Determination of gestational age

We calculate the gestational age in weeks

gestational ageAt the first visit to the women's consultation of the future mother, the gynecologist puts her pregnancy. This is a very important indicator. Knowing the exact period of pregnancy (it is calculated in weeks), the doctor can better control the entire process: in time to send a woman to take tests, undergo examinations and, most importantly, monitor the intrauterine development of the child and establish the expected date of birth. We think that the woman will also be interested in knowing such details. There are several ways to determine the duration of pregnancy. And they are applied "in the complex."

So, the definition of the gestational age is possible by: the date of conception, the level of hgch, the date of ovulation and the first day of the last monthly period, kt (the coccyx-parietal fetal size) and other data of the uzi, the first wiggling, size (length) of the uterus. Let's consider all these methods in more detail.

Initial setting of the term

Throughout the pregnancy, its term will be established many times. Initially, the number of weeks is determined by the gynecologist on the first day of the last month and the size of the uterus (revealed during the examination, and the earlier it was carried out, the more reliable the result will be). The duration of the last menstruation of the role does not play, only the date of its beginning is important. But the basis of this will be subsequently established and the date of birth according to the formula of Negele. By the first day of the last month, we add 7 days and we take 3 months. For example, the last monthly period began with a woman on March 15 + 7 days = March 22 - 3 months = December 22. This day is the supposed day of childbirth (PDR). A normal pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. So, the definition of a more or less precise term of pregnancy will now not be a problem. It is only necessary to take into account that this formula "works" only for women with a regular menstrual cycle, the duration of which is 28 days. If the cycle is longer, then the term of labor can be slightly delayed, and the term of this pregnancy is less.

The length of the uterus in centimeters is approximately equal to the period of pregnancy in weeks. That is, in pregnancy of 12 weeks the length of the uterus is approximately 12 cm. The length of the uterus is measured by a doctor using an ordinary centimeter tape. A woman needs to lie down on the couch and straighten her legs. Preliminary it is recommended to empty the bladder (to avoid measurement error). You will measure the length of the uterus at every visit to your gynecologist. Thus, it is possible to judge the development of the fetus, to notice the delay in development in time.

More precisely, you can determine the duration of pregnancy by conception, more precisely, by the date of ovulation. But it is unlikely that many women know the day when the "same" sexual intercourse occurred.

Medical examinations

The gestation period can be established by the level of hCG (chorionic gonadotropin) in the blood. So, at a period of 1-2 weeks, the content of hCG in the blood is 150 mU / ml, and at the 8th week it is already 70,000 mU / ml. Small errors in one direction or another are allowed. But if the level of hCG does not correspond to the term, this may be a sign of any pathology, evidence of a "fading" of pregnancy or implantation of a fetal egg outside the uterus (ectopic pregnancy).

It is very possible to put the term of pregnancy with the help of ultrasound examination. The most accurate result is obtained by performing ultrasound at an early stage, since already every 10-12 weeks each child develops individually. When stating the term, the doctor pays attention to the size of the fetus, namely, ktr (coccyx-parietal size).

The first stir

It is known that the first stirring of the baby by the primiparous women is felt at the time of 20 weeks, and the pregnant women are not the first time ladies - at 18 weeks. The date of the first stir is necessarily recorded in the exchange card of the pregnant woman, it is taken into account in determining the period of pregnancy and childbirth.

Often we hear from women that they felt a stir almost in 12 weeks. In such a belief is quite difficult. Of course, there are cases, but they are very rare. Usually such a hypersensitivity is possessed by women of a fragile constitution. In most cases, it's not moving, it's just the work of the intestine. Almost all pregnant women suffer from excessive gas formation ...

As you can see, it's not hard to calculate the duration of pregnancy. It is much harder to decide on the date of birth. After all, not all of the pregnancy lasts exactly 40 weeks. And correctly put the term of pregnancy is not yet a guarantee that you give birth to the indicated in your honey. card day.