How to return a female libido after the birth of a child

How to restore desire after giving birth?When a newly mum with a child at home, young parents are faced with the need to perform a mass of unfamiliar functions. And in addition, restore, interrupted during pregnancy, sexual relations. At this time, a young mother, perhaps, will feel the unpleasant reluctance of sex, which will spoil the sex. Do not panic, there are many obvious and easily removed root causes of what happened.

Mistress and Mum - we connect the role

The root cause is constant fatigue and psychological tension. Many mothers dream that the child would grow and develop ideally. And creating sterility, Mommy tortures herself so that the libido practically dries up. When ironing clothes, or washing with an antiseptic floor, think about that for you and your loved ones it's more important to have cleanliness or a happy mother. Pay attention to the phrase mistress and mother, think, you are so concerned about the child that they completely forgot about the loved one. And so easily her husband lost all meaning for you, and intimacy became a burden. You need to be able to share your attention between the husband and the child so that everyone is satisfied. During the sleep of the child it is quite possible to spare a moment for her husband. Do not tell him how you washed it today to the toddler, or how the child was described. It is more logical to chat on detached topics, as when meeting. Remember the time after the wedding, flirt and fool, distract from cares, and the libido will return miraculously.

Another figure is the norm

Do not be upset by the fact that you have changed outwardly. Most often you think about your figure worse than it really is. Excess weight, which appeared in 9 months, will soon melt. Especially if you train or limit the eaten.

If you are on breastfeeding and do not diet, try to pick up a seductive frame to your figure, using a peignoir. You can change the usual course of action during sex, it helps to relax, and return libido. This idea is irreproachable for those women whose births were difficult, for those who are afraid of conceiving a new child. Waving aside the boring methods of penetration, it is better to make changes in touch, add attraction and sophistication in seduction.

Melancholy after childbirth

When the minimum sex stimulates negative feelings - it's an occasion to consult a psychologist. The root cause of psychological wounds are strained relations with the spouse before the birth of the baby or melancholy. Cope with the problem in the family can only two, husband and wife. Be kinder, more careful and caring in the family, and this will save the situation. But to treat melancholia better with an experienced doctor. The symptomatology of melancholia is this: a decrease in mood, a decline in strength, a lack of libido, depression, despondency. Usually melancholy comes immediately upon arrival from the hospital, but it can begin in a few months.