Dreams that portend pregnancy

Dreams foretelling a pregnancyTo date, there is some completely new theory that when a pregnancy occurs directly in the female body, the brain of the future mother is the one that undergoes the cardinal changes in the very first place. And if this theory is true, then it can not be ruled out that a woman can see a dream telling her about the coming of good times that bring her no less good news. However, practice shows that quite often women really see dreams that foreshadow them the onset of pregnancy, and for some time before its onset, for example, such dreams come to women in a few months days or weeks, all in different ways .

Undoubtedly, absolutely everything here will depend on whether you yourself believe in such "sleepy" notices. Concerning the same dreams, modern scientists never stop arguing, studying in detail and creating more and more new theories about sleep. Religion, however, offers its own position, but different people are already choosing themselves, what they want to believe in and what they want to listen to. And however it may be in reality, but very many of the women are still trying to explain in some way what they saw at night in a dream. And, probably, the special interest among young women is caused by those dreams that supposedly foreshadow the onset of pregnancy. Someone is frightened or even alarmed by such dreams, but somebody is happily encouraged and even made happy, while someone does not give them even the slightest importance and simply forgets, as soon as they get up from bed. And yet such dreams are neither asked nor dreamed of ...

Catches, fish, both large and small

Probably the most "cult" of all the dreams that seem to foretell the pregnancy, among women it is a dream about the fish you have snatched. And they know about it, well, probably, absolutely everything. And, it is quite possible, that is why in the dreams of women trying to conceive and conceive so often appears the fish. So it is quite possible that women should treat such dreams with extreme caution. And, for example, if every night you initially go to bed with the thought of raw fish in a dream, then believe me, no, and it can not be surprising that it will sooner or later dream you. However, in general, such dreams are quite truthful.

And note that the fact that live or simply raw fish is dreaming exactly to the onset of pregnancy, before it was written well in almost all available dream books. Now interpreters of dreams offer a variety of interpretations of such dreams, and often have absolutely nothing to do with the upcoming conception, and even more so birth. And, nevertheless, the fish still continues to be seen by our women and just like the pleasant news about the imminent offensive of pregnancy. And as women's magazines say, it is carp most often, although sometimes there are even the most unexpected variants of fish - from pike to dolphins.

Actually, modern visionaries say that fish, seen by a person in a dream, promises such a person some profit. However, in the case when this fish is dreaming of a young woman, then it is really necessary to understand the so-called "offspring" or pregnancy under the profit. Although this is not necessary, because our dreams are not always prophetic of course.

It should also be clarified that in a dream that presages pregnancy, the fish should necessarily look alive (well, at least fresh, and very tasty if you eat it), and, of course, it should only float in clean water. Although however, women can see it quite differently. So some women catch fish with their hands, others simply buy for weight, others generally observe floating in an aquarium, in a pool or in a pond, and someone is simply given a fish, someone may be treated to a fried fish, and some even her with pleasure eat, in a dream of course. I now precisely do not remember exactly how the fish dreamed to me (I remember only that before the onset of my pregnancy, the fish to me nevertheless had a dream). But just recently, my sister was able to give birth to twins, and imagine, just before the onset of her pregnancy, our mother caught in a dream two tiny fry of carp. Who cares "How to conceive twins?" described in detail here.

Water is the cradle of our life.

Considering the fact that most of the modern young women immediately before or perhaps already at the beginning of the real pregnancy, it is the fish that dreams, then it would be quite natural to say that the water coming in a dream is also a certain "pregnant" sign from above. And indeed, many women, before the onset of an interesting situation, dreamed that they were wading peacefully on the water, and someone even with their hands is catching fish, and someone simply contemplated how the most diverse fishes frolic and swim in a variety of waters. It is worth saying that swimming in pure clear and sparkling water or washing your face with clean water is also for the upcoming pregnancy.

