Commercial services for pregnant women: when is it worth

Commercial services for pregnant women: when is it worth paying? 0 5

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Commercial services for pregnant women: when is it worth paying?

Now there is more and more services for pregnant women: medical services, preparation courses for childbirth, cosmetic procedures ...

How to navigate in this sea of ​​commercial offers?

Commercial laboratories

When registered in the women's consultation pregnant women are entitled to receive free medical care, including a survey, that is, various tests and ultrasound. Analyzes in the direction of a doctor of a woman's consultation are usually taken on strictly defined days and hours, and for this purpose it often takes some time to wait for waiting in line. If the patient does not have the desire or ability to come to the tests at a certain time or simply does not want to waste time on the queue, she can use the services commercial laboratories. Currently, in large cities, the choice of such laboratories is quite wide. They offer a wide range of all sorts of analyzes, spending on doing the research and getting the result a little time. Often the procedure for obtaining results is simplified: the results of analyzes are sent by e-mail or by fax.

Services commercial laboratories can also be used in situations where the doctor of the women's consultation appoints additional tests that for one reason or another are not performed in this women's consultation. This can be, for example, an examination for sexually transmitted infections, the detection of antibodies to TORCH infections, hormonal examinations.

Ultrasound for pregnant women

Ultrasound - ultrasound of the fetus - is conducted free of charge in women's clinics three times for pregnancy, according to the testimony, the number of studies can be increased. This procedure is usually done by appointment. By law, waiting time Ultrasound in pregnancy should not be more than 2 weeks from the date of recording for the study.

If desired, a pregnant woman can undergo ultrasound in commercial centers. In this case, the procedure can be taken with her husband. The ultrasound diagnostics doctor will necessarily show the baby on the screen of the monitor, in many centers there is an additional monitor so that the pregnant woman herself can observe the course of the study. The doctor will answer all questions of future parents, take a photo of the fetus.

Recently, the popularity of three-dimensional ultrasound, which greatly expands the possibilities of diagnostics. There are several types three-dimensional ultrasound. Among them, 3D, in which a fixed volumetric image is obtained, and 4D is a three-dimensional image of the fetus in motion in real time (real time). The additional information that the three-dimensional Ultrasound in pregnancy, is especially valuable for diagnosing external malformations. Doctors can examine different parts of the body of the crumb in three projections simultaneously and reveal such anomalies as the developmental defects of the limbs, face, spine. And parents, seeing the picture, will be convinced of the absence of external anomalies of development. Ultrasound results can be recorded on CD or DVD and will be the first video in your kid's archive.

Three-dimensional Ultrasound in pregnancy allows you to get a three-dimensional image of the embryo, even on a small date. By the 12th week you can see the already formed baby: head, trunk, arms, legs, eyes, nose, mouth, ears. On the screen you can see the whole fruit, and it can be viewed from all sides. By 20 weeks the baby moves, making coordinated movements, takes various poses, sucks a finger, covers his face with his hands. By the 28th week, the fetus is rounded with cheeks, the face becomes more formed, lips and nose are distinguishable. He can scratch his ear, clench his fists, yawn, make up a grimace, smile. And all future parents see this on the screen in real time.

Commercial offer

Paid pregnancy management

Как известно, беременная женщина может бесплатно встать на учет в women's consultation по месту прописки или по месту фактического проживания. При обращении в women's consultation необходимо представить полис обязательного медицинского страхования и паспорт или свидетельство о регистрации. Однако в настоящее время существует множество коммерческих медицинских центров, предлагающих conducting pregnancy in a paid clinic.

What is the difference between monitoring in a private clinic from women's counseling? First, the lack of queues to the doctor. Usually a reception in private clinic осуществляется по предварительной записи, в  назначенное время, кроме того, на прием отводится, как правило, 30 минут, а в некоторых учреждениях целый час. За это время беременая может задать врачу все интересующие ее вопросы, получить развернутые, полноценные ответы. К сожалению, при посещении врача в women's counseling женщина зачастую не успевает обсудить с врачом все особенности своего состояния, поскольку время на прием там очень ограничено. Врач commercial clinic will explain in detail the purpose for which certain analyzes or methods of examination are assigned, comment on the results obtained, and answer questions about prescribing medications. In many medical centers in contract for pregnancy permanent mobile communication with the attending physician is included.

