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The sun entered the zodiac sign of Taurus, and the second phase of spring began - the heyday. Spring has finally entered its rights, the cold legacy of winter is in the past, and now it's time to revive and grow all that has been sleeping all the long winter months, accumulated strength and energy and manifested a fierce outbreak during the rule of Aries. The magic energy of spring inspires all living with love - a period of mating, mutual attraction and merging of masculine and feminine beginnings begins, the time of flowering is associated with a stable and strong vital energy, the energy of constancy and diligence.

Alexander Martyushev Astrologer

Children born under the sign of Taurus receive this powerful and energetic energy of constancy, love of life and practicality, the ability to maintain the original spark for a long time and inflate a mighty bonfire from it. Of course, the features described below can not cover all the diverse manifestations of Taurus children - for a deeper understanding of each of these powerful personalities, it is necessary to compile and analyze an individual horoscope.

You must have seen a well-built (or even fat) child with a soft and well-disposed face, calm and welcoming eyes, in which at times a remarkable obstinacy comes through. If he (or she) moves a little awkwardly, everything is thorough and reliable, albeit slowly, then you are not mistaken - this child is under the great influence of Taurus. These children can take a long time to do something at first glance boring and tedious business, and always bring it to the end. This child can not be knocked off the intended path - if he has decided something, he will certainly do it, and do not try to stop him! It seems that these children are ready for any situation - they are extraordinarily resourceful, prudent: in a bulky briefcase there is everything - from sandwiches and tea in a thermos to a small set of locksmith tools. The Taurus child is inert and hard to climb, it can be difficult for him to understand what they want from him, but he strikes with his perseverance, consistency and ability to work. From these children tireless practices grow, thanks to which from the ideas hastily formulated, raw and incomprehensible to people, are formed slender scientific theories, developed practical concepts or devices and technologies, without which it is difficult to imagine modern life. These sculptors, who know how to make a masterpiece from raw material, clay, marble, build a sparkling, beautiful and comfortable building, revive dead dogma, turning it into a useful guide to action.

Taurus children have a huge store of practical energy and are not inclined to waste it. They never take the time to make a decision, they must carefully and well prepare for any event, even insignificant, for action. As a rule, a Taurus child knows very well what he needs, and he achieves this for a long time - short-term and fast programs do not attract him. Such a child, called "slowly harnessing" - he is looking for a solid foundation for his decision, he must all "touch his hands," feel directly - sometimes simple touches can give him more information than a long conversation: he can distinguish "a good man" from "bad" shaking hands, smell or other, to him known, physical signs. This sensitivity to material forms is a very striking feature of Taurus children. Sometimes the entire diversity of the outer world of the Taurus child is described in terms of "convenient-uncomfortable". Taurus children love the company, they fit well into the children's collective, but they do not seek to be in the center of attention or to lead, they do not feel the desire to compete.

The Taurus child is worried about something completely different: smells of flowers, beautiful clothes, tastefully decorated interiors - that is, beauty and harmony in all manifestations. Hence, another very characteristic feature of the Taurus children is expressed creative ability, love of painting, poetry, music, although the Taurus children usually show the greatest propensity to plastic arts (sculpture, architecture, design, construction). The Taurus child is an esthete in the depths of his soul, he can enjoy the most insignificant manifestations of beauty in the surrounding life: the flight of a butterfly, a drop of dew on a flower, a wiggling of grass. In all that he does, this child seeks to be irreproachable: often even remodels what is generally agreed to be done well - the main thing is that everything is good from his point of view.

The Taurus children are ready to work long and hard to create that beauty, which is so admired and so delicately felt. Children who are under the influence of Taurus are distinguished by tremendous diligence, they are hardy and can perform monotonous work, from which others flee. This also applies to school assignments, especially in such "material" disciplines as mathematics, physics, and drawing. A tremendous feature of the Taurus child is that he can perceive many material objects - a table, an armchair, a wardrobe - like living, even fairy-tale characters. These objects attract his imagination, as if asked to put their hands to them. Working with material objects, even just touching them, the Taurus child receives a lot of aesthetic information and, possibly, draws the forces that will be useful for performing monotonous and hard work. The Taurus children love the objects they work with - the object "feels" and obeys, which is why these children are good at working with such natural materials as wood, cloth, clay, and metal.   

