Life with an unloved man

Sometimes in life it happens that after some time, lived in marriage, a woman catches herself thinking that she does not love her husband, that they are absolutely strangers and different people. But why does this happen? Love can disappear from relationships for various reasons. This can be disappointment, resentment that was from the side of her husband, and in some cases the pop cause of loss of interest in her second half. But whatever the reason, the worst thing is that there is no more love, it just evaporated. Some women perceive this fact wisely. In this case, the woman does everything possible to maintain relations in the family. But, unfortunately, not everyone can make such sacrifices. There are women who immediately apply for divorce, and there are those who do not have love, continue to live together. But while the woman feels constantly depressed, she spends all the days in torment and tears. how to live with an unloved Women who have determination and self-sufficiency, usually without any problems and pain, then part with their spouses. They do not want to live with a person who does not like them, so they prefer to live alone. And if a woman is very vulnerable and vulnerable, she prefers to leave it as it is, because she does not dare to make global changes. Let her husband be unloved, but the main thing is that he should be. They are afraid to risk and change something in their lives, there is a fear of creating a new relationship with another, unfamiliar man. So who are these two groups of women who are right? In their own way, both are right. It is necessary to break off relations with one only when there is no other solution to the problem. If you understand that there is no other way out of the situation, and that the only solution is divorce, that in this case you need to listen to your heart. It is important that people close and dear to you support your decision, since without support it can be very difficult, especially at first. It is important at first time not to communicate with your former partner, because he, like you, needs to move away, to think about creating new relationships. In addition, constant communication in the first time after a divorce can result in the fact that your relationship will resume again. If you do not want to, then you do not need to give hope to your ex-man that you can be together again.

Very often a woman who has stopped loving her man and decided to divorce with him suffers from lowering her own self-esteem. We must try to prevent this from happening. But our society, alas, set priorities in such a way that a woman who has divorced has a status that is below the status of a woman married. Very often divorced women are treated with a certain contempt, they consider it to be dissolved, unsuccessful, unable to save the family. This is especially evident in small settlements where all people know each other. Basically, no one develops in the fact for what reasons people divorced, just a woman begins to condemn. Naturally, a woman like this will be psychologically pressured.
How to be in this situation? A woman needs to clearly and clearly realize for herself that she has one life, and she must live it for her own pleasure, and not to let some unfamiliar people condemn her. Behind can talk a lot of things, just need to learn not to take it close. We need to understand for ourselves that only those people who are deeply unhappy are gossiping, because those who are happy will not dig into someone else's life. And what if you still need to try to keep the relationship in the marriage? How to act in this case and continue to live with a person to whom you no longer feel any feelings?

How to start anew with a man if love has come to him

Very often you can meet a situation where a woman continues to live with her husband only for the sake of the child. Love has passed, but I do not want to destroy marriage so that the child has a normal and full-fledged family. Women believe that no one can replace the child of his own father, that the relations of the parents should not concern the children in any way. This situation is very common. A woman begins to feel a victim, she suffers and suffers everything just to make the child feel good. Of course, that for children, both father and mother are very dear people. When parents divorce, it strongly affects the child's psyche, for him it is a serious psychological trauma. But you need to understand that permanent conflicts and scandals bring no less harm to the child. Will the child feel happy, watching the constantly dissatisfied father and crying mother? Children from such relationships suffer even more than from the divorce of their parents. Children can very delicately feel the state of the inner world of the parents. They worry about their dads and moms, so if they understand that parents do not get along well, they can have a strong sense of guilt. This feeling can remain with the child until the end of his life. A woman must take this fact into account if she does not want to divorce her husband, who has fallen out of love. We need to do everything possible to prevent the house from constant scandals and quarrels. In the opposite case, the life of the child can be completely ruined. And you, wanting to achieve the best for the child, will make it only worse.
If the relationship has reached such that scandals simply can not be avoided, it is still better to get a divorce. After all, if parents are divorced, this does not mean that the relationship of the pope with his child on this cease. There are also cases when fathers become even closer to their children after the divorce. Do not try to keep your family relationships solely for the sake of the children's good, because it can cause the opposite effect.
If you still re-settle yourself and get used to the fact that you have an unloved husband next to you, then you need to think hard about how much he does not like you? It is possible that he is not so unloved, in that case you need to sincerely talk with your husband and agree with him to try to avoid possible quarrels and scandals. Even if a man loves his wife very much, then after a while he will reconcile himself with the idea that love is one-sided. Such marriages can be very often met. There are also cases when a woman has fallen out of love with her man, but they remain with him only because of pity. It happens because the love can be transformed into different forms and expressed even by hatred. Therefore, it should be considered that, perhaps this pity is a kind of love. You need to try to imagine your life without your husband, whom you absolutely do not like at all.

Perhaps, from these ideas you will become painful in your soul? If it does, then everything is not as bad as you think. In this case, you need to think about whether it is worth to end the relationship or still better to try to keep the family. After all, it often happens that everyday life and habit dull even the strongest feelings, so you need to try and do everything possible to restore the relationship.