Oral sex during pregnancy

Oral sex during pregnancyThe relationship to sexual intimacy during pregnancy can change well between a woman and a man. It may be that the wives from the first days of pregnancy may be afraid of sex, fearing somehow to harm the fetus. Many husbands are also experiencing a relatively intimate affinity, true, not infrequently in the last weeks. And some couples on the contrary - at this time even closer, while experiencing much more pleasure than before.

However, unfortunately, in many cases, professionals prohibit sexual life during pregnancy. And in such cases, oral sex seems a good alternative, and sometimes the only way out. But everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance. After all, oral sex with a normal pregnancy is not recommended, in contrast to anal and vaginal.

Blowjob during pregnancy

With blowjob everything is much simpler. Because if the future mother is a pleasure or does not bring discomfort, then this kind of oral sex during pregnancy can be at any time. Some women are interested in such a question as swallowing sperm: is it possible? The question is simple, it does not harm either the child or the mother, and even there is an opinion that, on the contrary, it is useful. So you do not need to deprive men of attention, which can be good news for couples who do not practice ordinary intimate life during pregnancy for some reason.

Cunnilingus during pregnancy

But pregnant women are less fortunate. Firstly, the husbands often reject the idea because of the changes in the woman's body: during pregnancy, the vaginal discharge increases in volume and changes its smell and taste.

Secondly, some medical sources do not recommend cunnilingus during pregnancy. The reason - blowing air can lead to embolism, which is dangerous for the life of the fetus and the mother. Although many think that such bans sound only in our domestic medicine: in other countries, experts have not even heard of it.

Also, the oral cavity is a good breeding ground for different microbes that penetrate the vagina. As a result, candidiasis, herpes, caries, viral diseases of men can be the cause of infection in the vagina of a pregnant woman. And during pregnancy it is very undesirable. However, some doctors say that such a position is exaggerated. However, after the passage of amniotic fluid, there really is a risk.

oral sex and pregnancyCunnilingus is dangerous if the condition of a pregnant woman is in jeopardy. At such a moment, everything that leads to a contraction of the uterus is contraindicated for the woman, this also applies to orgasm.

Also, you do not need to deprive yourself of sexual intimacy for all nine months of pregnancy - many women and gynecologists are sure of this. If there is no threat of gestation, cunnilingus is safe for the baby and mother. Moreover, oral sex brings women a lot of pleasure and positive emotions, and during pregnancy it is only welcomed.

Not to say, but oral sex during pregnancy is practiced by many women and men. It often helps to strengthen and maintain the relationship between the ferry in this difficult period. If you do not have an orgasm contraindicated, do not deny yourself the pleasure. However, men need to show maximum care and caution. Be happy! Love each other - it's so useful for your kids.