Sexual compatibility of the signs of the zodiac

sexy horoscopeProbably, there are no such people who would not agree with the statement that the sexual compatibility of certain zodiacal signs of men and women is a thing more than serious and profound. Such compatibility can contribute to the emergence of harmony in a family alliance, and can create a lot of conflict situations, and that arise almost on an even place. And moreover, there are often enough situations where two very gently and passionately enamored people suddenly suddenly for others leave themselves literally after the first or second intimate event. And literally all the dreams of these people about the longest and the most happy joint family life turn into dust. Actually, therefore, only planning to build certain relationships of one kind or another, it would be better to begin in detail to familiarize yourself with the concrete horoscopes of your sexual compatibility. Do you agree? Then we proceed to specific descriptions and details ...

Sexuality according to the zodiac signs - sex and horoscope

  1. Zodiac sign Aries
This sign includes people born in a period of time, beginning on the twenty-first day of March, the twentieth day of the month of April. Zodiacal sign Aries gives people sentimentality, but at the same time so incredible sexuality. As a rule, Aries are the most insatiable and incredibly resourceful people in terms of bed. In addition, and in everything else, these people are assertive, and passionate, although in some cases they can be selfish enough in intimacy. Probably, therefore, the sexual compatibility of these people can only be possible with those who never prefer to dominate in family and sexual relations. In addition, compatibility with this sign is difficult to achieve and with the owners of low libido. As a rule, this sign may require a very passionate and even eager to learn all the new facets of sensuality in a partner's sex.
  1. Sign of the Zodiac Taurus
This sign includes people born in a period of time, beginning with the twenty-first day in April and the twenty-first day of the following May. As a rule, all Taurus really love and appreciate good sex, but too temperamental while these people will be extremely difficult to name. People born in this zodiacal sign, prefer not too violent sexual acts. These people are more likely to appreciate a kind of love marathons, solid and lasting with the ability to savor every sigh. Taurus in the majority want to have sex under a relatively unchanged scenario. Strictly because of this strange quality, Taurus's sexual compatibility with those who aspire to constant changes in sex to diversity in the full sense of the word is unlikely to be possible.
  1. Gemini
This sign includes people born during a period of time, starting from the twenty-second day of May and up to the twenty-first day of June. All people belonging to this sign in the horoscope do not at all accept monotony or monotony, they mostly prefer literally all the time every minute to bring their own sexual sphere to the maximum of novelty. In general, these people are not too passionate, although they are able to be really resourceful and very inquisitive in sex. If the Gemini suddenly finds himself really partnered with some creative-sexual process partner, then intimate affinity with him may well become truly amazing. However, provided that between such partners there is also a certain intellectual compatibility.
  1. Sign of the Zodiac Cancer
This sign includes all people born during a period of time, beginning on the twenty-second day of June and on the twenty-second day of July. The entire erotic horoscope of people Rakov completely and completely testifies to incredible sensuality, unusual tenderness, as well as about the tactfulness of people of this sign, especially in the intimate sphere. However, at the same time, it would be impossible to call these people too temperamental either. Well, Raki is not inclined at all to fudge, nor to inventions in bed. Although at the same time, all of them are ready to make every effort to really deliver their partner a lot of fun. However, all this can be, perhaps, only on the condition that the right emotional desire and even the coincidence of interests are added to the incredible sexual lust.
  1. Sign of the Zodiac Leo
This sign includes those people who were born during the period beginning on the twenty-third day of July and the twenty-third day of the month of August. As a rule, Lions are really very skilled irrepressible lovers who try to surprise, with their own strength, even to amaze the one who can even happen to be with them in the same bed. Nevertheless, these people are not at all inclined to unnecessarily bright and too passionate passion. Actually, that's why, for their sexual compatibility, these people are more suited to those people who directly in the first place are only feelings, and only then sex. Be sure, if feelings really are present, then real compatibility in the intimate sphere with the Lions will be fully provided.
  1. Sign of the Zodiac Virgo
This sign includes people born during a period of time, beginning on the twenty-second day of August and on the twenty-second day of September. Most of the Virgo, do not accept too hasty entry into intimate relationships, in addition, these people in principle do not like casual sexual relations. And imagine, even when meeting someone who really liked them, these people are capable of a relatively long time abstaining from sex. Nevertheless, it can not tell us at all that all people of this sign are inherently non-sexual. Rather, in order to finally allow intimate intimacy, these people need to be fully convinced that specifically with this person there is also intellectual, as well as full-fledged emotional compatibility. And it's only natural if there is no such compatibility - then, most likely, sex will not take place in principle. This is the case, because Virgos, first of all, needs exactly the one who himself will have real restraint as well as the Virgo itself. Excessive impatience and even excessive pressure of these people can simply push away, and sometimes forever.
  1. Libra
