Can the presence of a cat in the house adversely affect the

Can the presence of a cat in the house adversely affect the child?In cases where you are an avid cat, and in your house as a family member there lives a charming cat, you may not worry too much when you are pregnant. The likelihood of catching any diseases, (and more often than not, being afraid of toxoplasmosis) is not too great. From those feline diseases that have been present in your house for many years, your body has long developed a powerful immunity. Therefore safely live with a cat, nothing more terrible than slightly scratched hands you are not threatened.

However, if at your examination, doctors reveal in you a low resistance of the organism to viruses or bacteria, it is certainly better for you to be safe.

First of all, take the kitty to the vet, let them do the necessary examinations. If an infection is found in the blood of a cat, try to find temporary hosts for her, who will be able to take her to her, at least for the first six months of pregnancy, when the developing fetus is most vulnerable to all sorts of infections.

If you are lucky and the blood of a domestic pet is clean, try simply to avoid toxoplasmosis, do not give meat to the pet without preliminary treatment, do not allow to catch and eat mice, limit outlets to the street and communicate with other cats.

Try to clean out the places where the cat likes to sleep, it's better if you do it with gloves. Do not forget about gloves and when cleaning the cat's toilet with sand. If you live in a private house, as thoroughly as possible wash out the vegetables and fruits collected from your garden, because there is also your pet walks.

Try not to eat poorly cooked or generally raw meat. If you eat in a restaurant, also choose meat that has gone through a good heat treatment.