Can i treat my teeth during pregnancy?

A dentist, when a woman is registered for pregnancy, will be on the list of compulsory doctors for visits and consultations. Many will ask why a visit to the dentist is a mandatory procedure for a future mother? A pregnant organism, due to a decrease in immunity, is an excellent target for various infections and bacteria. Therefore, future mummies are at risk for dental and gum disease. The growing body of the child needs a lot of minerals and vitamins. If in the diet of a woman there is a deficit of an element, then the fetus replenishes its needs from the available resources of the mother's body. Naturally, calcium deficiency will have a serious impact on the teeth of a woman, up to their complete loss during the period of gestation or after childbirth. dental treatment during pregnancy The risk of caries is quite dangerous. He is a threat, both to my mother's teeth, and can easily be passed on to a child who has not yet appeared, whose young teeth will later appear already affected. For the course of pregnancy, tooth decay and bleeding gums are rather dangerous symptoms. The development of bacteria and microbes in the oral cavity, for the most part, causes infectious diseases. Naturally, they will negatively affect the formation of the future child and in general during pregnancy.

What methods of dental treatment are possible during pregnancy?

The question is whether it is possible to treat teeth during pregnancy, has a positive response. Definitely, you can. But, here, there are some nuances - not all medical manipulations used in dentistry are desirable and safe for a future mother. For example, absolutely undesirable and dangerous is the treatment of teeth under general anesthesia, which has a lot of contraindications, and the reaction to it of every organism is unpredictable in advance. In general, the introduction of man into an artificial coma, in order to painlessly establish a seal or treat dental canals - in any condition is a dubious exercise, not to mention pregnancy. Accordingly, during the gestation of a child, dental treatment should occur without the use of similar methods. Absolutely safe for mom and baby is a modern local anesthetic. In addition, she is happy with the effectiveness. For the proper selection of medicines, a woman should inform the doctor of her interesting situation. Many women are interested in how much is harmful during pregnancy X-ray of the tooth? In the presence of acute indications, for example, tooth-canal filling, a pregnant woman is allowed X-rays after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Mummy should not worry, because her growing tummy will be closed by special protection, and modern X-ray plants point precisely irradiate the patient's tooth. If the dentist sees that the dental cavity does not need urgent intervention, he will offer the services to be transferred to the postpartum period. But, there are diseases of the mouth that need urgent treatment, despite pregnancy. To such diseases carry a periodontitis. As the statistics show, it can cause at least 15% of premature births. Gingivitis belongs to the acute inflammatory disease of the gums. During pregnancy, when immunity is weakened, it can very quickly develop and cause loss of teeth.

Can I remove and insert teeth during pregnancy? At once we will make a reservation that it is better to localize the problem at the stage of its origin. But what if the process is started? In this case, nothing else remains, how to remove nerves, take pictures and then seal the tooth. By the way, modern materials for seals have no negative effect on the health of the mother or on the health of the child. So, the removal of nerves is naturally a painful procedure, sometimes even anesthetic injection does not help anesthetize the procedure. In a difficult situation, the tooth, of course, will have to be removed. Contraindications in pregnancy in this regard does not exist. But, doctors still try to avoid this and try to keep it in every way possible. Also, there are no direct contraindications for the insertion of teeth. But the doctor will try to dissuade you from this procedure. The absence of a tooth, as such, with a healthy gum is no threat. And therefore, it will be better to transfer the provision of these services for a time when you are already giving birth and stop breastfeeding your baby.
Removing the wisdom tooth in the period of bearing a child is a separate conversation. The procedure itself is rather complicated. After all, in principle it is necessary to remove a perfectly healthy, besides, firmly seated on its place tooth, and even covered with gum. This operation often leads to complications, to a rise in temperature, which is extremely undesirable in pregnancy. Therefore, it is better to postpone the operation if the situation is not critical.
Most women are interested in what period of "interesting situation" it is best to treat the teeth? We will answer at any time. But, there are some caveats in this regard. Pregnancy, as everyone knows, is divided conditionally into three terms. So, the first trimester is very important, at this time the organs and systems of the child are laid. Therefore, at this stage, any interventions are risky. This state of affairs concerns the third trimester. There remains the second trimester, this is the period of pregnancy - the most normal for dentistry. But, as we know, teeth are not chosen when they are sick. Therefore, when visiting a dentist, the main thing is to find out the contraindications at your time. We also note that it is absolutely impossible to whiten teeth during pregnancy.

Dental treatment in pregnant women imposes increased responsibility on the dentist. This is not an ordinary case and it is necessary to have some experience in this direction. The doctor should know how dangerous the use of certain medications during pregnancy. Also the doctor is simply obliged to know some moments of rendering any help to a pregnant woman, suddenly something will go wrong. A dentist is simply obliged by and large to be a psychologist and find ways to calm a woman if she gets scared.

How to keep your teeth during pregnancy?

It is the dentist who should become your ally in the desire to endure healthy offspring and at the same time keep strong teeth. It is necessary to follow certain recommendations:
  • visit the dentist with an enviable regularity, especially at the stage of pregnancy planning;
  • compulsory hygiene of the oral cavity, cleaning of teeth after eating will remove the remains of food, thereby eliminating the multiplication of harmful microorganisms;
  • Your diet should be rich in calcium and vitamin D, eggs, dairy products, apples are recommended. Multivitamin complexes are also useful.
In case of painful teeth, a visit to the dentist is necessary. And, it is not necessary to ask whether it is useful during the gestation of the child for their treatment. The earlier you treat them, the less will be the risk of developing various complications that are undesirable during pregnancy. More details on how to keep your teeth strong and healthy during pregnancy read here.