In conditions commercial clinic All analyzes are performed on modern equipment and waiting time for results is usually minimal. The list of surveys observation of pregnancy в private clinic, как и в women's counseling, входят все анализы и процедуры, регламентированные приказом № 50 Министерства здравоохранения РФ, однако в условиях коммерческих центров данный перечень может быть расширен. В случаях, когда беременность протекает не совсем благополучно, могут потребоваться дополнительные диагностические мероприятия, например более развернутый анализ свертывающей системы крови, генетические исследования.

Choosing a center for observation of pregnancy, it is worth paying attention to the scope, timing and quality of medical care that a medical institution can provide. So, the contract can be concluded for the whole pregnancy or for trimester. Sometimes the contract includes supervision only up to 37 weeks: it is implied that the woman will then be observed already in the hospital. Some centers lead the pregnancy to the very birth. Each woman herself determines which observation option is more convenient for her.

Individual centers offer management of pregnancy a doctor who will later take birth, for some women this option is preferable.

The advantage is the presence in the clinic of doctors of other specialties - the therapist, the oculist, the otolaryngologist, since their examinations are required for all pregnant women, as well as narrow specialists, for example, a urologist, surgeon, cardiologist, phlebologist, whose consultations may be necessary for any pathology. In addition, when paid medical center It is important to find out if clinic doctors can go to the house if necessary. It should also be clarified how hospitalization is implemented in a hospital in emergency and planned situations.

In most cases, the program observation of a pregnant woman women are made in accordance with the orders and instructions of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, city health committees and depends on the period of primary treatment. All medical institutions providing pregnancy management, выдают обменную карту, в которую заносят данные об обследовании пациентки, и листок нетрудоспособности по беременности и родам: в 30 недель при одноплодной беременности и в 28 недель – при многоплодной. Родовой сертификат платные центры не выдают – его можно получить после 30 недель в  women's counseling, даже если женщина не наблюдалась там во время беременности. Для этого она должна предоставить в women's consultation выписку из медицинского учреждения, где она состоит на учете, паспорт, обменную карту, страховой полис обязательного медицинского страхования и страховое пенсионное свидетельство или в роддом после родов.

Commercial offer

Courses for pregnant women

Recently, it has become quite common for special courses for pregnant women. Now in large cities there are many different schools, courses and classes for expectant mothers; there are different directions, methods of delivery and care for children. Such courses are usually conducted by an obstetrician-gynecologist, individual sessions can be conducted by a psychologist, pediatrician, breastfeeding consultant or childcare provider. Specialists who lecture or conduct practical classes should have appropriate education and qualifications.

On the courses give an important information for the future mother about how the process of childbirth is taking place and how to behave to the woman in labor. Listeners learn breathing techniques that facilitate childbirth, find out what to take with them to the hospital. Courses for pregnant women devoted to the nutrition of the future and nursing mother, the basics of breastfeeding, caring for the baby. Often such courses are discussed at the maternity home, helping to choose the right one. Many sessions for future mothers also offer training for future dads - if they are going to attend the birth.

Women expecting a baby are very suggestible, so when choosing a school for pregnant women you need to be very attentive. Thus, some schools promote home births, which are very dangerous for women and fetus because of the impossibility of providing urgent qualified medical care in the event of any complications.

Fitness for pregnant women

Talking about the benefits of motor activity can be a lot. Pregnant women physical exercises are doubly necessary, because of her health depends on the ability of the baby to fully develop. Fitness in Pregnancy will prepare the organism of the future mother for the forthcoming births, which, as is known, are hard physical work.

Many preparatory courses for pregnant women offer physical training for women in the "position": it can be yoga, pilates, gymnastics for pregnant women or classes in the pool. In addition, many fitness clubs offer special programs for pregnant women. Before enrolling in such courses, the future mother should discuss their choice with the doctor who leads the pregnancy. He will tell you what you can do, and what is better to abstain so as not to harm the health of a woman and a future baby. In addition, it is necessary to find out whether the instructor who conducts such studies has experience with the future mothers.

