Hobbies for mom: 8 important tips

Hobbies for mom: 8 important tips 0

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Hobbies for mom: 8 important tips

Hobby is a hobby, a favorite activity, what we do for the soul and in our free time. Therefore, to have his young mother is not supposed to be. First, when? All free time has long been taken. And secondly ... why? Is a family woman needed for happiness something else, except her husband and children? It turns out that it is not just necessary, but absolutely necessary.

Svetlana Ievleva Psychologist, Khimki

Often we tend to dissolve in our families so much that we live solely by their interests and needs, forgetting that women, even if they are wives and mothers, are also individuals with their own special inner world. And they can not be neglected: in order to rest from eternal "it is necessary", to have a resource for joy, to develop and, finally, that later husband and child respect us.

A hobby is an outlet and a window to the world. It is so important that if you did not have it before, now is the time to start.

How to help yourself make a hobby?

1. First of all, mentally ask: "What would I like to do for myself?" It's time for such a question - when the free moment will be given. There is a temptation to fill this break with "usefulness" such as "deal with ironing", "read an article about early development." No way. You need to remember, feel what exactly your soul wants. A marker of the right way is of interest. He will tell you whether you really want to draw, knit, learn a foreign language, conduct a personal blog or engage in Pilates.

2. Find the "windows" in your schedule to indulge your favorite hobby. Even the mother of the baby has free intervals. This is a child's sleep (at least twice in two hours), as well as walking with a stroller or traveling without a baby on business (for example, you can listen to audio books, record lessons or webinars, and in the metro - knit or disassemble schemes of new products) . Believe me, this is abnormal, when a woman does not have 20 minutes a day to do something other than her maternal duties. All these fables "the kid even does not let me go to the toilet!" - no more than the choice of the mother herself. Well, she likes this "sweet work". However, this is not an excuse to follow such an example.

3. Spend a little educational program among relatives. Husband and parents are your main assistants. Prior to them, it is important to convey the idea of ​​why it is so important for you at least half an hour a day to do what you love: because you are in a better mood, there are new forces and desire, say, to make soup or play with the baby, and not do it with the anguish of doom . And the man will be pleased to see his wife happy, smiling, and not tortured and irritated.

4. Delegate authority with a clear conscience. Now, when relatives know why you need free time, you can contact them with a request to take on some business on a regular basis. For example, grandfathers and dads, as a rule, do not mind walking with a stroller - minimum efforts, but what a flow of gratitude then from a young mother. Still, if a child is walking this way at least three times a week for 1.5-2 hours, but now the time for a woman is significantly increased. You can, for example, calmly play sports at video lessons or at a nearby fitness club, or write a post about something relevant to you in the social network, or think through the right food for yourself by picking up easy recipes.

5. Set a specific goal. So it will be easier for you to reach it. The goal should inspire and be clear, otherwise all efforts are in vain. For example, write a story, lose weight by 2 kilograms, embroider a cross, learn to understand English by ear ...

6. Divide the goal into stages and make an approximate timing. For example, you dream of writing a story. Lay this case for 15-20 minutes a day. You will find them for sure! What to do during this time: fix on the paper the main idea, the plan, and then just start writing from the most interesting place for you, if not written in order. Then get involved and you can return to a less dynamic beginning.

7. Share your achievements with loved ones. If the hobby is not connected with the house, and the fruits of your activity you can not demonstrate, then you should at least talk about them. Share with your husband, parents, what happened, and what - not very much, take home to exhibitions, rehearsals, performances (if your hobby is creative - dancing, fine arts). Meet them with partners and like-minded people. 

8. Observe the balance. The family should not feel deprived of your attention. Therefore, if, say, the husband spent 2 hours walking with the baby, after their return they deserve your attention completely and completely. Thus, the "debt" will be returned, and the spouse will feel your gratitude, "return" from his noble deed.