How to fall in love with a guy?

how to fall in love with a guy quicklyHow to make a guy fall in love with you at first sight? The question is interesting, and even a bit strange. And in fact, why artificially create any attachments? Let everything flow by itself. But, it's not so simple. Quite often, it happens, and so, get acquainted and make appointments are not at all those whom I would like to see next to, and not those to whom I would like to run on a date. And I want so much happiness! So what? Sit and wait, with folded arms? Of course not. You have to forge your destiny yourself. How can you make a guy fall in love with you at first sight? But how, the main thing is to learn some secrets and skillfully use them. Let us now begin to reveal these very secrets. So, more boldly, forward ...

Fall in love with a guy - secrets and advice

Before you start the process of gaining the attention of any guy, you need to know some of the psychological characteristics of this gender. First, most often men do not understand hints, even the most outspoken. So try to talk with them with allegories is not worth it. Secondly, men do not notice any trifles. They are masters of life, and they always think globally and thoroughly. Among other things, they completely trust their eyes, and if a guy does not like something about a girl's appearance, he will not give her his precious attention either. He will not keep his eyes on the "blue stocking" or on the "gray mouse", on something unattractive, without a zest, without a hitch.
In order for a young man to pay attention to a girl, in her appearance there must be something distinctive, not ordinary, though too frank and provocative in it, too, should not be. Too open and bright extravagance will attract attention, but will leave a negative impression, and there's no need to talk about love at all. The behavior of the girl should be confident, but restrained. And only after the procedure of acquaintance, it is necessary to try to attract the guy's attention to his intellect, interested in his conversation, on an understandable and close to him topic.
If you managed to talk, it means that the first step to success has already been done. The second step that must be taken on the road to victory is to remain a mystery to him, even if only half. Do not open your soul before him at the first hour of your acquaintance. We need to make some efforts and create an intrigue around ourselves. Information about yourself can be given in small portions and without endings ... There is no need to "crack" unceasingly about their hobbies, hobbies and passions. It is better to begin to learn accurately about his attitude to one or another occupation, embroidering smoothly or practicing the violin. Suddenly he does not like girls who do this. Therefore, it is worth remembering, intelligence in this matter is an important step on the way to a complete and unconditional victory. And frankness and full trust of your feelings will come much later, or will not come at all. Go ahead. After the second stage, the third one is sure to come. The third step is to cross the word "I want to"And give power to the word"need". When the young man starts to invite for a second date, the girl, as if she did not want to, should immediately deny him. You must immediately refer to your employment and absolutely urgent matters. You can not admit in his head thoughts of your idleness and idleness. You can leave your phone number to him: the man should call the girl and clarify with her, when she can give him her precious time. The expectation of the meeting will only have a positive effect on his attitude, will warm up interest, and he will think about the impending date all with great lust. When it's past some time, you can make an appointment. During the second meeting, proceed to the fourth step. He will be to very carefully, with all wisdom to find out about his interests and hobbies. Deeper into the topic can only be provided that the girl understands these issues, at least eighty-ninety percent. Otherwise, be silent and wait. And being at home, not to waste time, but to "dig up" the necessary thematic information and try to fill the gap in their knowledge. This is necessary to expand the range of topics for interviews on the next date. Believe me, this step can be considered almost the main thing in solving the task. Any man will appreciate a woman who tries to share his interests with him. There is a somewhat vague boundary between the fifth step. You can not divide the enthusiasm of a guy so much to become his friend, not your favorite girl. To prevent this, it is necessary to have your hobbies and hobbies, to understand them thoroughly and seriously. In this world, you can lift the veil, and show his boyfriend, first from afar, and then let him in there, but only "one foot". Remember the puzzle! She must remain in the girl almost always. constantly amaze and fall in love with a guyIn a young man, you need to "prescribe" a part of the uncertainty that only he is the object of love. So do not show your feelings to him in full. And periodically it is necessary to postpone or cancel visits, referring to the same employment and deeds. At this moment, it is necessary to include the female intuition in order not to overdo the stick, and not to alienate the heart that has been won with such difficulty. Everything is good in moderation. The girl should try to do everything so that each meeting with the young man was different from the previous one and was unforgettable. The attention paid to it should not be obtrusive. Her whims should be childishly naive and touching, and there should be no complaints at all, so as not to make him a slave and not kill his own exalted feelings. After all, when a person is in slavery, he loses all dignity. Any servility disfigures a person. Perhaps, these are all the basic steps that should be followed when you have the task: to fall in love with a guy. Of course, this will not happen in one hour, and even a day. I'll have to work hard and have patience. Today there is an opinion among the maiden part of the population that in order to fall in love with a guy it's enough to look sexy and uninhibited, immediately start having sex, and everything, the boy's heart is in her pocket. In fact, this is one of the greatest misconceptions of our time. Of course, in very rare cases, such a trick works. But this is far from the rule, it is rather an exception. And by all rules, it is female inaccessibility that is more effective in the affairs of love. Chastity and modesty - that's what always benefits any female representative. We examined the common features of how you can fall in love with a guy in one day. Now let's look further, and try to identify more subtle aspects of this issue.

Special tricks and techniques for quickly conquering the heart of a guy

One of the main and fundamental principles of a high sense of love is falling in love with a certain image of a person, and not in himself. Therefore, it is not absolutely necessary to represent oneself on the ideal side, and it has never been possible for anyone during the entire existence of mankind. It will be enough to learn and reveal which image of the ideal is complex in the youth's imagination, and just try to match it.

