Can i get a haircut during pregnancy?

Is it possible to cut hair during pregnancy?

Can I get a haircut during pregnancy?Can I get a haircut during pregnancy? Of course, no - superstitious people will say. Although doctors do not consider this superstition even worthy of attention. Where did the tradition go from not shortening the hair during pregnancy, what is it related to and should one adhere to this recommendation?

Remember illustrations for Russian folk tales, pictures in history textbooks, girls everywhere are depicted with long hair. Long hair was not only a symbol of femininity, an ornament, but also a kind of symbol of strength. It was believed that it was in them is the strength of man, his health, and therefore can not be sheared during pregnancy. Of course, even then the girls trimmed their hair, cut the split ends, but this was done only on certain days by the lunar calendar. In short, they never got their hair cut.

To some, this sign will seem stupid, but many, strangely enough, continue to believe in it, no matter what. Often you can meet in women's consultations of women with not too well-groomed appearance - colorful hair (due to the fact that the painting has not been performed for a long time, and after the previous one has grown roots), with split ends. They would be happy to take care of themselves, but they are afraid of the consequences ... Ask them: "Is it possible to get a haircut during pregnancy?" And you will hear that it does not mean that it will lead to premature birth or intrauterine fetal death. But even if the delivery is good, and a live child appears, then for a long time he will not live. Future moms are very sensitive, and even well-read, smart ladies can start to believe in such things ... Especially if examples are given of when the mother did a haircut during the child's birth, and he was born infertility, or even a miscarriage.

That this did not happen, you need to follow the following advice: do not listen to superstitious moms and do not read dubious literature. In such a crucial life period, only positive emotions are needed. And they are provided with tracking of their own appearance including. So, get your hair cut. Such signs, however, are perceived simply as myths, fairy tales, and beliefs that do not deserve attention. They do not and can not have hard evidence.

The health of a child depends entirely on other factors. And the question "whether it is possible to be sheared pregnant" is better for a person with a medical background and work experience. Be sure that this question will make him smile.

Easy you pregnancy!