Planning and conception

Another life

1 Planning Another life - There are such days! Leia sighed, examining her injured boot. Just at the exit from the escalator, a thin heel-pin was stuck in the rubber cover of the step, and the sharp metal plate cut off the heel and a piece of heel

Can the presence of a cat in the house adversely affect the

In cases where you are an avid cat, and in your house as a family member there lives a charming cat, you may not worry too much when you are pregnant. The likelihood of catching any diseases, (and more often than not, being afraid of toxoplasmosis)

Plot for pregnancy

Probably, it's no secret that recently in our modern world more and more young enough and loving each other pairs for some reason can not have such desired and long-awaited children. And, it would seem, modern medicine is already actively in step

Honey, we will have a baby ...

4 Planning Honey, we will have a baby ... Life is not a melodrama. And good. Unrequited love, bloody revenge, confused at birth, children who found their parents in twenty years - it's better to watch all these intricacies on the screen. But there

Allocations after ivf

For some women, the IVF procedure sometimes becomes the only chance to experience the joy of motherhood. The protocol of in vitro fertilization takes a lot of effort and time, moreover, it is not an expensive pleasure, therefore the future mother

Questions and answers about the pregnancy test

A few days after the proximity, the chorionic hormones (hCG-human chorionic gonadotropin), formed by the embryo, and later the placenta, start to stop the reproduction of the number of ovaries by the ovaries, which naturally can prevent the

Foliber for pregnancy planning

Today, pregnancy is becoming less and less likely, and the birth of a child is increasingly planned in advance. Future mothers are preparing for the birth of a baby, so that he was born healthy, so they pay great attention to their own health, and

Folic acid before pregnancy

Many women ask the question: "Why do you need to drink folic acid before pregnancy?". The answer to this question is very simple, in order to give a baby a healthy and for this you need to be healthy to be your mother. In order that in the

Dangerous days for pregnancy

Modern medicine and pharmacology offer many means of preventing pregnancy. One of the simplest but at the same time unreliable methods is calendar, or natural. As you know, pregnancy can only occur for several days of the menstrual cycle, other days

When and how does ovulation occur

Ovulation is the process of emitting a mature egg, which is ready for fertilization, from the ovarian follicle into the abdominal cavity. Since the moment of conception, the body of girls is preparing for the future continuation of the genus.
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