What would this eat to lose weight?

Anyone who has had experience in losing weight knows about useful products. Vegetables, fruits, lean meat, porridge is the diet of one who adheres to the foundations of a healthy diet. Among these "right" products are those that help to lose weight.

What would this eat to lose weight?


Dietitians advise drinking a couple glasses of water 20 minutes before breakfast and one glass before eating. This will help reduce your appetite. Sometimes, people confuse thirst and hunger. Soaking up the liquid will help you understand your feelings. If you do not want to eat anymore, then you just want to drink. Excess calories as a result are not eaten.

You can drink water boiled or mineral. Try to choose with little or no gas.

Green tea

If you drink a couple cups of such tea during the day, you can significantly improve the metabolic processes of the body. Tea perfectly cleanses the body of toxins.

Green tea желательно пить до обеда так как он оказывает невероятное тонизирующее действие на организм.


There is such a thing as products with a negative calorie content, when more energy is spent on digesting the product than it contains. Most vegetables are among such products. Include in your diet more:

  • cabbage;
  • cucumbers;
  • spinach;
  • salad;
  • celery;
  • tomatoes.

Potatoes and beets are the exception to this rule, with losing weight their consumption should be reduced to 3 times a week.


Not all fruits help to lose weight, but citrus fruits and apples must be present in your diet.

Citruses contain citric acid and a sufficient amount of vitamin C, which directly contribute to the burning of fats. One of the most popular diets is grapefruit. It is important to consider that all elements for burning fat are contained in white fruit partitions. Many mistakenly use only the flesh.

Apples are rich in fiber. This fruit appears in almost all diets. And it's not for nothing that losing weight people pay so much attention to it. Apples are rich in fiber, iron and iodine, enhance metabolic processes in the body and help burn fat.


Helps to lose weight protein of both vegetable and animal origin. To digest protein, the body spends much more energy than if you were consuming fats and carbohydrates. In addition, proteins help to keep satiety longer. Some types of protein are digested by the body up to 8 hours.

Protein is rich in dairy products, but be careful, some dairy products contain a lot of fat, always study the composition of the product.

Spices and condiments

The most popular spices that help to lose weight:

  • ginger;
  • cover;
  • carri.

All these spices contain a substance called polyphenol, it interferes with the absorption of fat in the body and stops the increase in fat tissue.


Дают организму невероятную сытость и в то же время не усваиваются. Bran помогают организму вывести все токсины и очистить желудок. Прекрасно помогают при запорах.

Losing weight will be easy and comfortable, if you eat all these helper products. Success on the way to a slim figure!