But one should not think that the Taurus child is a ready-made creator who has power over material forms. This is not true - all the practical skills of Taurus children are very difficult and long to develop, it is necessary to overcome considerable laziness and inertia, sometimes it is impossible to switch from one activity to another, but thanks to diligence, diligence and patience, the skills of the Taurus child persist for a long time fixed firmly. Observing the activity of Taurus children, one might think that they lack the enthusiasm that is so characteristic of Aries children. This is also an erroneous opinion - the enthusiasm of the child-Taurus is very deeply hidden, consumed very slowly, as if warming the child from within, allowing you to do everything firmly and reliably.

The Taurus children are distinguished by calmness, slowness and thoroughness. It seems that nothing can take them out of balance - sometimes they are even considered "thick-skinned". The thing is that the emotional stability and stability of the Taurus child are so great that only a very strong impulse can disturb this balance - but then the offender can only sympathize: withdrawn, Taurus does not notice any obstacles in front of him - fortunately, with this he easily calms down. Children-Taurus very much like the regime of the day, a clear order of diet and physical activity - this allows you to maintain internal stability. The Taurus child very delicately feels the disorder and immediately seeks to eliminate it in order to restore his emotional balance.

Do not idealize the Taurus child - the reverse side of reliability and stability is stubbornness, stagnation and mistrust of everything new. Children-Taurus can feel bad when changing the situation, do not like improvisations and surprises. The stability of the Taurus child sometimes becomes a kind of "armor" - it is difficult to get through, all the remarks seem to bounce off. But in general, the Taurus child is warm and cozy, easy for him to please, he is very devoted to his friends, is attached to his parents, likes to help around the house, is able to give good practical advice.

The practicality of Taurus children is everywhere, even in thinking. They have difficulties with abstract thinking, with the perception of the new, in formulating their opinions - such people are often called "slow-witted." Indeed, the interests of the Taurus child are far from ideas and thoughts - he will prefer to play or work with some subjects, but not read. However, the practicality of thinking has its positive aspects - Taurus children can give very bright, "tangible" characteristics, are sensible and prudent, oriented toward common sense. It can not be said that Taurus children learn easily, grasping everything "on the fly", on the contrary, they learn the material slowly, but firmly. The development of practical thinking can in the future give a very important quality - the ability to "materialize" thoughts and ideas, to turn an abstract idea into a clear plan of action.

When raising a Taurus child, parents should prepare for a meeting with a very stubborn, hard and self-willed subject. Taurus children often ignore any educational influences, because they believe that they themselves manage the situation perfectly. However, being firm and unshakable, the Taurus child very well feels the hardness (or lack thereof) of the parents. This should be taken into account, but it is better to apply not occasional pressure, but constant and focused discipline. Aggression does not affect the Taurus child, but only temperes its internal stability and obstinacy, it is very difficult to intimidate it.

It is very important to teach the Taurus children to feel the fine. Being a "materialist" to the marrow of bones, a child-Taurus is sometimes prone to a fairly rude and down-to-earth perception of beauty. Here, the example of parents, their ability to see and feel beauty in everyday life situations is very important. Studies in drawing, sculpture, and construction will help the Taurus child create and experience the beauty of material forms with their own hands.

Stubbornness, stagnation, laziness and inertia are the main obstacles in the development of the Taurus child, so overcoming these qualities should become the main task of parents. Many methods are suitable here, but first of all it is necessary to rely on the regime of the day, the schedule, which implies the replacement of some activities by others. When raising Taurus children, it is very important to pay attention to the development of figurative speech and abstract thinking - in this way the child will receive an additional tool for self-knowledge and self-expression.

Taurus children are difficult enough to learn, so the formation of any practical skill in them requires a long and careful work, and one should not rush to the results. Only then will the child-Taurus learn a lot and will be able to do much in this big and serious world.

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