Dangers of pregnancy

Dangers during pregnancyEveryone understands that a pregnant woman can not do everything. Every day the civilization develops, and the more the surrounding world becomes dangerous. Old infections are hidden in new forms. Needless to say, even a detergent carries a risk to the mother and the fetus. However, do not worry: it's better to learn more about the dangers, and how they can be avoided.

Why is household chemicals dangerous?

All household chemicals, somehow affects the human body. It can also be the cause of poor health. Fruit, household chemicals do not hurt, if not to use a highly toxic product. For example, a means for cleaning plumbing from plaque and rust. If you still use such tools, ventilate the room where the cleaning is carried out. When cleaning, always go outside to get some fresh air.

During the repair of the apartment, household chemical goods are also used. In general, at the last stages of pregnancy, it is better not to start repairing. After all, toxic paint with its persistent smell can even cause a normal healthy person to feel nauseous and dizzy. Avoid paints that have mercury and lead in their composition. Better use non-toxic paints on a water basis. And it is best not to be involved in painting during pregnancy.

Also for pregnant women are dangerous chemical preparations from insects. Accidental contact with the child and the future mother, of course, is unlikely to hurt. But the re-exposure of a chemical can be dangerous for both. This can be the cause of congenital malformations. Do not use nebulizers, it is better to put mosquito screens on the windows. In addition, today you can buy less dangerous goods.

Pets and Pregnancy

How can a well-groomed cat harm a pregnant woman? However, it is she who is dangerous to her mistress, who is in a position. This applies to street cats or those who have contact with them. The fact is that the cats are carriers of an infection, called toxoplasm. Such infection causes birth of an inferior toddler, death of the fetus or affects the reproductive system. Therefore, it is better to give your cat to relatives at the time of pregnancy, and after the birth of the baby to take back.

Do not allow cold and heat

When pregnancy is contraindicated sauna, bath and jacuzzi. True, this is strictly prohibited in the first 7 weeks. Researches have given a result: if the temperature of a body to the future mum during this period rises above 39 degrees for ten minutes, there can be a miscarriage or the kid will be born with defects of nervous tubes. For these reasons, pregnant women should not be allowed to overheat. And in the third and second trimester, you can go to the sauna, sauna and jacuzzi. The duration of the visit is not more than ten minutes.

Women in the situation are also not recommended to be supercooled. The fetus will not suffer, but you can get pneumonia or a common cold. But the treatment of these diseases is dangerous for the woman and the fetus. Therefore, always keep your head and legs warm.

How does the environment affect the pregnancy?

Dangers for pregnant womenEvery year, air quality does not improve. It is very saturated with harmful substances. Therefore, not only pregnant women need to adhere to certain rules. First, we must avoid being in contaminated areas. These are the areas of factories, plants that release harmful products into the air. Try to often be outdoors and do not use toxic household products. The air in the apartment is affected by mold and dampness. Heating devices can also release carbohydrate oxide.

Other hazards

Women are also dangerous infectious diseases. These are urinary tract infections, AIDS, HIV, hepatitis B, Group B Streptococcus, rubella, thrush, erythema infectious, chicken pox. It is necessary to avoid people with such diseases. And with the first symptoms of these diseases, go urgently to your doctor. He will give you advice in case of other dangers. For example, with pain in the abdomen, discharge of fluid from the vagina, vaginal bleeding. Such symptoms indicate that you and your baby are in danger. You do something if you notice blood or feel pain. Do not take any actions on your own, or go to the hospital with your doctor.

Be always healthy!