Anesthetic massage during childbirth

Massage during labor

Modern medicine has a significant arsenal of medicines that help to reduce the pain of the woman in labor during labor. In our country, any woman has the right to anesthetize childbirth. Of course, there are situations when medication is simply necessary. However, it should be remembered that there are absolutely no harmless medicines for the mother and baby.

Any drug acts on the whole body as a whole, and, in addition to help, causes so-called side effects, and sometimes - complications. Therefore, any drug intervention during childbirth should be caused not by whim, but by strict necessity. Such a need arises, for example, with various deviations from the physiological course of labor or at a pathologically low threshold of the pain sensitivity of the parturient.

Tribal pains are often identical to those experienced by most women in "critical" days: the same "whining" in the lower abdomen, the same aches in the waist. As the contractions intensify, painful sensations increase, but the nature of pain does not change.

There is no acute, intolerable pain at any time during labor. Feelings during the fight will be more accurately described as pulling, aching. In addition, each fight develops in undulating shape. With her onset, the mother is experiencing minimal discomfort, as the fight develops, the sensations gradually increase, and then gradually decrease.

In the second stage of labor during the bout instead of pain The mother is experiencing a strong desire to push, caused by the pressure of the baby's head on the wall of the rectum. And at the moment when the baby is born, the perineal tissues stretch out so much that they completely lose sensitivity: that is, the pain at the time of the birth of the child, mother does not feel.

And most importantly - in childbirth there is no constant pain! And fights, and attempts alternate with intervals during which the woman does not experience anything, except, perhaps, the accumulated fatigue!

In order to feel good during normal, uncomplicated births, the expectant mother should study the techniques of self-exertion. These methods are simple in execution and do not require special training. It's about massage.

Massage of the sacral region

Assuming the possibility of rating the popularity of massage points used during the fights, the first place, of course, would belong to the region of the sacrum. This zone is located slightly lower than the waist and is a projection of the same-sacral-spine section. It is in this department that the sacral nerve plexus is located - a powerful nerve node responsible for the innervation of the pelvic organs.

Such organs include, among others, the uterus. Stimulating the area of ​​the sacrum at the time of the bout, we kind of block the transmission of pain impulses. Effects on this zone can be carried out in various ways, but in any case, the power of stimulation of the sacrum should be significant. This can be pressing movements, produced by one or both hands, simultaneously or alternately.

The stimulation itself can be carried out with the tips of the fingers, with the knuckles of the fingers, with the whole palm, with the base of the fist. The area of ​​exposure can be limited only to the area of ​​the sacrum or spread much wider - depending on what kind of exposure delivers the maximum relief to the parturient. To prevent skin irritation on the skin, you can apply a cream or massage oil to it.

Distracting maneuver

This method is, in fact, a transfer of the source of pain. Remember how we three whiskey with a headache, creating an artificial source of discomfort and distracting from the real. In childbirth we will assign the role of the "imaginary patient" to two cute bones, which are called iliac. These are the very pelvic bones that, before pregnancy, protruded forward in the lower abdomen when you lay on your back.

Stimulate them should be during the bout, simultaneously from both sides, using the same strength and the same techniques as in the friction of the temporal region. You can affect the entire area of ​​the lower abdomen. In this case, you should perform simultaneous stroking movements of the palms on both sides, directing them from the pips to the pubis and back.


This is the name of the next variant of anesthetic massage, which is most conveniently used in the supine position on the side. Place the palm on the inside of the thigh. During the bout, press the palm to the skin of the thigh and lead it without detachment, like an iron, from the groin to the knee and back. Such an effect and will dehydrate, and make you relax as much as possible.

The main thing - do not wait for pain and do not be afraid of it. Remember that childbirth is a physiological process, and the nature that prepared this test for us took care of the help in it. Summarize:

  • Massage of the sacral region is the most effective method of anesthetizing fights.
  • Stimulation of the iliac bones is also an effective distraction maneuver.
  • Massage of the inner surface of the thigh provides anesthesia and relaxation.
  • Between contractions, relaxation and rest are necessary.