Where do "ice" come from?

syndrome of logs in bedOver and over again, many of us return to one of the most mysterious and most erotic issues related to female sensitivity. Never and no one disputed the female power over the male half of humanity. After all, our sexuality and femininity is capable of any, the meekest man turn into a furious lion and the more the contrary. However, despite the fact that the winner is very nice, I sometimes want to feel weak and dependent. Dependent specifically on the man to whom there is emotional attachment and which is the one and only one. The so-called "log syndrome" causes a lot of debate, not only in the circles of specialists. Unequivocally say that only in the hands of a truly skillful and temperamental lover, even the coldest woman will turn on, you can not. There are many reasons why a woman does not show much activity in sex. According to psychologists, a strong imprint on sexuality, imposes a dysfunctional life of parents. Stressful situations in adolescence, can form a lack of confidence in themselves and their unattractiveness. The social environment in which a woman currently lives can dramatically reduce the chances of a positive emotional state. And as a consequence - the non-acceptance of an intimate life. A young mother, naturally, will not show much activity in bed with her husband if a small child is sleeping nearby. Problems in the family or a child's illness, constant depression dramatically reduces the libido instinct in a woman. Scientists have proved that "ice" is not born, it is quite a certain acquired ability. Thus, the beautiful half of humanity manifests a kind of protest against unfavorable circumstances. Each woman has a huge sensual and erotic potential, it certainly needs to be awakened. Imagine a situation where you have to live with your tyrant husband. After all, many people show rudeness and cruelty not only in everyday life, but also in intimate relationships as well. Selfishness in bed, allows a man to enjoy himself a loved one, but as a partner, he is absolutely indifferent. Having not experienced this way, the woman becomes indifferent to sexual pleasures. And, the man in turn will consider his wife to be cold and unfeeling.
To the acuteness of sensations, the desire to be sexual and erotic, of course, also affects the state of health. Skeptical remarks of men about migraines have already become a topic for multiple anecdotes. However, according to health statistics, it is known that 80% of the female population suffer from this disease. Various nervous experiences, chronic inflammatory processes of the reproductive system and many other diseases serve as a valid reason for refusing to fulfill matrimonial duty. Therefore, categorically condemn women will not be correctly enough.
As you can see, the "ice" behave in bed is not as active as it would be desirable for men, for quite good reasons. Before there is a big tangle of misunderstanding among partners, it is necessary to understand the reasons. Mindfulness and tenderness of the second half, of course, will lead to a positive result. Mutual love and respect, with close interaction with special intimate caresses in any sexual relationship can return the passion.