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Women's Sunglasses

The word "shopping" in our time is gaining increasing popularity among the fair sex. What a woman does not like to walk around shopping - slowly, with taste ... And the future mother - is no exception. Although during pregnancy, shopping has some nuances. About them, we'll talk in this column.

Anastasia Galkina

 Summer, beach - and of course, a bright warm sun ... How not to succumb to these temptations! But not everyone remembers that the sun is not only a source of light and heat: under certain conditions it can also become a source of serious health problems, in particular eye diseases. Such problems are not needed by anyone, but by the future mother - in particular. Therefore, going on vacation, you should take care of choosing sunglasses ... 

What are they like?

The main task of sunglasses is to protect our eyes from ultraviolet rays, so the main thing that should be paid attention when buying glasses is the degree of protection. By this criterion, sunglasses are divided into three categories.

Glasses category Cosmetic are more of a fashion accessory than an eye protection.

The General category includes glasses recommended for protection from the sun in the middle band. They can be purchased if you are going to spend the summer at your own dacha, and not in distant warm countries.

Finally, the strongest degree of protection is the High UV-protection glasses. They are perfect for relaxing on the beach and trips to the south.

Important is also the material from which lenses are made glasses. It can be glass or plastic.

Glass lenses are guaranteed to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays, even if they are not darkened. But such lenses are heavier than plastic ones; In addition, they can break up, so they are not suitable for those involved in sports.

Modern plastic is a worthy competition to the glass: it is twice as light and does not beat. Especially it should be said about the so-called "chameleon" glasses (their more modern name is "umbra"). Such glasses can become darker or lighter depending on the lighting.

What to choose?

One of the main requirements for points is their convenience. Therefore, during the fitting, pay attention not only to the design, but also to whether the nasal supports press and whether the arches do not tighten. Points should not fall off when you tilt your head. A good frame is elastic, it provides its reliability and comfort.

For sunglasses, the size of the lenses is also important: they must be large enough to protect not only the eyes, but also the skin around them.

Pay attention to the color quality: good glasses do not change the color of objects, but only reduce the intensity of lighting. Finally, you should check if there are any irregularities or roughness on the lens.

When buying glasses, do not forget about the hard or semi-rigid case to them: only with such storage glasses will last a long time.

Where can they be bought?

Good points can only be bought in solid stores, and they are quite expensive. Do not be tempted by cheap offers in the markets and on the trays: low-quality glasses can prove quite harmless to your eyes. The fact is that in response to blackout our pupil expands, and in the absence of a filter it gets a "shock" portion of ultraviolet rays, which is fraught with deterioration of vision.

Be careful!

Unfortunately, now on sale it is possible to meet set of fakes. Be aware that quality branded glasses have manufacturer data not only on the packaging. Their trademark and collection number are indicated on the inside of the eyelet and in the corner of the lens.