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Infectious diseases in pregnancy

0 3 Health of pregnant women Infectious diseases in pregnancy Some infectious diseases in pregnancy represent a huge, sometimes even deadly, danger for a child's future. There is a special group of infections, mostly viral infections, the primary

Discharge during pregnancy: does blood always mean a threat?

0 Health of pregnant women Discharge during pregnancy: does blood always mean a threat? The nature of intimate discharges depends on the age, health status and phase of the menstrual cycle. There are changes during pregnancy. In what cases is the

Pregnancy ... and hiv

47 4.6 Health of pregnant women Pregnancy ... and HIV Until 1997, there were only 60 children born to women living with HIV in the Russian Federation. However, according to the data of the Federal Scientific and Methodological Center of the

The story of one person

0 5 Psychology and Relationships The story of one person Bathing in the ice-hole - Do not be afraid! This is only the first time scary. Look, you'll see for yourself now that cold water in the frost is the surest way to keep warm! And with a light

Recipes of dishes from sea kale

4 4 Health of pregnant women Recipes of dishes from sea kale Delicious utility In our new culinary category, we offer you to look in a new light on those products that are traditionally considered useful, but which nobody classifies as delicacies.

After the hospital

11 4.4 Psychology and Relationships After the hospital New life So, all the major worries and fears were left behind - the birth was successful, the child was born wonderful and now it's time to start living the threesome with a new harmonious

Isthmicocervical insufficiency

62 4.1 Health of pregnant women Isthmicocervical insufficiency There are many causes that lead to spontaneous miscarriages. One of them is ischemic-cervical insufficiency, that is, the state when the isthmus (in Latin "Isthmus") and the cervix

What is treason and how to survive it?

Previously, the world was different: it was sunny, sometimes rainy; then affectionate, sometimes harsh; then festive, then everyday. Then the world split, cracked, turned into shards, which simply can not be assembled, as it is impossible to assemble

Taking medication

0 Health of pregnant women Taking medication How to take medicines correctly It is no exaggeration to say that being pregnant is a whole science. From the future mother often require such practical knowledge and skills, about which she had no idea

Men's logic

0 5 Psychology and Relationships Men's logic "Who could send these flowers, I will not think of anything ... I can not see any business cards ... Is it possible that I had a secret admirer? How romantic! Aha, what will I say at home? ..." "... I
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