Planning a pregnancy: where to start a woman and a man

Favorable course of pregnancy with endometriosis

On the entire inner surface of the uterus is the mucosa, which is called the endometrium. With hormonal or menstrual irregularities, genetic predisposition and other causes, the endometrium spreads beyond the uterus. This disease is called

The second child in the family

After the first child, the family can already adequately assess their material and psychological capabilities. And if the first factor is more or less clear, then the second causes disagreement, often even between young parents. The couple often has

Double-breasted uterus and pregnancy

Often, the diagnosis of "two-horned" uterus puts the woman in a dead end, and explanations from his district gynecologist can not be interrogated. Whether these pathologies are dangerous for the development of the fetus in the womb, whether it is

Probability of pregnancy during, before and after

There is a common misconception that if a woman makes love to a man during menstruation, she can not become pregnant. It is not known why many girls and even mature women consider this myth to be true. Not at all, but many women have a chance to

How to improve fertility - 9 ways

This is an aspect of our health, which, it seems, should work under any circumstances. All you need is a partner and everything, pregnancy comes. But not everything is so cloudless, in fact, every slightest stress affects the woman's ability to

Folk remedies for conception

Pregnancy is often the long-awaited and pleasant gift of nature for every woman. Some become pregnant very easily, without even thinking about the fact that it can be problematic, and other women listen to their own body every month with a sinking
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