How to decide on the third child?

The third child, as a rule, does not fit in either the career plans or the housing plans of the parents. It is believed that the appearance of a third child is a way out of the standard framework established by society. And yet, the desire to have a third child often visits women and men, married couples who have a good enough life. Often prevented from turning your dream into a reality of common standards and taboos. Quite often in a society whispers the thought that when deciding to conceive a third baby, the mother becomes on a slippery path, accompanied by various landslides.

how to decide on 3 children What can we do to set ourselves up for the best, ignore all public opinions and judgments, overcome all fears and material difficulties, and decide to give birth to a third child? Of course, a big family is a big responsibility. And today, when the economic situation in the world is not so promising and bright, the appearance of a third child in the family is a risk, but at the same time a great feat on the part of the parents. Remember the phrase - who does not take risks, he does not live. Want to really live your life - give birth to a third. Do not pay attention to public standards, opinions, conversations. Just give birth, and all.

Psychology to help solve the third child

Psychology can seriously help in the decision to have a third child in the family.
  1. First of all, it is very much to want to have a third baby in the house. Then do not even think about whether to give birth or not. Simply embody your dream into reality, your desire into reality. The truth that exists among large mothers is this: if God gives a child, he will definitely give to this child. So get away all fears and doubts, go ahead with the realization of a dream.
  2. As for the difficulties of the material, the answer is: not everything is as bad as it might seem at first glance. From the first two children, you necessarily have things left, and this doubles or triples the cost of clothing. In addition, there are children's furniture (strollers, cribs) and other supplies (bottles, toys) - this is another expense item that can be deleted from the list. Believe me, this is a huge plus to saving money. Next, remember the maternity capital, regional benefits, and other, and other things that the state gives to the third child. This will be enough to support it. And one more point to saving - try as long as possible to feed the baby with breast milk. If you do it, the financial costs for its food will be minimal.
  3. The moral aspect of the appearance of the third child in the family in general is full of solid pluses. For example, you have more than enough experience in caring for and caring for babies. You do not have to call the polyclinic every other day for questions about the child's sweating or bad sleep. Having two children, you can cope with such questions better than any pediatrician. With minor injuries you also know how to cope. And can not you be able to feed a child who is in a bad mood and is harmful? "Experience is the son of the mistakes of the difficult" - this expression now describes you as the best fighter with three children. The second plus - you already have two nannies and nurses in the house - your older children. The experience that there is no one to leave the child with while you go to the store or stand at the stove for cooking dinner can be discarded immediately. Another positive thing is that the perennial problem of seniority will disappear (in any conflict, you have to say - you are an elder, then you must give in), now you have two older people who will have to pay attention and give way to the youngest. The task of parents is to teach them this. Another plus of the third child is an educational one. Now you can safely delegate your worries about cleaning the apartment, hiking in the store to an older child, and partly to the middle one. Time management is the main weapon in this business.
  4. Third genera in general should pass quickly and almost painlessly. Especially this applies to those births that take place no later than four to five years after the second. The third birth is always calmer, as mother's birthmarks are already ready, and the woman herself is fully aware of how to behave, and obedience fulfills all the recommendations of doctors and midwives.
  5. Third birth - this is another rejuvenation of the mother's body. After all, the subconscious desire to be always in good shape and to keep yourself at the level of a young mother, not an old grandmother, is added.
  6. And the last. Just imagine the new embraces of little pens, the new manifestations of the tenderest love for you of a little new little man. Do you still have doubts?
Even if the husband still doubts, it will be enough to bring him all these above arguments, and rest assured, he will not be able to resist the temptation to have a third child. Your happiness will triple!