Masturbation: benefit and harm

The attitude towards masturbation or in other words masturbation is still quite ambiguous today, since a broad view is offered regarding this issue. One part of people condemn this process, and some believe that this is the best way to know and satisfy yourself. Benefit and harm of Masturbation Masturbation is an ancient method that helps to appease your sexual drives by irritating erogenous zones.

Taking into account the opinions of specialists, who say that such exercises do not have an adverse effect on the body, but opposite masturbation is useful for health. But all the same, all is well that in moderation. In this article, we'll talk specifically about this.

Masturbation in terms of medicine

Specialists in the field of medicine have scientifically confirmed that masturbation is recognized as an object of sexuality, and at certain stages of the formation of men this process is even necessary. However, regarding the issue of the regularity of engaging in this process, there must definitely be moderation here. male masturbation: benefit and harm
The results of the conducted studies showed that 60 percent of young men begin to indulge in such studies of their body at the age of 10-14 years, this period falls on puberty. However, only at the age of 15-21 the male half reaches that peak of pleasure obtained as a result of self-gratification.
As usually during this period, the seed ripens, which requires an exit. Often in this period there is an involuntary ejaculation that occurs during sleep. However, young men artificially provoke such pollutions. Girls in the period of maturation also need to get such sexual pleasure. But still, many because of education, personal thoughts, constraints and other factors do not do this. Most men are engaged in masturbation and in adulthood, even those who are married do not stop doing this, which is less common among married women.
Sexologists and psychologists unanimously assert that masturbation is the best way, helping to know your body and understand how to achieve orgasm. Carrying out such a process of self-gratification can become more confident already directly with intimacy, since in bed it is necessary to eliminate as much as possible all available complexes. After all, when making love, you must indulge in the pleasures of physical union, and not be shy or think about your own shortcomings.
Concerning medical conclusions, it should be noted that masturbation has a positive effect on the activity of the cardiovascular system, this process improves memory and sleep, raises the level of development of special hormones of happiness.

Problems of psychological level

The main psychological task is that masturbation does not become the main way of obtaining pleasure, replacing regular sex. Since knowing your needs in this way at a convenient time and during a sexual outburst, you can self-satisfaction yourself. harm from masturbation This "occupation" should be a "savior" for living periods of dissatisfaction or loneliness, and this process can act as a variety that should be performed during intimate relationships.
However, according to experts, masturbation should not act as the main occupation, because in this way you can move away from a full-fledged intimate life.

Why do we need masturbation?

It is believed that self-satisfaction is a wonderful way to eliminate sexual tension, which accumulates for some reason for a long time. As a result, this activity helps to improve mood and relieve emotional stress. In particular, this refers to those people who do not have regular partners, perhaps there are some different reasons that interfere with the ordinary sexual intercourse. To masturbation resort for medical purposes, it is prescribed to men who need to pass the appropriate tests for which a sperm sample is needed. Also, if a person has sexual dysfunction, then this process can be recommended by a sex therapist.

Such a prescription is also necessary for a person, often women, to learn and experience what an orgasm is, and also masturbation is prescribed to slow the onset of orgasm, often it concerns men.

Positive aspects of masturbation

The main benefit of masturbation is protection against spreading viruses, which pose a particular danger to the body. Such harmful diseases include hepatitis C, AIDS and HIV.
These ailments can often be acquired through sexual intercourse, so self-satisfaction of sexual needs is a safer way. Also, self-satisfaction helps to avoid the appearance of unwanted pregnancies.
Still determine the benefits of doing this process:
  1. The results of recent studies have shown that in people who engage in regular self-stimulation, the level of T-lymphocytes is higher. That is, this process increases immunity.
  2. Scientists from Australia argue that the constant masturbation definitely reduces the risk of oncological diseases of the prostate.
  3. Specialists from Scotland found that such a process reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. Because people who get sexual pleasure by self-satisfaction, the blood pressure normalizes.
  4. For the fair sex, masturbation is an effective way to help perform pelvic exercise exercises, that is, the muscles of this department are in motion. The organs of the small pelvis receive an increased blood supply, as a result, women almost do not experience negative sensations during menstruation, it is easier to bear the pain that occurs during this period.
  5. For men, this activity allows to improve the quality of seminal fluid, eliminating ejaculates that have low mobility. That is, spermatozoa having high mobility become larger, which increases the chances of conception. Therefore, masturbation benefits especially those male representatives who want to become fathers, but they never succeed.

What is the harm from masturbation?

Definitely, you can not abuse the implementation of this process. Otherwise, this process can exert such a negative influence on the body:
  1. Self-satisfaction takes away quite a lot of physical effort, as well as mental energy. If you do this often enough, the body loses vitality, it also happens as with excessive mental and physical stress. In the final result, this will help to give the human body a feeling of fatigue.
  2. Abuse of the given process can lead to that frequent manipulations with genitals will promote possible occurrence of certain damages of genitals.
  3. Frequent such exercises can be the reason for the formation of a neurosis, and in some cases may even lead to dependence, in which the need to perform such manipulations with the genitalia will become a necessity. People who fall into such dependence can no longer live without self-satisfaction. Breaks between such activities are reduced, people constantly feel the need for this process. However, in doing so, he no longer receives the very peak of pleasure, but at the same time he can not give up self-stimulation.
Therefore, it should be emphasized once again that everything is good, which is being done in moderation. A lot has been said about the beneficial and negative influence. Given the many recommendations can be identified the main thing - if a person does not feel the need for self-satisfaction and he is quite satisfied with the sexual act, then it is not necessary to resort to this exercise.
However, if you experiment with your body, the peak of pleasure was achieved, then you should not give up bright sensations, feeling like an amoralist.
As this process gives an opportunity to live in harmony with itself, thereby it promotes increase of a level of own sexuality.