And just pure clear water without any fish can also often dream of the coming conception. Researchers, however, argue that water is a very ancient symbol of life, or rather, its cradle. After all, it is in the water that any new human life originates, strictly speaking, that's why such dreams are quite natural and logical before the forthcoming conception. Women also often dream of a blue sea, a raging river, a calm transparent lake or a common aquarium - in principle, it is not so important. Unite similar prophetic dreams is just a sense of peace, or bliss, and sometimes a sense of completeness of life or the achievement of complete harmony.

By the way, it is not rare that the water or the same fish is dreamed of to the future father, while not seeing the future mother at all. However, more often than not, as it is easy to guess, the man himself will see in the dream exactly the catch brought to his wife with a pleasant and successful past fishing. But, for example, to see in his dream a wife already pregnant - this is a real reason to doubt her faithfulness, at least, that's what most modern researchers of sleep and interpreters of these dreams believe.

Our baby candy

dreams and pregnancyModern specialists who study dreams say that to see in a dream their pregnancy, and possibly even childbirth - this does not mean the repetition of everything seen and waking up in the near future. Although there is no doubt that already pregnant women are often dreamed of their upcoming births or pusiko, but these dreams can be related more to the experiences of the mothers themselves and even to their thoughts about their interesting situation. However, if something like this suddenly happens to a pregnant woman who is not pregnant yet, or even does not plan a pregnancy, then it should not be considered a real harbinger of something important.

And, nevertheless, so many women completely refute this interpretation of dreams. Since someone in a dream for the first time saw their pregnancy, and someone often saw their own delivery, even without knowing and not guessing that they will soon be bearing a baby. It should also be noted that often in such incomprehensible dreams, ladies can give birth to kittens, or doggies, and someone gives birth to plush rabbits or even bear cubs.

And actually, the same goes for the children themselves. I personally have long been aware that children who come in a dream - it's either a disease, or some kind of cares. However, various dream books almost always treat the children you dreamed in completely different ways. The life experience of many women confirms that such dreams are very often, as they say, "in the hand." And the present mummies in general tell, that to someone such dreams and have presented their baby, and to someone such dream the husband has brought home. Sometimes in a dream the woman gives the kid to someone, and sometimes the woman finds the crumb somewhere or the child in the dream comes to you as to her mother. In general, the variations can really be just mass. But here's what's interesting: it's often that such dreams are foreshadowed not only by an imminent pregnancy or the birth of your little son or daughter (meaning the sex of a particular child). Sometimes such dreams can show mothers even some real features of a baby: say long eyelashes, or blond hair, maybe blue eyes. Such mummies admit that their picture, seen earlier in a dream, is simply transferred to a subsequent reality.

It also sometimes happens that a woman chooses some very unusual purchase in a dream or thinks that she would put on such a thing: for example, a blue blouse or, after all, a red one? And in the near future she finds out that she is pregnant with a boy or a girl.

Some unknown voice to you

It should be noted that dreams in which a woman hears some unfamiliar voices, always excite a woman. And as a rule such unusual dreams almost all of women are inclined to interpret or regard as necessarily prophetic. After all, in a dream to them is someone, and often even some of the deceased members of the family, or more often - it's generally just the voice of a person completely unknown to you, and when such a voice says, as if prophesying: "In December, you are all you know, "or" Everything happens exactly after 3 months. " Well, or something like that. B-rr-rr ... Really clings ... and even frightens, well, certainly not indifferent.

Dreaming a family idyll

When you see yourself with your beloved husband, and in addition to this "picture" there will be another third living being (and this may be a red dog, or a cute bear cub, a kitten, maybe a bird, a fish or anyone ), then it is very likely that a similar dream came to you that would be a harbinger of a speedy pregnancy. The main thing is that in such a dream everything looked nice pleasant or touching you. Very many women just before they receive the pleasant news that they are already pregnant, see in their dreams such ideal family stories. And someone in a dream is standing with his beloved somewhere on the shore of the lake, and someone just walks along the warm sea beach, other women are sitting in a garden of Eden or are traveling to another country on a trip. The meaning in this case is only that you are with your loved one together, and you are overwhelmed with only the most positive, most pleasant emotions, and you feel complete peace and boundless love. As a rule, after such dreams it is incredibly pleasant to wake up again next to your loved one.

