Definition of ovulation

Methods for determining ovulation

Definition of ovulationThe definition of ovulation - on the one hand - it's quite simple, and on the other - not very much, as in forecasting this day, you need to take into account a lot of the slightest nuances. What are the ways to diagnose a favorable time for conception?

There are many ways, they can be figuratively divided into subjective, and also those that can be used only in medical or home conditions. Remember that the definition of ovulation at home or medical for any purpose is meaningless if a woman takes oral contraceptives (they block the ability of ovaries to ovulate), and also if the hormone Mirena is installed. But back to the methods.

Home Diagnostics

1. Measurement of basal temperature. About this method of determining ovulation, probably, all women know. It has been used by doctors for several decades, although it is less than before, because now there are more reliable diagnostic methods, such as ultrasound and special tests. Basal temperature can be measured in the mouth, in the vagina or in the anus. Of course, that you need to measure daily only in one chosen place. Most often, they measure rectally, since this method is considered the most accurate. The determination of ovulation at basal temperature is based on monitoring its values ​​and jumps to the larger or the smaller side. So, before the ovulation, the temperature values ​​can drop a bit. This is the most favorable time for sexual acts, as the egg will be released in the next few hours. After ovulation, the temperature rises to 37 and above degrees. Be sure to consider that the egg remains viable after ovulation for 1, maximum 2 days. Since the definition of ovulation with respect to temperature is associated with observing the minimum changes on the thermometer, it is necessary to follow all recommendations carefully. So, BT can be increased not with ovulation, if a woman takes various medications, if a few hours before the measurement was a sexual act, and the error of the thermometer, too, no one has canceled. By the way, for one man. cycle to change the thermometer for measurement is not recommended.

2. Tests for ovulation. Many mistakenly believe that their cost is too high to use them. The simplest versions (simple - it does not mean unreliable) cost about 25 rubles per piece, if you buy a set of 5 pieces. It is hardly worthwhile to take them one by one, since it will not be necessary to do this procedure for more than one day. How do these test strips work? Their action is based on the diagnosis of luteinizing hormone, which is produced in a few hours before ovulation. Accordingly, if a positive result is obtained, it is desirable to take action as soon as possible to conceive. Continue to do tests in this cycle no longer makes sense. Before the test, it is not recommended to urinate for 4 hours, and also drink plenty of fluids. For greater efficiency, you can do tests in the morning and in the evening.

By the way, it is possible to determine ovulation by saliva. This method is considered even more economical if it is planned to use it for a long time, for example, when the days favorable for conception are determined for the purpose of contraception. You will have to buy a small device worth about 2500 rubles (you can order via the Internet, and pay and receive it at the post office). How does this device work? It's very simple, you need to apply a droplet of your saliva on a glass slide, then you need to evaluate the result with a microscope with a strong magnification. If the saliva looks like a leaf of a fern - then you have ovulation. Such a pattern appears due to the sharply increased amount of the hormone estrogen. This test is also recommended in the morning, and before that do not eat anything from food, and it is not recommended to drink alcohol, smoke and brush your teeth. The inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity may distort the result. If the "fern" does not appear, it means that the cycle was anovulatory.

3. Definition of ovulation for excreta. Observant women probably noticed that approximately in the middle of the cycle they have a slightly increased amount of vaginal discharge. This feature is just due to ovulation. And slime is a kind of cork that leaves the cervix during or shortly before the birth of labor.

4. Pain in the uterus. There are women who clearly feel ovulation. During the release of the ovum from the ovary and a little after that, there may appear a fairly strong aching or sharp pain in the area of ​​this ovary. However, if the pain persists for several hours, and is of a regular, not intermittent nature, then it is necessary to consult a doctor.

5. Strengthening of sexual desire. A woman's body is more sensitive than a man's. Even love for women wants on different days with different strengths. For example, 7-10 days before the next menstruation, a woman becomes capricious, and she may have a complete loss of libido, this is explained by premenstrual syndrome. And in the middle of the cycle, in a time favorable for conception, the libido is on the contrary strengthened.

Medical diagnostics

1. Gynecological examination data. Yes, doctors can by means of examination not only reveal various diseases in women or pregnancy, but also ovulation. She has quite obvious symptoms. First, a large amount of vaginal discharge, with the allocation "stretching" to 10-12 cm. Secondly, the cervix is ​​slightly ajar. This can be observed for a couple of days before and after day X.

2. Results of ultrasound examination. If you decide to determine ovulation with ultrasound, then keep in mind that you will have to undergo a test several days in a row. First, ultrasound is monitored for the growth of the dominant follicle, but, in addition, it is also recommended to conduct diagnostics at home: the basal temperature measurement does not interfere. Before ovulation itself, a small egg-bearing tubercle is formed on the follicle, as a rule, it is quite noticeable, the follicle itself at that time reaches 20-33 mm in diameter. After ovulation, the follicle disappears from the ovary, and in the ophthalmic space a little liquid is formed after the follicle rupture. If the definition of ovulation by ultrasound was carried out according to all the rules, that is - every day in the middle of the cycle, then it would not be difficult to note these changes, and this period is the most favorable.

These are ways to determine ovulation - Choose according to your taste.