Luck 0




"Lord, why, why did I drag myself and Zhenya to the women's consultation?" Mariana thought, remembering all the unfortunate events that had happened to her in the last 24 hours.

Natalia Lobova

But it all started quite peacefully and did not bode any trouble. Only they gathered with their old friend, at that time already deeply pregnant, to go to the exhibition of one fashion artist. But Zhenya needed on the way for some reason to wrap in a consultation, something to clarify with his nurse.

Have gone. Really for a short while: Mariyana did not even have time to study really terrifying and encouraging future mothers posters in front of the doctor's office. And went to the exhibition.

Walking with an exquisitely-detached view in front of the paintings, Mariyana felt a certain look on herself. Trying to move naturally, she turned her head in different directions, as if in search of a friend, turned away from the pictures at all and found the blue-eyed handsome man staring at her fixedly. "Good for men! They do not need to pretend that they are absorbed in the works of the new-fashioned artist, and do not really consider only the girls, "Mariyane thought.

However, she liked it. And whether it is worth condemning people for sincerity of feelings! Smiling lightly, not specifically to Sineglazomu, Mariana went to her friend. And then the attendant announced that the gallery was closing.

He and Zhenya went out into the street. The blue-eyed man stood by the silvery Honda and was talking on the mobile.

- In my opinion, he is on you, - Zhenya betrayed immediately.

"Oh, if I were alone now, he would have just come to me!" Mariana thought sadly, but did not say anything aloud.

That's how the ways-paths of destiny diverge because of their own friends, even if they are pregnant.

"Always the same thing on your mind!" Okay, come on.

Mariyana was a girl serious and light-weight attitude to life unnoticed. Having graduated five years ago from the Institute of Foreign Languages, she preferred translating work in the publishing house to marches around Moscow with foreigners and endless compilation of business papers in a German pump company. Three years ago, was a witness at the wedding Zhenya. I knew firmly that she was not ugly, clever, and well versed in people. This means that twenty-seven years is only the beginning of adulthood.

No, Mariyana was not a careerist and did not suffer from snobbery. However, it really seemed to her that there was nothing more tragic and boring than the rolling way of previous generations.

In twenty-twenty-five to get married, at the same time to meet with the birth of a child, in the thirty light of white not to see the family worries, to feel that nothing will ever change in your life, to become a grandmother at forty-five or fifty ... And hi! Life ended, as if for real and did not begin.

So reasoned Mariyana, with egoism peculiar to youth and inability to look into the prospects of her life after thirty. For, as she was certain, from the age of thirty-five there can not be anything interesting in life.

Of course, she should hurry. The remaining eight years before the fateful turn could fly as fast as the post-institute five. And since the only drama worthy of attention, as one of the French people said, was and still is the drama of the relationship between men and women, then such minute meetings, like the one with Sinegloves on the Honda, could and should promise prospects.

"You will not drag next time with pregnant friends in the picture galleries!" - not without annoyance she instructed herself.

The next morning Zhenya called and frustratedly began to talk about the fact that yesterday she left her exchange card in the consultation. And she without her - nowhere. Her husband can not get through: the subscriber is outside the access zone.

"And where does he just wear it?" And I'm so broke! It was not necessary for me to leave the house at all ...

"That's for sure," she agreed mentally with her friend Maryan.

- I beg you, come to the consultation, take my "pregnant" card. I'll make a phone call, they'll give it to you! And the nurse saw you yesterday with me ... "Zhenya was almost sobbing.

- Good good! Do not Cry. Now I'm going. I'll bring it to you later. I need to finish the translation by tomorrow.

- And what do you translate? - Has already forgotten about the hysterics girlfriend.

- Sjuskind. Patrick Zuskind. Talk to your nurse. Half an hour later I went to her

I'll come.

- Oh, thank you, Maryashechka! If it were not for you, I would be lost! I will call you. And Alik will also call.

Oh, I'll show him! ..

Mariyana put down the receiver.

Of course, I did not want to go. But nothing can be done! Who will refuse a pregnant woman - seven years in a row ... God forbid!

Near the women's consultation there was a silvery Honda. Mariyana with a slight nostalgic sadness looked in her direction and entered the medical institution. I went up to the second floor. I waited until someone came out of the doctor's office. I went there myself and left soon with Zhenkina's exchange card.

She stayed in Mariana's office for no more than two minutes. But in this short time the situation in the corridor changed radically. Next to this ill-fated office was yesterday's Blue-eyed! And he saw Maryan coming out from the gynecologist with an exchange card, exactly the same as all pregnant women in this damned consultation held in their hands!

Never Maryan was not so bad. Neither after the break with her former lover, nor ever in her life.

"And it will not be worse. Because it is simply impossible, "- decided confidently Mariyana. But she was mistaken. Directly to her along the corridor, Zhenkin hurried Alik's husband.

-Uf-f, still managed! I'm sorry, please, "he said, kissing his wife's girlfriend on the cheek.

He always did that when he met all the Zhenka girls he knew. His habit was like that. Nothing special. But how Mariyana hated him at that moment!

Alik had already grabbed her by the arm and dragged her along to the exit from the corridor. Mariana obediently trailed after him, realizing that her life was over at twenty-seven years because of a school friend and her husband. That that rare moment, called Luck with a capital letter, passed without a trace and irretrievably. Fate twice gave her a meeting that could turn her whole life ...

"M-ah-ah, my lap!" - Maryana sobbed in the voice.

Alik stared at her stupidly. They were already standing in the street. Mariyana could not explain anything, nor could she simply beat the hapless husband of her friend. She just wept bitterly, sitting down in the red Volkswagen Alik, so he drove her home. And next to it there was a silvery Honda ...

Having swallowed valerian and wrapped in a blanket, Mariyana disconnected the tearing phones, knowing who it was, and not having the strength and desire to communicate with Zhenya now. For two hours she lay on the couch on the couch, and on the desk was waiting for the translation of Patrick Zuskind, which required completion.

In the morning Mariyana went to the publishing house. Spring this year was early. Mariyane was chilly. She suddenly realized that she had not seen her gloves and hat since yesterday.

"I left it in consultation," she realized with shudder.

The very idea that she will have to go there once again, the girl has taken off immediately.

"An excellent opportunity to update the wardrobe!" - decided Mariyana.

If it's bad for you, buy yourself a new hat - this recipe for all misfortunes has been gaining women for centuries.

"Why should I go back there again to meet Blue-Eyes with my pregnant wife there?" Thank you. Do not!"

Yesterday, the question of what the hero of her failed novel was doing in the women's consultation, she did not attend. Today Mariyana reasoned more soberly.

Having finished the business in the publishing house, the girl returned home and first of all connected the phone. She found her mobile phone and turned it on. Both phones rang simultaneously. Mariyana chose the usual one.

- I'm listening.

- Hello, Mariyana. You do not know me. I received your phone from your friend Eugene. The matter is that yesterday you left in the doctor's office in consultation a hat and gloves. I would like them to you

return, if you please. I do not want to bother Eugene. She does not feel herself very well after your

going to the exhibition. So I'll come up to you, if you do not mind ...

Shocked Maryana in a few seconds pressed the doorphone button.

The next day, Zhenya could still get through to her friend.

"Lord, I can not catch you for a week!" Well, tell me, what happened to you? Alik got scared when you got hysterical. Then they called from the consultation, asked how to find you. You even left my gloved hat with my doctor. Thank you, her son volunteered to take you to them. Alik, after all, went on a business trip, and I feel so bad ... But does the son have anything? The voice is pleasant. Did you see him? What is it?

- Blue-eyed! - Answered Mariyana.