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So, the Sun entered the zodiacal sign of Capricorn - a very important period of the natural cycle begins. Everything seems to freeze, freezes, hides under the power of cold: ponds are frozen, trees have discarded foliage, the coloring of some animals has become inconspicuous, others fall into hibernation, birds do not sing. The snow cover wraps the earth, not allowing it to lose even a small fraction of the heat. The day became short, and external activity, external manifestations of various processes are minimized. But this does not mean that nothing happens - internal activity becomes more appropriate, carefully proportioned with opportunities, remains the most necessary, reigns asceticism.

Alexander Martyushev Astrologer

What is the meaning of this period? Nature freezes to be reborn - transformation begins, preparation for a new life cycle, to the beginning of spring. Everyone lives by waiting, keeping active, ripens the grains of the future spring. Starting from the winter solstice, the day lengthens, and the night is shortened - nature moves to spring, revival.

That's when your baby-Capricorn was born, and these natural processes influenced his character, ability, emotionality. It should be noted, however, that the psychologic characteristics of Capricorn children can not be described solely by Capricorn - other signs of the Zodiac influence the person (many features of the Capricorn child differ significantly from the characteristics given below), therefore, for a deeper understanding of the child, to analyze an individual horoscope.

Imagine this picture. In a room (classroom, office, etc.), necessarily knocking or asking permission, a neatly (sometimes even strictly) dressed child enters - the boy can be in a tie, in a suit, with a briefcase, and the girl - in an elegant (but not flirtatious !) dress. The face is serious, sometimes looks older than his years. She is very polite, modest, even a little shy, but with dignity, restraint, educated. The speech is correct, unhurried, the words are carefully chosen. "Adulthood" and the seriousness of this appearance causes involuntary respect. Probably, this child was born under the sign of Capricorn or is strongly influenced by this sign.

The child-Capricorn from an early age seems more mature than his peers. He is interested in practical actions - he likes to make something, disassemble or assemble, work with tools. Any business is thought through and prepared carefully and performed in good faith. But the brightest talent of the Capricorn child manifests itself in the team, in the group of children, in the classroom. Capricorn children are good at organizing others, they are often called to do some (not even very pleasant) work, they are trying to create a good opinion about themselves, "gain authority". The Capricorn child very well feels the mood in a class or group, is aware of the relationship between peers or classmates. Having set a goal, the Capricorn child will surely achieve it - for this he has all the necessary qualities: patience, diligence and perseverance, purposefulness, practicality, a sense of responsibility, diligence and conscientiousness. Strong practical orientation, good organizational skills, exemplary behavior - these are the qualities that create a good opinion of the Capricorn child among teachers and educators, but sometimes cause envy and aggression on the part of peers. One should not think that Capricorn children are always recognized leaders and respected by practical organizers: concern with the approval of adults, the desire to please often turns into ordinary misconduct and makes the child an outcast in the circle of peers. Possessing a large reserve of energy and sometimes not being able to contain it, the Capricorn children are not spared from such a negative trait as aggressiveness. Aggression can be manifested as a desire to bully peers, and the need to argue, to insist on their own. By stubbornness and love of controversy, the need to "keep tight" to uphold your opinion, few can compare with a Capricorn child.

The behavior of the Capricorn child at home can be a logical continuation of the diligent disposition that is so noticeable in school. But sometimes it is not so - Capricorn children are not inclined to do at home what they do not want, despite persuasion. But nevertheless the skill is laborious, concentrated, work hard, relentless energy and will are characteristic for all spheres of life of the Capricorn child. He is cautious, avoids rash actions, is diplomatic, follows traditions, is conservative.

Typical Capricorn children can not be called natural speakers - they are well aware, but they feel uncomfortable in public speaking, especially if they are forced to do so. The child-Capricorn is a thinker of a practical warehouse, he carefully thinks everything over, trusts logic.

