Pregnancy and the bus

If the bus will be comfortable, the journey will be wonderful, in other cases - endless and boring. Good sides of the bus: you can walk, because there are stops on the road; not always, but there are built-in toilets, VCRs, air conditioners, seats

Pruritus in pregnancy

Itching of the body and intima during pregnancy Pruritus during pregnancy is not uncommon. And it can arise not only in the limbs or trunk region, but also in the most secluded corners of the body. Than it threatens the future mum and the child, what

7 obstetric weeks of pregnancy

Seven weeks of pregnancy is a dangerous period for both a woman and her baby. The fact is that it is on this date that miscarriages usually occur, since the yellow body transmits its "rights" to the placenta. Not every fruit can survive such a

Limonor during pregnancy

It is this drug such as Limonar that women often call a not very effective biologically active additive. This happens because the preparation consists only of citric acid and amber acid. And, nevertheless, as modern doctors and pharmacists assure it

Pregnancy and train

This is not very comfortable transport, especially in summer. It's hot, stuffy, it's problematic to go out into the street. Also there is a vibration when traveling by rail. If you need to go by train: make sure that you have a place in the docked

Totem in pregnancy: instructions, dosage, contraindications.

During pregnancy, taking any medication requires special attention and special care, since any fines can affect the healthy formation of the embryo, and then the fetus. Even an additional intake of vitamins and minerals, which, it would seem,

Preservation of pregnancy: what to bring to the hospital?

Women who first lay down for preservation, do not really know what to take with them. To facilitate the task and speed up the collection, I propose an approximate list of things that may be needed. The most necessary things Put the bed linen in

Than to treat a cold in pregnancy

I must say that the runny nose during pregnancy can take you by surprise, he comes suddenly, than actually and brings not so little trouble to the future mother. After all, we are perfectly aware and understand what extremely unpleasant consequences

Pregnancy: discharge

Discharge from the genital tract at the beginning of pregnancy Allocations at the beginning of pregnancy are for many expectant mothers. But they should not always be alarming. Let's look at the different types of selection and the reasons for their

Ovulation test does not show ovulation

Why does the ovulation test not show two strips The test for ovulation does not show ovulation - sometimes it happens in women planning a child. Are the tests deceiving, or is there a reason for such a negative result? Many people think that the
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