Cleaning rules for pregnant women

During pregnancy, the usual activities are given to us more difficult. With each week, they are more and more like a puzzle on quick-wittedness, the decision of which should be safe for the future baby, and for his mother. Working conditions

If you are going to move about, farming, open the windows wider. The muscles contracting under the action of the load require a lot of oxygen, and the problems of its lack turn out to be shortness of breath for us, when the body, trying to get life-giving oxygen, becomes breathless, and for the child - the same deficit, because the mother's expenses will be "covered" at the expense of his reserves. The second condition for good health in motion - do everything slowly and calmly. Then the muscles will have time to "get enough" incoming oxygen, you will not be disturbed by shortness of breath, and you and the baby will feel comfortable.

Stretch upwards

In order to cope with this task painlessly, you will need a footrest or ladder. If we are stretching high with one hand, while climbing to the toe, our spine will bend too much sideways, from which the muscles holding it can suffer.

In general, doing household chores, try to use both hands, because one-sided loading causes weakness of the non-working party and too strong a tone of the working party. And over time this position changes posture.

Something to rearrange?

If you need to transfer a not very large object from place to place, keep it close to the stomach, so that the center of gravity of the body does not move even further forward. This position usually leads to overstrain of the muscles of the waist.

Bend over and straighten up

Lifting an object off the floor, do not bend down after it, bend your knees. And be sure to keep your back flat. Take the object with straight hands and rise upwards, straightening the knees. These movements will help you avoid overexertion of the waist.

Standing in one place

Once in this position, do not forget to spread your legs widely to intelligently distribute your body weight. This will allow you to feel where your center of gravity is, help to keep it and relieve the excess burden of the lower back.

And holding the handle of the vacuum cleaner, put one leg slightly forward - from this position a small slope will be safe for the spine. For the same reasons, do not rush to bend down with a rag or scoop, if you are scattering something on the floor. First, kneel down, put the buttocks on the heels and only after that, slightly leaning forward, sweep or wipe the floor.


Arrange it yourself every 15-20 minutes to let the muscles relax. Lie down and make yourself comfortable - then the blood will move freely from legs to heart. If you become disturbed by unpleasant sensations in the lower back, immediately stretch tired muscles. To do this, go down on all fours, that is, on your knees and hands, and curl your back like a cat.