At what time is the diagnosis of pregnancy effective?

Two strips on the test at an early date

Of course, the process of pregnancy is exciting for every woman. But a lot of stress brings the first weeks of waiting and the constant question: whether I'm pregnant or not.

In each cycle, a woman has only 6 days for pregnancy: 5 days before ovulation and 2 days after her. So how do you know at what time you can determine your pregnancy? What methods of detection are available and are effective? I often ask such questions in the comments on the site, so I'll tell you in detail.

Even if you are sure that in this cycle you have determined the period of ovulation and have done everything for the fertilization of the egg, this does not mean that within a couple of days after the alleged conception you need to go to the pharmacy for the test and the next day to the gynecologist with complaints of infertility. Detect pregnancy can be after the start of the secretion of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), and this start does not happen before the egg is fixed to the wall of the uterus.

After how many days after PA, you can do a pregnancy test

There are 2 types of tests that will help determine whether to start preparing for the emergence of a new member of the family.

Blood test

Blood test на ХГЧThis method will help to determine the presence of pregnancy more quickly.

A positive moment: donate blood can be already on the 7-12 day after the alleged conception.

Negative moment: testing takes about a day (the timing of the result varies, depending on the laboratory).

Usually determine the qualitative and quantitative HCG: the first will show the presence of this hormone in general, and the second indicator will indicate the exact figure for determining the term.

In general, if you are pregnant, a blood test will show a positive result on the 3-4 days after a direct implantation or on the 9-10th day after fertilization and ovulation.

Analysis of urine

This test is easy to use and shows results in 5 minutes. This, of course, is a huge plus.

Types of pregnancy testsThe minus of such tests is that they do not always show you a reliable result. Manufacturers argue that the test can be carried out 24-48 hours before the delay. But in fact, no more than 25% of pregnant women who did the test 2 days before the start of the proposed menstruation, received 2 strips on it. Under the same conditions, one day before the delay, already 40% of expectant mothers confirmed their position with this test. But still this amount is quite low. It turns out that women received not reliable information and could rely on its result.

On average, most women get a second strip on the test after about 2 weeks (on day 13-14) after ovulation. Those. just on the day of the delay.

IMPORTANT! Despite the studies, there are cases that the test shows a positive result only 3 weeks after ovulation. We quote these data for the reason that often the result on the day of the delay is negative and the woman is sure of this by 100%, but it is necessary to double-check or donate blood to HCG.

Do tests always show the right result?

Producers point to the packaging of a home pregnancy test for an efficiency of 99%. But this is far from the case. All studies that confirm this figure were performed 3 weeks after ovulation, i.e. 7 days after the delay. But in the early period, the test often shows one strip, which confuses the future mother.

Find out the reasons why the most common test can be false-positive in another article.

But the causes of false-negative test:

  • too early done a test;
  • the test expired;
  • you do not follow the instructions for use;
  • you do not use morning urine.

What factors influence the test results

Term of implantation. Despite the fact that the test result depends on the presence of a pregnancy hormone (hCG), long implantation times can lead to negative results, as the movement of a fertilized egg to the uterine wall takes about 7 days. Therefore, if you conduct the test too early, be prepared to get a negative result.

The level of hCG in the urine. A quantitative indicator may decrease if you drink too much liquid. In concentrated urine, the level of hCG is higher and the result of the test is accurate.

Sensitivity of a home pregnancy test. Read the test instructions and compare the sensitivity of several products of this type: the more it is, the earlier and with greater accuracy you will know the answer to your question.

Other methods of determining pregnancy

Basal temperature

basal temperature - scheduleMinuses: it is necessary to measure BT within 3-4 cycles, to have a more or less stable menstrual cycle.

pros: if you measure BT for several days after the delay, it will always be above the norm - this is a high probability to indicate the presence of pregnancy, but you must take into account the "minuses" of this method.


Woman on the first uziMinuses: in the first weeks of pregnancy, using this study does not make sense, an uzi specialist is unlikely to see a fetal egg that is very small yet; besides, I insist that you can not disturb the embryo at the stage of formation, and this is done only on the strict testimony of the attending physician.

pros: you can be sure that you do not have an ectopic pregnancy, and the presence of a second strip on the test is not a consequence of hormonal disorders.