Autumn pregnancy

For each couple, the news of the imminent addition becomes one of the most desired. Therefore, for a child to appear with the due date, many do not even risk talking about it to relatives and friends. Today, many couples plan a pregnancy in advance and choose even a term for the birth of the baby.

autumn pregnancy

The most successful, according to many, is the fall for the first trimester of pregnancy. After all in this season there are no strong cold and exhausting heat. In addition, the table is full of various vegetables and fruits, natural vitamins. But in autumn pregnancy there are both advantages and disadvantages. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the factor that during the pregnancy the woman's organism is reconstructed in a new way. In order not to tear off the fruit, it reduces some of its protective functions.

That's why you need to protect your health, especially in the first months. At this time, the fetus is laid down all the major organs, and any infection can cause severe pathologies.

Advantages and disadvantages of autumn pregnancy

The greatest advantage of autumn pregnancy is the opportunity to strengthen your own and future baby's immunity with vitamins from vegetables and fruits. In addition, the autumnal gifts of nature can be frozen and subsequently used throughout pregnancy to consume them.
Autumn landscapes are soothing, help to achieve harmony. And this has a beneficial effect on the health of mother and child. A sharp change of weather can be a significant drawback of this season.
The woman's organism in the first trimester is under great pressure, and changes in atmospheric pressure can cause bad health. Yes, and mood swings more often worried about women in the situation, because in the autumn around everything is so depressing.

Pregnancy and colds

Autumn is often cold and rainy days, which can cause colds. autumn pregnancy и простуда They give a lot of problems and hassle especially for pregnant women, since any infection in the woman's body through the placenta gets to the baby. Therefore, if your pregnancy coincides with the cold season, you should know about some ways to protect against ARI and other diseases. After all, many medications are simply contraindicated in pregnancy, and cure without them is problematic. Therefore, it is easier to prevent than to treat later. The most effective way to avoid diseases will be a timely vaccination. Today, medicine has stepped far ahead, and new vaccines have appeared, which can be done even during pregnancy. However, they can be done no earlier than the second trimester. If you still feel the first signs of a cold, you should start gargling with a solution of soda, taking vitamins.

Natural beauty of pregnant women

According to many ladies, during pregnancy the appearance becomes unattractive. But, as a rule, it all depends on how you follow yourself. Especially during this period, skin and hair are affected. All this is due to the violation and changes in the hormonal background, reducing immunity. The most common problem is the pigmentation spots on the skin, especially after sunburn. They can spoil the mood for many. As a rule, they disappear towards the end of pregnancy, but not all wait for so long. Unfortunately, you can not completely eliminate them quickly, but you can only lighten it a little. For these purposes, pharmacies sell specialized creams and lotions. pregnancy in autumn Also since the time of grandmothers were folk recipes for the removal of age spots with the help of masks from cucumbers, viburnum and lemon. When pregnant, the body of a woman is very sensitive to various irritants, ranging from allergies to foods and ending with reactions to contact with tissues. Therefore, to avoid a lot of problems, it's worth to be more attentive to what you eat and put on. Fabrics should be natural, and the products fresh. It is necessary to abandon highly allergenic products. If the skin becomes dry and irritable, then it must be moistened. For these purposes, use moisturizers, contrasting showers. To hair stay healthy, they also need to be properly taken care of: rinse with herbal decoctions, make nutritional masks.

Pregnancy in the fall: advice of specialists

In the autumn period it is especially important to know what clothes to wear. Since the weather is very volatile, it makes sense to think carefully about this issue. Shoes should be made of natural materials, selected strictly in size. From high heels and different laces, discard from the very first trimester.
Clothes should not restrain movement, it must breathe and let in air. Autumn for pregnancy is one of the most successful moments, according to many experts. Here the most important thing is to listen to the advice of specialists and monitor your health.