Antiviral drugs during pregnancy

Nurturing a child for 9 months and during this time never get sick - this is a rare success that few can boast of. And if the future mother picked up a banal cold with a slight discomfort, we can say that she was lucky.

use of antiviral drugs in pregnancy

But what if all signs of acute respiratory viral infection are present - high fever, chills, general weakness, runny nose, sore throat, cough? In this case, folk remedies and bed rest for recovery are not enough, and antiviral drugs are indispensable. What kind of drugs can I use during pregnancy? Let's understand.

Is it necessary to treat ARVI?

ARVI can cause several types of viruses, and the flu is the most common of them. The insidiousness of any virus lies in serious complications, ranging from spontaneous abortion and premature birth to the formation of congenital abnormalities of the fetus. To avoid this, declare an infection an immediate and ruthless war. There are relatively few drugs for this purpose, but their safety during pregnancy is beyond doubt. The future mother can use drugs of three groups - based on interferon, as well as herbal and homeopathic remedies. Let us dwell on each of the groups in more detail.

Preparations based on interferon

Preparations based on interferon

Interferon is a protein that has a powerful ability to neutralize viruses. Only one molecule of interferon is sufficient to produce a cell that is resistant to viral infection. These drugs are offered in three dosage forms:

  • suits - Vytiffon, Viferon, Gerterton, Laferobi, Lafferacs, Laferon
  • nasal drops - Laferobion, Laferon, Nasoferon;
  • tablets - Anaferon, Ergoferon (contain not the interferon itself, but antibodies to it).

Given that respiratory infections are transmitted by airborne droplets, a powerful barrier is created with the help of drops directly at the site of the virus's entry into the body. But in order for the cell to launch a full-fledged mechanism for protection against the virus, its contact with interferon is required for a minimum of 4 hours. For this reason, many experts doubt the effectiveness of nasal forms. As for the tablets, the instructions for use do not explicitly indicate the safety of the drug for pregnant women, and the responsibility for the appointment is shifted to the doctor. Therefore, in practice, doctors prefer suppositories.

Homeopathic Remedies

This group belongs to inducers of interferon, i.e. The active substances of the preparations stimulate its production. The most popular drugs of this group are Otsilokoktsinum, Aflubin, Engistol. All of them contain extremely small doses of active substances and give a minimum of side effects (except that allergic reactions to drug components and intolerance to glucose, if the drug is released in the form of granules). Therefore, homeopathy is recommended to give preference in cases where safety is the cornerstone.

Antiviral herbal preparations

Plants that have a powerful antiviral effect are abundant in nature. It is therefore not surprising that some of them are reflected in the form of drugs. The assortment of modern means is represented by the following trade names:

  • Altabor - contains alder extract;
  • Immunoflazid, Proteflazid, Flavozid - preparations based on proteflazid (extract of pike and turkey grass terrestrial);
  • Umcalor - contains an extract of pelargonium;
  • Erebra - contains a sea buckthorn extract.

Pregnancy safety studies were conducted only on proteflaside preparations, and they did not reveal any negative effects on the fetus. However, in fairness, we note that such studies have not been conducted on any of the above-mentioned homeopathic preparations, and this does not prevent doctors from actively assigning them.

Instead of an afterword, or a little about symptomatic preparations for ARVI treatment

As we already mentioned above, the viral infection manifests itself in different ways, so you may need an additional intake of symptomatic drugs. Here is a list of the most popular and safe means for:

  • elevated temperature - the safest drug is paracetamol. However, remember that studies of recent years have revealed its negative impact on the future of a male child. Repeated administration of such drugs causes a persistent decrease in the production of the testosterone hormone by the fetus, which is fraught with malformations of the male genital organs and subsequent infertility;
  • runny nose - give preference to nasal drops based on sea salt or saline solutions (Aqua Maris, Marimer, No-salt), homeopathic remedies (Deluphen, Euforbium compositum), drops containing essential oils (Pinosol);
  • pain in the throat - during pregnancy, you can use tablets Lysobakt, Tonsilotren, rinses Furatsilinom;
  • cough - will help Mukaltin, Dr. Tais syrup from cough with plantain, Herbion syrup Icelandic moss or plantain.

Important! All information given in this article is of an exclusively recommendatory nature and under no circumstances can replace the advice and recommendations of a doctor. Be healthy!