Corruption of infertility

Corruption of infertilityThe kid in the house is a great happiness for the whole family. This is the woman's mission, her mission on Earth. And if a woman and a man does not go out for a long time to conceive a baby - it's very bad. In such cases, there may be damage to infertility. What to do at that moment?

Punishment for women

During Russia, infertility was a huge disaster, and women believed that they received a terrible punishment. And such women were considered sinful. And there were cases that women suffered, after listening to gossip, went to the monastery, where for many years she prayed for her sins.

Today's infertility is not so categorical. Unfortunately, it is absolutely impossible to help a woman with infertility for physiological reasons. Women can not have babies because of abnormal or multiple abortions, various injuries, borne diseases, which are transmitted through sex. But when a woman, according to doctors, is healthy, and the spouse has no deviations - this is another question.

Corruption and the cause of infertility?

Doctors say you go for massages, take pills or do acupuncture? And there is no result? Then the problem can be connected not with physical health, but with a biofield, aura.

Corruption - the cause of infertility

If you do that, then there is an ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage or a child was born dead, and the spouse - everything is fine, then you need to turn to the healer. A sorcerer or a medicine man can check your energy. Energy can be influenced by the past or negative your inner spirit. A woman needs to be rebuilt if she has a program of negative influence.

Symptoms of damage to infertility

Infertility in women can be through a curse. It's all black magic. There are times when people are angry or have lost their conscience - they swear by all who are horrible. Unfortunately, close people can get into this category. With such negative emotions and thoughts, the fate and life of not only the damned man, but also children up to the fourth tribe can suffer. Therefore children, grandsons suffer. So, could curse not only you, but your ancestors - that's the result. Only a specialist can define a curse. The most common signs of a curse: among family barren marriages, the existence in the genus of stillborn babies or children die before three years, there are many widowers and widows in the family, single women, ectopic pregnancies occur, there are kids suffering from scoliosis. Not good, ate in the family there are a lot of drunkards or drug addicts, fallen or non-believers from the faith of relatives.

Infertility through spoilage

For women and men, damage does not work in the same way. With different sexes - different points of entry into the body of energy. All men in their childhood are fed from the Father of Heaven through the point of the crown. And women are Mother Earth. Points of energy inputs are the sexual organs, especially the uterus. That women are met with energy spoilage or aggression by the uterus.

Unfortunately, because of this, women's childbearing ability suffers twice - energetically and physically. There may be incomprehensible inflammations, infertility, cysts. Wizards say that women have one of ten cases of "female spoilage". That you were frigid, childless or sexually unattractive. This can be a woman's revenge on other women.

Signs of female spoilage

Signs of female spoilage

To the signs, one can include pigment spots on the face without a reason, if it is impossible to get pregnant, although you are completely healthy, the absence of menstruation. It's not good if women start to lose weight and recover. Such girls often can not get married.

Restarting systems

The main thing is to find the right and proper healer. There are many sorcerers who remove spoilage when infertility. They say - with neglected moments of infertility sometimes it is only necessary to "restart" the work of the organs. Keep your happiness in your hands!