Curantyl during pregnancy

The use of quarantine in pregnancy

The use of quarantine in pregnancyCurrantil during pregnancy is often prescribed to women, and even quite healthy. What is this medicine, in what cases is it appointed, for what purpose?

К сожалению, все чаще врачи назначают различные лекарственные средства будущим мамам просто для «профилактики». Это комплексные витамины, Магне-B6, Но-шпа и пр. Список весьма внушительный. The use of quarantine in pregnancy рекомендуется для профилактики тромбозов (так написано во многих листовках, распространяемых в женских консультациях), внутриутробной задержке развития плода, плацентарной недостаточности, преждевременном созревании плаценты. Нередко назначается курантил при планировании беременности при различных патологиях кровеносной системы. Но нет прямых доказательств эффективности этого лекарственного средства именно для данных целей. Основанием для назначений является известное свойство этого лекарства «разжижать» кровь, то есть облегчать поступление питательных веществ и кислорода к плоду.

If not, why is it taken for pregnancy? With this drug, modern doctors sometimes replace aspirin if the woman does not tolerate it. And it is taken to prevent gestosis. Be sure to remember that in no case can not take simultaneously kurantil and aspirin, as this increases the risk of side effects many times.

Can I take curetles when I'm pregnant and with what period? If you believe the instructions, then yes, and at any time. But problems with the blood flow occur more often in the third trimester. Producers of the drug promise the improvement of placental blood flow, prevention of dystrophic changes in the placenta and hypoxia of the fetus.

Important: only if the dosage of curette in pregnancy is correct, you can achieve some effect, in addition to homeopathic. Follow the doctor's instructions clearly, consult other specialists if necessary.

But just do not take the drug just like that. There are cases in the practice of Russian doctors when pregnant women taking large amounts of dietary supplements and medications have toxic, drug-induced hepatitis. Therefore, if it is not necessary - you do not need to take medicine, pity your liver. And do not take drugs whose effectiveness is doubtful.

In addition, quarantil during pregnancy reviews do not always get good, since it has many side effects, and contraindications to admission. Contraindications include severe heart disease, high or low blood pressure, liver or kidney failure. To side effects - headache, vomiting, diarrhea, tachycardia, allergic reactions.

And one more interesting nuance: the effectiveness of the drug, which is already difficult to achieve at the wrong dosages, decreases with the use of natural coffee and tea. Be careful!