All the rest

Well, now finally it's time to pay attention to those dreams that we dream "individually." Perhaps the most attentive of women will be able to explain any of their own dreams and, most, fully and, of course, correctly. After all, sometimes you agree that the same dream or image seen in a dream means completely different things depending on who exactly, when and in which context such a dream appears. So all that one promises complete and unconditional success for others will be threatened with complete failure or failure or even catastrophe.

So, women can see in dreams, guaranteed to foretell the onset of pregnancy specifically for them, a variety of symbols, images or signs. Namely:

  • Various mice, moles and others from rodents or animals.
  • Someone sees a chicken or even a duck (this can be most likely to be a pregnant girl).
  • Someone sees a hunt for some wild animals (perhaps a bear, or a hare) or dreams of watching them (and very often watching - for spiders who actively weave their webs).
  • Someone will see the birth of animals.
  • Someone in a dream will go to collect mushrooms, berries, or flowers and other beautiful vegetation.
  • Someone will see in their sleep strollers, individually taken cradles, cribs, and other very different children's accessories.
  • For someone, the forerunner of pregnancy will be eating or contemplating the fruit in a dream (these can be watermelons, or tomatoes, maybe even beans, or nuts), and possibly stealing them (meaning sleep when you steal, for example , the same watermelons).
  • And someone will see the planting of new trees or care for them.
  • For some, these are beautiful landscapes (for example, a clear sky, or a warm sun, and even just pure golden sand).
  • Someone sees in a dream a new light source (say in a window, or just in the middle of the blue, and even light in a tunnel).
  • And someone will see some small items stacked in containers: let's say a bead in a large casket, or one tomato left in a pot, and maybe a bean in a separate jar.

Often, the same future mothers see some nightmares or even violence in the dreams of the precursors of conception, and, which is especially terrible, with itself as they say in the main role of all these terrible actions. However, one should not take such dreams literally: after all, onyxocrats are convinced that such dreams reflect a certain "conflict" occurring in the female body, in connection with the coming pregnancy.

And, by the way, sometimes your pregnancy can be seen in your sleep and completely alien to you people, of course, if they can at the same time correctly explain such a dream.

I'll believe - I will not believe it

Next, just in case, we will try to note that we do not call you at all, just like that, to believe in some kind of dreams that supposedly foreshadow pregnancy. After all, in fact, all our dreams are reflected only by our own subconscious: our fears, our desires, our fantasies, always in a very incomprehensible and even not very pleasant form for us.

And, nevertheless, very many women with confidence believe that all their dreams, both before the onset of pregnancy, and beyond that are prophetic. However, as we said before, not all the same image will bring the same message. After all, someone can regularly see in a dream, fresh or live fish and at the same time will not get married and become pregnant, but someone is dreaming of something peculiar and, strictly speaking, individual, while informing about the upcoming pregnancy.

sleep and pregnancyIt is also necessary to say that it was in this article that we tried to rely more on the life experience of various women, on their stories or revelations that saw before the onset of their pregnancy certain dreams that were personally prophetic for them. After all, these signs or symbols may well indicate something completely remote both from conception and from bearing a baby, especially if you look at the standard dream book. And let's say, literally every dream book is similar, and sometimes the same image will be interpreted in completely different ways, indeed, a lot of such dream books have been divorced today, but trust in such dubious sources is increasingly disappearing from our consciousness .

So we and our article do not pretend to be clear about the authenticity or absolute correctness, truthfulness or something else of the utmost importance, we only share the female experience - both our own and others' too. You can even say that this article is more entertaining than scientific. And in the event that you personally have something to say about this, then we are ready to listen to it with great pleasure. Tell us in the reviews, how your children informed, or indirectly warned you about their possible imminent birth?

And what did you dream about before the onset of pregnancy?