Swimming pool for pregnant women Is one of the few pleasures that doctors recommend to most expectant mothers. Indeed, the water relaxes, gently massages the body, helping the child to take the right position, and the muscles of the expectant mother in the meantime receive the necessary load. Do aqua aerobics can be at any time of pregnancy in the absence of contraindications. Aquatraining is usually carried out 2-3 times a week.

Massage for pregnant women

Massage for pregnant women allows the future mother to get rid of pains in the back and legs, improve blood circulation, reduce the load on the joints, overcome fatigue and stress, relax and cheer up. On the possibility of holding massage during pregnancy it is better to consult a doctor who is observing a pregnancy. Naturally, the massage to a pregnant woman should be done only by a specialist who owns special techniques, because such a massage has its own characteristics.

The main zones affected are back, neck and shoulder girdle, legs and hands. In carrying out massage for pregnant women it is strictly forbidden to touch the abdomen. In addition, it is undesirable to carry out a massage in I trimester of pregnancy, since in a number of cases it can provoke disturbances in the course of pregnancy, up to its spontaneous interruption.

Commercial offer

Completely excluded during pregnancy massage use of hardware techniques. To spend massage is best in a position lying on a side or sitting in a comfortable pose; the main thing is that the position of the body does not cause discomfort and does not interfere with relaxation. A distinctive feature of this massage is that it should be done very carefully, neat, soft movements without strong pressure, especially in the back and waist. As receptions of massage strokes are used; rubbing are made slowly, without pressure.

An important detail massage for pregnant women is the fact that there is no stage of kneading the underlying tissues. And vibration should be performed by fingers on a certain technique, which requires some knowledge and skills from the masseur.

During pregnancy is useful foot massage. It helps improve blood circulation in the lower extremities, increases lymph drainage, relieves fatigue, and also positively influences the psychoemotional state of the future mother.

To general contraindications for massage during pregnancy include: fever, increased blood pressure, any infectious diseases, exacerbation of chronic diseases, varicose veins of the lower extremities, any skin diseases, severe back pain, toxicosis and fluid retention in the body - swelling of the pregnant.

Cosmetic procedures

During pregnancy the woman's body is completely rebuilt, the levels of hormones that affect, including the appearance of the future mother, are changing. It is known that an increase in the number of female sex hormones - estrogens - helps to reduce the secretion of fat by skin, so usually the skin becomes drier. In the period of expectation of the baby in the future mother increases the permeability of the skin, respectively, all substances that come into contact with it, penetrate more actively into the blood. This should be taken into account when choosing skin care products and make-up. No less important is the fact that the body of a pregnant woman otherwise it reacts to physical influence, temperature change, etc. Accordingly, all cosmetic procedures should be carried out taking into account the "interesting situation".

With increased dryness of the skin, beauty salons offer complex cosmetic programs aimed at long-term moistening and strengthening of the epidermal barrier. When pigmentation disorders occur - the appearance of so-called "pregnancy spots", or chloasma, especially pronounced in summer, - future mothers can be suggested to slightly lighten and moisten the skin with the help of preparations containing fruit acids.

Usually used for pregnant, gentle means, more active than the means for home care. The salons mainly offer a course of whitening masks with extracts of algae, saxifrage, grape juice, mulberry tree. They not only brighten the pigment spots, but also look after skin of a pregnant woman, moisturize and nourish it.

Future mums are offered complex cosmetology programs with the use of special bleaching agents, as well as home care using the tools recommended by a cosmetologist. The number of procedures depends on the degree of severity of the process, and the frequency of their conduct is 1-2 times a week.

Many SPA-salons develop special programs for pregnant women, which have a relaxing effect. Usually they include lymphatic drainage massage, thalassotherapy - seawater baths, cold wraps for the feet, various relaxing massages. Before the procedures it is important to consult the attending physician, because there are critical periods in which any effects are undesirable - this is the first trimester of pregnancy, 18-22 weeks and 28-32 weeks.

It is necessary to avoid procedures associated with pain, because they can provoke the appearance of the tone of the uterus; mostly these are different types of hair removal. Contraindicated any procedures associated with overheating of the body: wraps, visits to the sauna, as well as any anti-cellulite programs. With certain care, there is no reason to deny yourself SPA treats.

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