Why women have a belly: the top 5 most common causes

The most problem areas of the female body, where excess fat deposits always accumulate, are the abdomen, sides, buttocks, hips, upper part of the legs or shoulders. Depending on the type of figure, the fat can be smaller or larger in some particular part of the body, and most of all pester the ladies when it is the stomach. The causes of abdominal obesity (the accumulation of fat in the abdomen) is somewhat. Women will be slightly different than men. So, we understand more in detail - why does the stomach grow?

Why do women have a belly: reasons

Reason number 1: pregnancy

Now you have smiled, have not you? This is the most pleasant reason of all that we will give below. If your tummy increases, you may be pregnant. Although most women will already know this before the belly begins to grow. But there are exceptions. For example, more recently the Internet has stirred up unprecedented news: the 16-year-old girl did not know that she is pregnant, until the very birth! She was brought to the hospital with a pain in her stomach, which was a fight, and there she found out that she was giving birth. Fortunately, the negligent young mummy is healthy, like her baby.

Reason number 2: weak muscles of the press

Yes, absolutely not necessarily your stomach is the focus of fat deposits. Inside the abdominal area are the most important organs for our life. And they are reliably protected by the muscular corset and behind (back muscles), and in front (muscles of the press). If these muscles are not trained, the organs begin to press on them and "stick out" outward. Usually this occurs after childbirth or at an older age, when the muscles are stretched and atrophied. Because of the strength of the muscles you need to follow from youth - swing the press!

Reason number 3: features of the figure

There are several types of female figures: they are "hourglasses", and "pear", and "apple", etc. There is such a figure, when the lady has narrow hips and slender legs, but all fat is concentrated in the abdomen and waist. Unfortunately, you can not argue with nature, and it will be quite difficult to make yourself a thin waist and lush hips with such a genetic predisposition. But the output is still there - follow exactly these zones, adjust the nutrition, perform special exercises for fat burning in the abdominal area and pump up the muscles of the buttocks, for example.

Reason No 4: Diabetes

It's sad, but the fact is: diabetes in most cases accompanies obesity. And first of all, the fat will accumulate in the abdomen. Only then, if you do not diagnose diabetes in time and take measures to cure it, "thighs, legs, hands, and other parts of the body will be used." Especially you should be alerted if the weight began to rise very sharply, and if there was swelling. To all other things, the manifestations of diabetes are a constant thirst. In a word, urgently to the doctor - at the first these signs!

Reason number 5: lack of sleep

One of the newest discoveries of Swiss scientists! If you are not sleeping enough, your stomach will grow! True, the experiment lasted for five years - during this time a group of scientists observed 1000 people. It was both men and women, and it was found that those who slept regularly for 8 hours a day did not have problems with being overweight. While those who did not sleep regularly - slept for 5 hours, "excelled" by fat deposits on the waist and hips. So get enough sleep and rest fully!