This sign includes people born during a period of time, beginning on the twenty-third day of September and inclusive on the twenty-second day of October. Note that the people of the Libra sign and know how and most importantly like to create in intimate relations an exciting and even somewhat intriguing atmosphere. As a rule, the temperament of people under this sign of the Zodiac is very rarely very hot. Although, despite this, in truly boundless ingenuity these people definitely will not refuse. It should be noted that in general, those who willingly take the initiative in their own hands and storm them as a sexual object may most suit the people of Libra's sign. However, in the event that they meet a person who evokes special feelings for the scales, they will also be able to arrange truly enchanting sex, and this one about which many have only to dream.
  1. Sign of the Zodiac Scorpio
This sign includes people born in the period of time, starting from the twenty-third day of October until the twenty-first day of November. People scorpions - this is almost one of the most vividly temperamental signs in the whole Zodiac, for these people intimate closeness really means very, very much. Nevertheless, outwardly these people always try to look as cool and incredibly restrained. It is only natural that these people will not go to bed with the first comers to hurry. And this kind of his equanimity and even coldness can often confuse those partners who are not so familiar with representatives of this sign for so long. And everything, because the excessive passion of the Scorpion in intimate games can really stun and even scare the partner. And it is logical that for sex, such people need partners who are able to understand and fully accept such a serious passion, as well as fully respond with absolute reciprocity.
  1. Sign of the Zodiac Sagittarius
This sign includes all people born during a period of time, starting from the twenty-second day of November of the month exactly the twenty-first day of the month of December. Most Sagittarians love to experiment in intimate relationships and can, imagine imagining something that even in an exotic for a normal person, the Kamasutra will never be found. These people manage to seduce the opposite sex easily and completely at ease. And of course, to get under the incredible sexual charm and charm of people born in this sign of the Zodiac will be literally anyone and anytime. Moreover, anyone, these people are able to surprise, enthrall and adequately satisfy. And it is at the expense of Sagittarius that full compatibility in family sex may appear at some point, well, at least, that's what the second partner will look like. Unfortunately, too long to experience a fairly powerful and constant attraction to a single partner, these people do not know how. Actually, therefore, in order to be able to come to absolutely complete sexual compatibility with such a person as Sagittarius, it must certainly also try to intimate each intimate occasion well, or at least surprise something.
  1. Sign of the Zodiac Capricorn
This sign includes those people who were born in the period of time, beginning on the twenty-second day in December and on the twentieth day of the January following it. Note that Capricorns, as a rule, never have too much and hot temperament. At the same time, of course, there is no real tenderness, sports endurance and incredible persistence in sexual life. Notice, at the same time these people absolutely do not like harsh innovations in sex and prefer in most cases to use literally the same poses methods and ways in sexual life. And this can only mean that people who are constantly striving for a certain variety, with partners Capricorns in the intimate sphere will have incredibly difficult. These people are sensitive, but only, more from them not to wait. Moreover, it can be said that from constant and too extreme experimentation these people get extremely tired and even begin to avoid too frequent intimations, even with the most beloved partner. This can usually happen because they themselves begin to believe that they are not able to fully satisfy their partner. And, consequently, in this case compatibility in the intimate plan is absolutely impossible.
  1. Sign of the Zodiac Aquarius
This zodiac sign includes all people born in the period of time, starting from the twenty-first day of January and the nineteenth day of the month of February. In the vast majority, Aquarians are extremely non-standard able to approach each intimate affinity. It is important to understand that having a truly beautiful fantasy, these people could hit any of those with whom they end up in bed. And they are usually, as a rule, too overtly and unconventional sexual fantasies, which, for all this, do not even try at least partially to embody in the existing reality. Moreover, even when the partner of this sign, completely agree to any experiments. In fact, I must say that Aquarius, in fact, does not have any too powerful or bright temperament, they can use diversity solely in order to clearly know that this is basically so. And it is not because they themselves need to experiment all the time. As a rule, some sky-high dreams can excite Aquarius much more than their actual implementation. Actually, therefore, all those who are usually inclined to maximum ingenuity in intimate terms, definitely do not expect Aquarius partners something supernatural, and in general, too much.
  1. Sign of the Zodiac of Pisces
This sign includes people born in a period of time, beginning on the twentieth day of February and on the twentieth day of the month of March. Mostly representatives of this sign in the Zodiac are unusually sexual and sensual people. However, all their eroticism Pisces does not tend to satisfy, immediately, as soon as they have the opportunity of an intimate adventure. Fish as a sign are quite capable of dispensing with just their own imagination. Moreover, these people can for a long time retain entirely chaste abstinence, especially if at a given time there is not one nearby to whom Pisces as a partner can be completely trusted. It is important to remember that with all people of this sign of the Zodiac, you must always be extremely careful, in no case by forcing events and not insisting on anything. Do not rush and do not demand immediate proximity and then get everything in full, but after a while. Otherwise the partner Fish will simply be frightened and maybe even forever will slip out of your hands. sexual compatibility on the zodiac sign