Can i get pregnant the first time?

Can I get pregnant the very first time?

Can I get pregnant the first time?Can I get pregnant from the first time virgins? Among teenagers, the myth that after the first sex, pregnancy can not occur is very common. In fact, the opinion is erroneous, and so much prevalent because this statement is one of the most simple ways to persuade an impregnable girl to have intimacy. In fact, to get pregnant from the first time can also be successful, as well as from 101st, if the girl is sexually mature and healthy.

In order for pregnancy to occur, a sexual intercourse should occur between a man and a woman, as a result of which spermatozoa enter the vagina, and in the presence of favorable conditions (ovulation) fertilization of the egg takes place, pregnancy begins.

The girl is physically ready to become pregnant about 1 month before the menarche - the first menstruation. However, it is necessary to be cautious also to those girls who have never had a period, since it is possible that the "work" of the reproductive system will begin precisely in the month when an unprotected sexual intercourse occurred. Do not forget about sexually transmitted infections, of course.

A little bit about physiology

Any woman who has a menstrual cycle or is set up is capable of conceiving. However, you can get pregnant from the first time only if unprotected sexual intercourse occurred approximately on the day of ovulation - the release of the ovum from the ovary. Therefore, the most dangerous in terms of the onset of unwanted pregnancy are 6 days before ovulation (sperm can not lose their viability for several days, being in the vagina) and 1 more day after it (the egg lives about a day). There are ways to identify these dangerous days. This is the measurement of rectal temperature, and special tests. However, all this is not effective when it comes to adolescents. In girls, the first 2 years after menarche is the installation of the menstrual cycle. The timing of ovulation every month can be greatly shifted, and it is sometimes difficult to make calculations even for doctors. So - to get pregnant from the first time, being protected by the calendar method, it is possible without problems.

About contraception

The best contraceptive for teens is a condom. Only he, if properly applied, simultaneously simultaneously almost 100% protects both from the onset of pregnancy, and from various sexually transmitted infections. And it is the condom that is preferred for the first sexual intercourse in life.

Another good option for an already established couple, confident in each other's health, are contraceptive pills - oral contraceptives, which the girl takes. Their reliability is even higher than that of condoms, the content of hormones is minimal and does not adversely affect health. However, the pills do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

The third option is various chemical agents known as spermicides.

These are candles, vaginal pills, as well as tampons and creams. For rare sexual acts with a healthy partner is a good option. The effectiveness of this contraception depends entirely on how well the instruction is observed. But spermicides, contrary to popular belief, do not protect against genital infections. Also, with their frequent use, thrush may recur in girls, and men may develop allergic reactions.

Now you know if you can get pregnant the first time. But this is only the physical side of the question. The first sexual intercourse for a girl plays a big role, and if you are so afraid of the onset of pregnancy, then perhaps the favorable moment for starting such a serious relationship has not yet come?