Duphaston in early pregnancy

Pregnancy requires careful preparation and serious attitude, women who are going to become mothers spend a lot of time in hospitals under the supervision of doctors, that the pregnancy proceeded without complications, and also to save the fetus.

To my great regret, very often doctors state not the ability of a woman to bear the fetus - this is all due to the lack of progesterone in the body. In other words, progesterone is called the hormone of pregnancy.

Progesterone can be produced in the female body, in order to prepare it for bearing a fetus and ensure the normal intrauterine development of the baby. In addition, this hormone helps relax the muscles of the uterus.

Thanks to modern medicine, scientists were able to develop a special drug that will help the body of a young mother to receive progesterone in the required amount for a normal pregnancy. To fill the deficiency of the pregnancy hormone, doctors appoint Dufaston.

An alternative to progesterone

As mentioned above, the shortage of progesterone in the body of a pregnant woman can lead to the termination of pregnancy, since the necessary environment for bearing a fetus has not been created. The doctor observes a lack of a hubbub in the first trimester of pregnancy. At later stages, the problem disappears.

The reason for the shortage of progesterone in the first stages of pregnancy is the process of formation of the placenta. After the placenta is fully formed, it produces a pregnancy hormone on its own. Obstetrician-gynecologist advises to saturate the body with progesterone by artificial way. Dufaston is an excellent tool that increases the hormone during the first trimester of baby wearing. Studies have shown that, due to the use of Dufaston, the risk of miscarriage in the first stages is significantly reduced.


Dufaston has established itself not only as an effective means for replenishing the level of progesterone in the body of a woman, but also as an absolutely safe remedy that does not harm either mom or baby. The drug is able to significantly reduce the contraction of the uterine muscles. Muscular contractions of the uterus are called hypertension, they can be extremely dangerous, since in some cases they lead to a miscarriage, and Dufaston is an effective way to prevent such contractions. In addition, it was found that the drug does not affect blood pressure, clotting, and does not interfere with liver function.

Dufaston positively influences the formation of the uterine mucosa, and is also an effective remedy for chronic endometritis. Endometritis is classified as a disease in which high activity of the immune system is observed, thereby simply rejecting the fetus as a foreign body. Duphaston in this case, neutralizes the urge of the body to get rid of the fetus and normalizes the functioning of the immune system. Simply put, thanks to Dufaston you can prevent a miscarriage.


Before you start using any medication you need to consult a doctor, in particular this applies to pregnant women. Duphaston should also be used only for doctor's prescription, it determines the dosage and duration of therapy. The duration of the drug depends on the general condition of the patient, as well as on individual characteristics.

Physicians found that Dufaston should not be used for longer than 16 weeks of pregnancy. In special cases, the medication can last up to 22 weeks, but in this case Dufaston will protect against premature birth, rather than prevent a miscarriage.

Gynecologists recommend to cancel the medicine gradually, so as not to harm either the mother or the baby. Dosage should be reduced every day, about half, the duration of cancellation is about a week.

Dufvston passed, all clinical studies and is considered a completely harmless and effective drug. But do not forget about some contraindications, which include hypersensitivity or individual intolerance. In addition, the drug can not be used in the Rotov and Dabin-Jones syndrome. Diabetics and cores should use Dufason under strict doctor supervision and in no case exceed the prescribed dosage. It should be remembered that Dufason should never be prescribed concomitantly with other drugs that contain estrogen in their composition, as this can lead to an overdose.

Side effects

Duphaston can cause negative consequences when it is used, they include: nausea, headaches and dizziness, various allergic reactions, vaginal bleeding. If one of the signs of a negative effect of the drug is found, it is necessary to immediately stop taking them and contact the doctor.

For conception

Ovaries produce progesterone in the body of a woman in the second half of the menstrual cycle. At conception, the level of the hormone decreases significantly. When successful fertilization, progesterone again begins to accumulate due to the formation of the placenta. Progesterone not only prepares the uterus for bearing and childbirth, in addition, it prepares the mammary glands of a woman for feeding the baby.

Pregnancy planning

Usually a woman's menstrual cycle is 28 days, in which case Dufaston is prescribed for 3-6 cycles, from 11 to 25 days. Another case requires a separate consultation. Duphaston tablets are taken 2 times a day, washed down with plenty of water. When pregnancy occurs during the taking of tablets, in no case should you stop using them. After stopping the drug, miscarriage may occur, due to a significant decrease in the level of progesterone in the body. The abolition of Dufaston should fall on 4 or 5 months of pregnancy.