Before embarking on an action that solves the problem of falling in love with a guy, one must answer the question: am I really in love with him, or is it just that, the desire to amuse my pride and prove to the whole world my supernatural abilities? If all the fuss is due to female vanity - then one should beware of revenge of fate. In this case, you will necessarily become the same victim after a while. This is the law of the spirit of life! How do you know whether you are in love or not? Everything is simple. To define love, you just need to watch yourself. In the period of falling in love, one can always feel some sweet excitement at the time of the appearance of the object to which the feeling is directed, at the same time the heart rate increases, a slight flush appears, and some begin to experience real heat and awful confusion. During insomnia, all thoughts and dreams are dedicated only to him, the subject of sighing. He is in all dreams. So, if such signs and symptoms are clearly manifested, then it's safe to get down to business and fall in love with a guy. If not - it is worth to abandon such a venture. In their actions to solve the problem of falling in love, one must act very confidently. For this to happen, you need to find something extraordinary in yourself. Of course, you do not need to do something extraordinary in your appearance, do not go too far. Just learn to think on your own, without public stereotypes, and talk about topics that are interesting to you and your partner. It does not matter if your reasoning turns out to be slightly nuanced. It will even give somebody a charm. The main thing is that it should be internal and honest reasoning. Then it will be interesting to listen and discuss. So, the stage of acquaintance and mutual interest is passed. What's next? How to make the first true date a guy even more in love? First of all, you need to be able to imagine yourself free and independent, having the right to choose and successfully using this right. Yes, that's exactly what is needed, so that he does not think of himself as the only and unique, as about who "the wedge came together with a white light". It is necessary to create in him a sense of fear of losing that precious thing that he has just acquired. You can let him know that besides him there are many other interesting and attractive guys who are also capable of interest, and on which your choice may fall. Next, you need to make sure that all of his thoughts are about you. How? Very simple. You just need to choose a perfume with a rare but delicate aroma, and make every effort to keep this smell on his clothes, folder, purse, phone and other things. It is the smell that can constantly remind a young man of the one who owns this fragrance.
To increase your attractiveness, you need to forget about your own shortcomings. You need to learn to emphasize your dignity. At the subconscious level, if you are tuned to the correct positive wave, the guy will also begin to notice in you only worthy features. Be self-confident, but without self-praise. Be positive in everything, less criticism. Be active, laziness does not adorn the girl. Be energetic, lethargic and infantile, lead to boredom, and guys do not like it.
We must not forget about the constant upward movement in the intellectual plan. Everyone must constantly develop. A one-sided personality is not interesting to the opposite sex. So make constantly develop. During conversations with a young man, you need to give more opportunity to talk to him, and listen to it. Do not try to copy the manners and habits of secular lionesses. Try to find your own personal style. This will create a more positive effect in the process, and it will remember you faster than a copy of some star. A girl should always follow her gait and posture. In the gait should always be seen lightness, airiness, and in the posture - elasticity and straightforwardness. how to like and fall in love with a strangerHow to achieve the goal - like a young man? It is necessary to move gently, without pressure, to its goal. If you show consistency, this will attract special attention to you. Natures solid and strong always leave a spectacular impression and attract attention. Reading - that's what will help any girl in attracting the attention of a young man. But, when reading a lot, do not be too clever. Endless quotes from the lips of the lady, with or without, can create an aura of strangeness and a bit of stupidity around you. Reading, learn to think and draw your own conclusions. Clothes should be sexy, but not vulgar. The same goes for makeup. You can change clothes and make-up, but not radically, but lightly. At meetings, you can lightly try on someone's role, but do not overplay. It is best to play your own image with a little play. Then your mystery and zest forever remain in his impressions. A smile is a sign of goodness and openness. You should always smile. But start and constantly talk about yourself is not worth it. Give him the opportunity to ask questions, and only then, answer them. More praise the boy, men "come across" on such a hook. Sitting in a cafe or in a restaurant, during a conversation you should always look into the eyes of the interlocutor. Answers to questions or compliments should be sincere. Intentional flattery always causes rejection and rejection. Develop your sense of humor and do not be afraid to talk about yourself with irony. Do not look every five minutes in the mirror, this creates the impression of insecurity and looping on your own appearance. Be natural. In no case should not talk about other people with ridicule and criticism. Moreover, you should not allow this and your partner. This can cause a deep respect. You can openly show your love. When a woman loves children, animals, treats good with other people, it's nice to a man. Such women are respected and loved. Positive emotions can be expressed openly and sincerely. But all the arrogance and lies immediately need to be thrown away. These qualities do not paint anyone. Why lie, it is better to remain silent.
Honestly, the goal: to fall in love with a guy is not very high. Therefore, when meeting, it is better to start pursuing another, for example, just make friends. If one tries to forcefully win the heart of a person, it will restrict and limit behavior and manners. It will be difficult to behave naturally. And to make friends, you need much less effort. And this does not mean that he will not perceive you as a girl. No. Just a little coquetry, a bit of weakness, along with talking about cars and football, a little bit of a topic about a beautiful dress ... And if friendship is tied up, you can be sure, at heart the young man reached out to the girl, and not at all friendly, his heart was already lit spark of love.
You know, in life the process of falling in love can not be defined by any actions. Often this comes unexpectedly and without special intervention by people. Far from always, strictly and strictly following all the advice, you can win any heart of the opposite sex. All of what we said above has its own internal content: just master the skills of behavior with the opposite sex, so that communication and familiarity are easier, without the constraint and constraint that so often interfere with each other. By improving all these skills, you can learn to conquer the hearts of more and more young people around you.

Помните, нужно всегда думать о себе правильно, учиться говорить комплименты юношам, изучать мужскую психологию, и поддерживать именно их инициативу в разговорах. Тогда вы легко сможете переводить ваше общение на более высокий уровень. А тогда, советы о том, как влюбить в себя парня за один день, вам уже не поneedбятся.