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Consultations of specialists. Cosmetologist 2

Health of pregnant women

Consultations of specialists. Cosmetologist

I recently became pregnant. Very much I am afraid, that on a skin there will be extensions. Is it possible to prevent their appearance?

Yulia Makhochkeeva Cosmetologist, Moscow

Stretching, or striae, is one of the most common phenomena during pregnancy. As a result of hormonal effects, as well as stretching the skin of the growing fetus in the thickness of the skin, tears of elastin fibers occur, forming a kind of skeleton of the skin;Consultation of the cosmetologist In the future, tears are replaced by a connective tissue. Unfortunately, their appearance depends on the features of the structure of the skin, its elasticity. You may not be able to fully insure yourself against the appearance of stretch marks, but significantly improve the condition of the skin and reduce the likelihood of their appearance on the strength of each woman.

First of all, carefully watch the weight, avoid sharp (more tolerable by the doctor) fluctuations in body weight, be sure to take a multivitamin. For daily skin care, apply to "risk areas": mammary glands, hips, abdomen - a cream that prevents the appearance of stretch marks. It is also possible to use more simple means, such as olive or soybean oil. Rub the product (cream or gel) with massage movements every time after a shower or bath.

At my mum on a background of pregnancy there were very appreciable pigmentary maculae. Now I'm pregnant, how can I prevent the appearance of pigmentation?

Unfortunately, pigmentation spots appear due to hormonal changes in the body, and it is impossible to guarantee that you will be able to avoid pigmentation. To reduce the risk of pigmentation, as rarely as possible in the open sun and always use sunscreen for face and body. In summer, the face cream should contain SPF 25-30 (and more, but these products have a denser texture and are not always well tolerated by the skin).

In winter, there will be enough SPF 10-15. For the body, use the means with SPF 15-20.

How quickly to remove morning swelling from the face?

Wash with cool water (it is possible with the addition of cucumber or lemon juice), apply a mask of grated raw potato, or a refreshing napkin mask, after 10-15 minutes massage the face with a moisturizing cream. Remember: during pregnancy, the appearance of swelling on the face can be a sign of inflammatory damage to the kidneys or gestosis, so if you have swelling on your face, contact your obstetrician or therapist.

How fast will you cure a pimple?

Twice a day apply antiseptic solution (miramistin, alcoholic tincture of calendula) to it and lubricate with topical application. With timely application, you will be able to prevent the growth of the pimple.

How to reduce the cream during pregnancy?

The face cream is selected according to the needs of your skin. In the winter time, apply a cream with a rather dense texture, which protects the skin from wind and temperature fluctuations. It should include vegetable oils, vitamins C and E. 

Cream for the evening should have a lighter texture, keep enough amount of moisturizing and nutritional components. Well, if the composition of this cream includes natural moisturizing ingredients (aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, chitosan, seaweed extract.

Against the background of pregnancy, extended capillaries appeared on the face. Now I have already given birth and would like to address this problem. What can be done?

Permanently expanded capillaries can be removed with a vascular laser. Under the influence of the laser, the vessel coagulates (sticks together), blood ceases to flow in it, and as a result the skin over the glued vessels acquires a normal color. Before carrying out this fool, you can use a corrective cosmetic pencil of a green hue (green color masks redness). To prevent the appearance of new enlarged capillaries, use soft cosmetic products, choose creams marked "For skin with couperose" or "For skin with rosacea." Avoid ultraviolet radiation, sudden temperature changes (baths, saunas, cosmetic procedures with steaming the skin), hot, spicy and spicy food, alcohol. All these factors increase the flow of blood to the face and can provoke the appearance of new dilated vessels.