What a masquerade!

All children adore to change into different kinds of costumes. Why they need it so, we decided to find out.

In black armbands on the head, with sabers naked, three young pirates are preparing to storm the living room. They certainly need to take possession of the main treasure - an old suitcase filled with grandmother's buttons, grandfather suspenders and other priceless trophies. On the battlefield appears a new character - a 2-year-old kid. He was also co-wielded a black cloak, and his eyes were tied with a special pirate bandage. The company occupies fighting positions near the mirror in the hallway, the smallest pirate sees his reflection in the mirror and ... tearing off his armor, runs to his mother. What's the matter? Simply, having lost his habitual appearance, the 2-year-old kid was frightened that he had lost himself.

Before we start changing our own appearance, the child must get to know his real image, understand that his personality will not change because he wears a fancy dress. The kid must learn to recognize himself in any guise and firmly know that after the masquerade he will certainly return to the usual reality. Therefore, buying carnival costumes for a child under 2.5 does not make much sense. In addition, the desire to dress up must come from the very baby, and not from those who are around.

Big and beloved In someone else's suit you can afford something that would not be possible in ordinary life.

Do not rush things: children in their time will certainly appreciate the magical power of games with disguise. The process itself draws a line between the real and the imaginary world, creates a timeless space where you can recreate your dreams and express your desires. What do these babies dream about? Of course, to become adults, beautiful and strong, so that everyone around them admired. They disguise themselves to look at themselves, and show their dignity to others. And yet this reincarnation gives kids the opportunity to experience the most fascinating stories and firmly conquer the magical kingdom of fantasy. Having changed into a suit of some character, the child seems to be in the image of some ideal being. The kid is especially attracted to everything that symbolizes power and strength - whether physical or magical. No wonder all the boys want to become supermen or great magicians, and all girls are fairies or princesses. Having put on the garment of the hero, they seem to receive the power inherent in the appearance of the character. By the way, parents do not need to run to the store for a full outfit of Zorro or Spiderman: the child, being in a too rigid frame of the image, will not be able to free his imagination free flight. To get a good game, you need very little: a cloak of an old curtain, an umbrella instead of a sword.


Imagination is inherently akin to freedom. So let your young stylist decide for himself, to whom he will reincarnate. By the way, his choice can tell you about a lot. So, on the kindergarten matinee, a 4-year-old boy wanted to dress up ... a bull. Surprised mother, he assured that a pair of horns with an elastic band as a suit will be just right for him. And all the next day I walked in the courtyard and around the house with my head bent down. In ordinary life, this little kid was short of activity, assertiveness in his relationships with friends in the group. The order of the bull gave him the opportunity to compensate, a way to realize his desire at least once to be in the role of a rebel.

Not afraid!

In the hit parade of children's reincarnations, "horror stories" follow directly for heroic deeds and miracles. Gone are the days when the kid was frightened of any trifle, and now, becoming less impressionable, he takes revenge from fear. If mom and dad join the game, they tremble and cry at the sight of the terrible ghost that their child has turned into with the help of an old sheet, the kid comes to full delight. In such a game, a child can give vent to his aggression and, in addition, get an answer from his parents to a very important question: "If I'm terrible and terrible, will you still love me?" In other words, chilling blood "horror stories" small big and very necessary self-confidence.


On the other hand, if the toddler feels well, only being in the image of someone else, if he changes his role endlessly, without becoming himself or even responding to his own name, it is possible that he will need help. This behavior means that the child avoids self-identification, that he is uncomfortable to be himself. Sometimes it's enough to just talk with such a kid, try to find out what's bothering him, encourage him, strengthen his confidence in himself and your feelings for him. You can turn to a psychologist who will help the child to reconcile with himself. The game of disguise should be fun, not a necessity.

Forbidden Territory

Hiding under the mask, the child receives complete freedom of speech and action: still no one will see if he shows, for example, someone language. And no one will be angry with him, because in the mask he is not he, but someone else. Disguised, you can afford to change your voice and speak in a tone that would be unacceptable in normal life. And most importantly, someone else's voice can express everything that has accumulated on the soul. This, in fact, is the beauty of both an adult and a children's masquerade: it changes the habitual relationship, making them mysterious and more frank at the same time.

Hiding under the mask, it is much easier not only to satisfy your curiosity, but also to increase self-confidence.

Here is a 4-year-old tomboy bursts into the living room in my mother's dress and high-heeled shoes. Where did he get the idea to change into a woman's dress? But what can be more natural for an inquisitive kid than the desire to explore the area that in real life will forever remain unattainable for him? But the 3-year-old girl, who prefers to reincarnate exclusively in males, whether Neznayka or a vampire. Thus, she tries on the role of a leader, a strong and disobedient, who in the everyday life of those around him is unlikely to be cheered. Sexual self-identification is finally formed only towards the end of the adolescent period. Dressing up in the costume of a representative of the other sex just to better understand it, is a practically compulsory and very useful experience for the child. One day the child realizes that all his life he will be a boy or a girl and never the other way round - well, is not that insulting? His frustration the kid overcomes in a game form, exploring what he would be a girl and how she would be a boy. Dressing allows you to break the boundaries of the forbidden zone, quench your curiosity and in the future calmly and confidently feel yourself in the body of a man or a woman.

Adult dress code

Which of the little girls did not once kidnap my mother's makeup and shoes on the hairpin to feel like a real lady? Who of the sons could resist the temptation to try on Dad's cap or grandfather's military uniform? Donate lipstick and do not worry about the safety of lace stockings: if the mother helps her daughter dress up as a real woman, she makes her a grand gift - she tells the child that she wants to see him as an adult. Likewise, the father, who is a wooden sword for his son, "informs" of his desire to see him a real man. Thus, there is a kind of transfer of power. Having changed into an adult, you can change roles, it's just an ideal opportunity to satisfy the indomitable thirst for growing up and gaining power over what is happening.

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