Surrounding is usually easy with a Capricorn child, since he does not create problems, he is hardworking and fulfilling, but he is hard enough with himself. The sense of vulnerability and insecurity permeates the inner life of Capricorn children and underlies a multitude of fears and emotional problems, conflicts with close people and adaptation mechanisms. A child born under the sign of Capricorn may be prone to hypochondria - he listens to adult conversations about illnesses, symptoms and is often afraid of getting sick. Zabolev, Capricorn children can become capricious, aggressive and demanding of others, exaggerate their suffering in order to attract attention. Painful vulnerability and self-defensiveness in the Capricorn child are possible causes of mistrust towards others, suspicion, usually baseless, from which he himself suffers. About their inner life, such children are not inclined to tell, they are often closed and detached, even from the closest people, are secretive. Insecurity, shyness are characteristic features of the Capricorn child, while he compensates them with excessive restraint, coldness, emotional dryness. Any trifle, such as uncomfortable clothes or shoes, scattered toys, can worsen the mood of a child who is under the influence of Capricorn. Parents, grandmothers and grandfathers often experience such negative features of Capricorn children as excessive exacting, exacting, resourceful, calculating. But children, experiencing the influence of Capricorn, are very good at appreciating kindness and warmth, caress, sympathetic to any emotional manifestations, can sacrifice their interests for the sake of close people, are patient.

The zodiac sign of Capricorn affects the bones and joints, teeth, nails (especially on the legs) and hair. Therefore, Capricorn children should pay special attention to the correct balance of mineral substances, choose a rational mode of exercise, carefully monitor the condition of the teeth and mouth. Capricorn children are characterized by a languid, slow course of illnesses.

Raising a Capricorn child, at first glance, is simple - he is disciplined, respects the elders, knows well what can and can not, knows how to obey, is obedient. The difficulty lies in the fact that Capricorn children are very inventive, resourceful, usually scampering secretly, behind the backs of adults, preserving the appearance of obedience. Sometimes the Capricorn child looks so perfect and behaves so well that it is impossible to suspect that he could do anything. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to maintain confidential, frank relations with the Capricorn child, so as not to contribute to his lies.

The aggressiveness of Capricorn children should not meet with reciprocal aggression from the parents, as a result the child may become locked in himself, isolate himself even more from his parents, thereby aggravating his emotional problems.

The Capricorn child aspires to be aware of the relationships of others, to know more about them, in order to further influence or manipulate other people. Parents often notice that their Capricorn children tend to poke their nose into other people's business, get into the conversations of adults. This trait may disappear with age, but it can also worsen, so you can not ignore it - a Capricorn child should know that this should not be done.

When raising Capricorn children, it is appropriate to address authoritative opinions - the Capricorn child respects those who are in power and revere traditions. Very effective examples from the family history - Capricorn children are attentive to the successes and careers of their parents, older brothers. Capricorn children are ambitious - and this trait, like diligence, responsibility and diligence, can be used in upbringing.

Another danger when raising a Capricorn child is the possibility of developing snobbery, stiffness. Respecting authorities, order, possessing diligence and organization, Capricorn children sometimes start treating with disdain for others, neglecting others' opinions. The child-Capricorn should understand that the opinion of an authoritative person is not always the most correct, and the opinion of other people, whoever they are, must be taken into account.

When raising Capricorn children, one should not apply suppression of shortcomings. Suppression can cause lies, resourcefulness, the emotional connection between parents and the child is lost. In addition, a defect is a sign caused by the influence of some internal factors. To suppress a deficiency is to suppress the influence of internal factors, but it is much more useful to seize this feature in order to awaken the best properties, then the flaws will grow into virtues. It is necessary to avoid rigidity, make more emotionality in the relationship (because the child is not enough).

The child-Capricorn well understands the logical arguments, gives in to convictions, therefore, educating him, one should not be afraid of long arguments - the child will remember the logical conclusions, he will like that he is considered an adult.

Raising the Capricorn children, it is necessary to develop their imagination and abstract thinking, to move away from the earth, not to abuse disciplinary measures.

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