Vitamins in the planning of pregnancy

Витамины при planning of pregnancyWhen planning of pregnancy an important point is the intake of vitamins. Therefore, stocks of macro- and microelements, necessary vitamins, are replenished. This, first of all, helps to get pregnant, safely endure and give birth to a strong child.

The doctor will tell you which drug to buy at the pharmacy. It will take into account the individual needs and characteristics of your body. Maybe it will be a full complex, intended for use during pregnancy, probably - some drugs alone.

But do not forget that greens, fresh fruits and vegetables are a great source of natural vitamins, they are, first and foremost, needed by the body.

Let's not talk about a topic to which vitamins give a great preference: chemical or natural, because the truth lies somewhere in the middle. It is better to try to find out what vitamins a woman needs during the planning of a desired pregnancy.

The most important vitamin is folic acid. She is able to prevent some developmental problems of the neural tube of the baby. Also, a lack of vitamin B9 can lead to abortion and disrupts the formation of the placenta. To protect yourself from complications, you need to consume folic acid or medications, even before pregnancy planning.

Such acid is in sufficient quantity in vegetables and greens with green leaves (green onions, cabbage, parsley, broccoli, spinach, asparagus, lentils, beans, green peas, tomatoes, carrots, beets, soy). Also in a large number of vitamins are in sunflower seeds, kefir, tomato juice, wheat, rice and oatmeal, flour, wheat germ, peach, watermelon, citrus and walnuts. Vitamins are rich in animal products: caviar, cottage cheese, cod liver, cheese, beef liver.

Since, during heat treatment, vitamins are destroyed, doctors and nutritionists recommend cooking food for steaming or eating, if possible, raw foods. Of course, this does not apply to egg yolk, liver, but raw carrots will be more useful than cooked.

To ensure that the female body provides the right number of folic acid during pregnancy, it is necessary to take the drugs that contain it. Male folic acid does not hurt, because the lack reduces the number of healthy sperm.

Recommended norms of vitamins

Known retinol - vitamin A - a pregnant woman and after childbirth, when she feeds the baby with mammary glands is required in large quantities. However, it does not hurt a woman who dreams of pregnancy. A large amount of vitamin A is found in products of animal origin (cream, liver, cheese, cottage cheese, cheese, fish oil) and cereals. But, in advance planning the conception, a woman needs to know that the excess of retinol in the body can also lead to pathology and various complications. That's why you need to plan your conception six months after the end of taking vitamins.

Other sources of retinol include fruits and vegetables (clover, dandelion, nettle, green pepper, green onions, sorrel, carrots, dill, parsley, cabbage, spinach, red pepper, watermelon, yellow pumpkin, sea buckthorn, black currant, rosehip, apricots, mountain ash).

When нехватке vitamin B1 воникают серьезные нарушения нервной системы. Whenсутствие витамина нужно для усваивания углеводов и для выработки энергии. Эго источник — это продукты растительного происхождения, а именно бобовые, ростки зерна, крупы, злаки. Разнообразив свой рацион миндалем, грецкими орехами, фундуком можно получить ещё некоторую порцию vitamin B1. Не забывайте также об картофеле, шпинате, капусте, луке, редьке, моркови, красной свекле, шиповнике, абрикосах.

Vitamin B2 still called "vitamin growth." He needs a man to exchange iron. It has some significance in the formation of the nervous system, muscles, bone skeleton. Therefore, the intake of vitamin in the female body is needed both before conception and after.

Vitamin has many sources: tomatoes, cabbage, leafy vegetables, dog rose, spinach, legumes, as well as livestock products (eggs, milk, liver).

At the time of conception planning, as well as during pregnancy, other groups are important vitamins B (B12, B6, B5, B3).

Витамины при planning of pregnancyVitamin C or "ascorbic". It positively affects the body: increases efficiency, strengthens connective tissue, reduces inflammatory reactions, destroys bacteria, increases immunity. All this is very important in the planning of conception, because the task for a woman and a man is to get healthier before pregnancy. In sufficient quantity, this vitamin is found in medicinal plants (forest fruit, lover, bud, nettle) and in fresh plants (cabbage, trout, potato, red cabbage, cress salad, dill, green onion, parsley, horseradish, red pepper, citrus fruits , sea-buckthorn, mountain ash, black currant, dogwood, dog rose).

Many have already heard: after pregnancy - teeth "showered" or "flew"? Indeed, vitamin D is needed to develop a bookmark of teeth and bone skeleton, with its deficiency, the fruit "sucks" it out of the woman. If the body had the right amount of this vitamin, then the teeth were not going to "fly". To a woman to provide a sufficient number of vitamins you need to take care of his intake in the body. Where to take it? A large number of it is found in seafood. In the diet of a woman at least once a week should be fish oil, sardines in oil, salmon, mackerel, Atlantic herring, cod liver. Also this vitamin is contained in spinach, yarrow, nettle, mushrooms, milk, eggs. And in plant products it is almost nonexistent.

On the contrary, such products are rich vitamin E. For example, such oils: sea-buckthorn, corn, peanut, sunflower, cottonseed, soybean. This vitamin is called tocopherol, it is an antioxidant that delivers oxygen and nutrients to cells, has an anti-inflammatory effect, restores cell membranes. Its absence in sufficient quantity during pregnancy can lead to unwanted miscarriage, so the body must be provided in full before pregnancy.

I plan to conceive, not only need a woman to take multivitamin complexes and eat right. For a "qualitative" conception, the husband also needs to take a lot of vitamins.

But do not overdo it! After all, an increase in the prescribed dose, in some cases, can lead to a negative effect. For example, to the usual severe intoxication. Very bad effect on the body is a high dose of vitamins A and D.

Future parents need to understand that during pregnancy, the intake of vitamins is necessary, but if the first month of fetal development occurs in a state of shortage of these substances, then, unfortunately, their further intake will not be able to eliminate complications.