Grateful mission

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Grateful mission

Readers' comments

When one morning the test showed me two stripes, I, of course, was very happy, but at the same time with a sense of joy in my mind, anxiety and confusion crept in.

Julia Ivanova, M. Moscow

My husband and I wanted to have a baby, but at that moment I realized that I was in a completely unfamiliar situation for me.

A trip to the women's clinic did not bring me the expected relief. To my questions, what to eat, what to drink vitamins, what can, what is not allowed, the doctor replied that she would send me to a lecture, where everyone will tell me everything. At the lecture, of course, I was sent, however, in the sixth month of pregnancy. So I was unaware of my new position. At home we do not have the Internet, we managed to get something on the net during rare free moments at work, but my curiosity was not fully satisfied. I bought myself a thick book for future parents, but before it all somehow did not reach the hands. I felt in some kind of information vacuum. And I wanted to know what was happening inside of me, whether I would do anything harm to my baby, what and how to properly do so that the pregnancy was smooth and the baby was born healthy. 

One day my friend caught me reading fiction, she said: "There's no need to fool around, I would read better magazines for pregnant women." And the truth is, why did not this thought visit me? Probably, because, not being pregnant, I never thought about the existence of this kind of literature, it simply was not necessary. The next morning before work, I went to the newsstand to select the source of information I needed.

The choice was surprisingly varied. In order to dwell on something concrete, I decided to study the content. And to my great joy in one of the editions there was an article entitled "The second month is the responsible one". This was just my time, and, naturally, I wanted to buy this magazine, in order to keep, so to speak, a hand on the pulse. This magazine was "9 months".

I was pleasantly surprised by the intelligibility and capacity of the information contained in the articles, I began to feel more confident, got rid of unreasonable fears. We can say that the magazine "supported" me. Reading was exciting. By the evening I read it from cover to cover and found there a lot of interesting and new for myself. Since then, every month I look forward to the release of a new issue of the magazine.

Although this may seem strange, but sometimes the magazine seems to guess what exactly interests me at one time or another. In March I caught a severe cold, I could not drink any medicine, naturally, people's methods did not bring quick success. I began to worry that my illness would not hurt the baby. And then my husband, along with raspberry jam and lemons, brings me from the supermarket a March issue with the article "Orz for expectant mothers". And recently on ultrasound to me have defined or determined a low position of a placenta - and in the following number there is an article about a placenta.

And I really like that in addition to articles of specialists, you print and stories of young mothers themselves. Especially I like the rubric "My birth and the birth of my mother."

My baby is already big, we have to wait until the last, ninth, release of "9 months". And there, too, and before the birth - a stone's throw. But I keep all the previous issues of the magazine, since they will be useful to me after the birth of my daughter.

Your mission is extremely important and noble. Any woman, especially in the first pregnancy, wants to know as much as possible about her new position. Your journal has become for me a guide and an assistant in this complex and amazing business. Many thanks.