What future mother should know

New materials for pregnant women appeared on the site Nutriclub.ru

Every woman, getting ready for the birth of a baby, worries. The future mother wants to be sure that everything is right: she is eating and resting properly, she is getting ready for childbirth correctly. Julia Malova, a psychologist and a childbirth trainer, notes that a pregnant woman, above all, is frightened by the unknown. "If the future mother has high-quality knowledge on this topic, then she is least worried about the details of the generic process. Such a woman understands what to expect and how to behave properly during childbirth, and this is the main guarantee of her emotional comfort, "the psychologist is sure.

How to help pregnant women? The Nutrilon baby food brand, together with experts in the field of perinatal psychology, obstetrics and gynecology, has prepared new unique materials for the Nutriclub.ru website.

Here the future mother will find answers to all questions, in particular:

- How to breathe properly before and during childbirth;

- What are the methods of natural and drug anesthesia?

- What should I take with me to the hospital?

- how to prepare yourself psychologically for the birth of a child and much more.

The information is conveniently presented in various forms: these are short articles, and training videos, as well as infographics and tables.

Psychologist, expert of the Academy of Intelligent Motherhood Anna Severin tunes the mothers in a positive way: "How successful will the delivery, the most depends on the woman. Learn to feel your body and trust it in advance, and this is possible with regular and conscious training. Only by becoming an active and conscious participant in the process can you help yourself and the child. "