Can pregnant women drink kvass

Can I get pregnant kvass?

Can pregnant women drink kvassIs it possible for pregnant women to drink kvass, or even such a super low-alcohol drink can be dangerous for the future baby? The opinions of the doctors here are divided, but most still believe that in moderate amounts this drink can not do harm and will only benefit, as it contains many different vitamins and trace elements, has a pleasant taste and perfectly quenches thirst. It is better to drink kvass than fizzy drinks, saturated with dyes and flavors.

However, not every kvass is good. We would not recommend pregnant women to drink purchased kvass. And not only that which is sold in stores (it also contains a lot of "chemistry" and unnatural components, even gases are created by artificial means, and not because of fermentation), but also on bottling. Kvass from barrels is often of questionable quality. This is one point. Another is the absence of any hygienic norms. That kvass that is sold in markets from small barrels is most dangerous. No one washes the pumps that help to pump this drink from the barrel, as well as the cranes, they are lying in dirty boxes, boxes, and various microorganisms multiply in them. Do not forget that there are droplets of kvass left in the valves, an excellent environment for the multiplication of all kinds of bacteria. And these bacteria can easily be in your glass. Moreover, do not buy such kvass in bottles provided by sellers (no one knows where these bottles come from). In general, if you really want to buy such a "live" kvass, then do it at a stationary point, rather than in a dusty market or near a road where you can easily buy even an expired or spoiled drink (by the way, it gives off an acid bitter taste) from the seller , who does not have a medical book (little if not sick) and does not comply with sanitary norms.

Pregnant to drink kvass can be homemade. To make kvass easily and independently, recipes are not a problem. As such a drink certainly you can not doubt. And no preservatives! Another nice feature - kvass is a good prevention of constipation, a very mild laxative.

Of course, there are also negative aspects of kvass. It is not necessary to drink it to those pregnant women who suffer from increased gas production, and such are the majority. Kvass can thus cause a tonus of the uterus. If the future mother has a threat of abortion, then this can be quite dangerous.

Also kvass contains yeast, because of which some doctors oppose it, believing that yeast is extra calories. In fact, yeast simply stimulates the appetite. But many products from our table have the same quality. With moderate consumption of excess weight will not.

We hope, now you will not have a question - is it possible to get pregnant kvass. The product is quite harmless if it is fresh and the manufacturer has observed the correct cooking technology.