Carrots during pregnancy

Carrots are a root crop with useful healing properties for the human body. Knowing this, people use carrots in all sorts of kinds - cooked, steamed, stewed, and, of course, raw.

Healing qualities of this root crop became known to mankind four thousand more years ago. As a medicine, carrots were used by doctors from Ancient Rome, Egypt, Greece. It is worth noting that this queen of vegetables was often used in rituals that were associated with fertility, wealth and family well-being.

Carrot for pregnant women

Carrots belong to the family of celery, and its homeland is Southern Europe and Asia.

Benefits of carrots during pregnancy

  1. Useful qualities of carrots are contained in its chemical composition. It contains: vitamins C, B, PP, E, K.
  2. But, the most important substance of carrots is carotene. Carotene, getting into the human body, turns into a very useful for the health of women and its developing fetus, vitamin A. Various micro- and macronutrients (more than a dozen), organic acids, pectins, ashes, fiber are all components of carrots. And with all this, carrots for eighty percent consists of ordinary water, and this allows you to refer it to the most dietary products that purify the body of the future mother from toxins and toxins.
  3. Carrots can prevent viral and infectious diseases, because it is an excellent antiseptic. Carrots and its juice are used in the fight against gastric and intestinal disorders, with dysfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract.
  4. Angina, thrush in the oral cavity, constipation, worms, intestinal microflora disorders, caries, frostbite and various open and purulent wounds, heart and heart disorders, vascular diseases, hepatic and renal diseases (including urolithiasis), oncological diseases - all this is treated with the use of carrots.
  5. Carrots, thanks to carotene, which feeds the retina - this is an important and necessary remedy for poor vision. Eating one carrot a day can save your eyes from cataracts, myopia and hyperopia, and surgical operations on the eyes.
  6. Carrots help to get rid of wrinkles, stretch marks, age spots. It is capable of restoring the structure of the skin, and stimulating the regeneration of new young cells.

Contraindications and harm of carrots during pregnancy

contraindications to carrots for pregnant womenFor all the universal use of carrots, there are still some contraindications for its use.
  • So, you can not eat carrots raw, if a woman is diagnosed with pancreatic disease, intestines, the stomach ulcer is in an acute stage. In this case, carrots can aggravate the situation. It is also better to stop using this miracle root, if a gastritis with an increased level of acidity of gastric juice was diagnosed in a pregnant woman.
  • With caution, because of the high level of glucose, you need to treat carrots for women with diabetes. Carrot enthusiasm for those who suffer from hypotension can cause severe fatigue, headaches, nausea, lethargy of the whole body.
  • Carrots, of course, a healthy vegetable, and it's not worth to give it up completely during pregnancy.
Just do not abuse it. One carrot (one hundred and fifty grams) a day, with sugar, sour cream or vegetable oil - will help to maintain the health of the mother's body, bearing the fruit, and the health of her unborn baby.
Carrot juice for pregnant women is also useful. On the benefits and contraindications of carrot juice, read in this article.