not only because of illness, but also an interesting situation. From the very first days after conception, the woman's organism is reconstructed, and these "rearrangements" can be expressed in such phenomena. As a rule, the temperature rises only periodically and does not cause discomfort to the future mother. Treatment does not require such a condition. Ventilate the room more often, lightly dress and heat exchange is normalized.

Frequent urination

These early signs of pregnancy before the delay appear extremely and extremely rare. On long terms it is clear that the uterus presses on the bladder and because of that I often want to go to the toilet. And at small times, frequent urination is often a symptom of diseases of the urinary system, for example, pyelonephritis or cystitis. The first may be accompanied by fever and pain in the lower back, and the second pain when urinating and in the lower abdomen, the temperature may also rise. So, if you have these symptoms, it will not be superfluous to go to a urologist and take urine tests.

Unpleasant sensations in the mammary glands

To be more precise, their palpable tenderness. Women who are familiar with mastopathy are not firsthand, this phenomenon will soon be perceived as its symptom. In addition, the sensitivity of the nipples increases, the breasts become larger, this is sure to be noticed by a close person. To early signs of pregnancy to monthly can be attributed and the allocation of nipple droplets of whitish or yellowish liquid - colostrum.

Increased vaginal discharge

Allocations are clear and odorless - these are early signs of pregnancy before menstruation, and say curdled or greenish - this is a sign of infection or the presence of pathogenic bacteria in the vagina. In addition to increasing secretions, as a rule, sexual desire increases.

Enlarged uterus

Determine this will be a gynecologist when viewed on the chair. But before the onset of a delay, this may indicate not only pregnancy, but, conversely, very rapid menstruation.

Таковы известные достоверные и вероятные early signs of pregnancy before the delay of menstruation.