What 5 fitness myths prevent you from living peacefully

Every day the media imposes rules that supposedly give us a long and healthy life. The rules of HLS, the so-called. But it turns out that some of these rules, on the contrary, are dangerous to health and change the quality of human life in a negative way.

What 5 fitness myths prevent you from living peacefully

Rules that should not be followed.

1. Cleaning the teeth after each meal. First, most toothpastes contain fluorine, an overdose of which is dangerous to the body. And we accidentally swallow a small amount of toothpaste with each tooth cleaning. And secondly, if before cleaning your teeth you ate an orange or another citrus, then softened the enamel. Brush your teeth within 30 minutes after such a dessert is impossible. Very harmful to the enamel.

Brushing your teeth is enough 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening. More important is how effectively you brush your teeth, do the correct movements with a toothbrush and clean the plaque from hard-to-reach walls of teeth.

2. Night sleep for 8 hours. According to American researchers, sleeping more than 7 hours for an adult person is rather harmful than beneficial. But in any case, if the body does not require such a long night's sleep, then do not force it.

3. To eat for breakfast muesli, corn flakes. All these products, actively advertised on TV, are very caloric, contain a lot of sugar, salt, preservatives. So their consumption should not be frequent. And if you want to maintain your health and a fit figure, such a breakfast is not for you. Where is more useful than banal porridge, the same oatmeal.

4. There is fish 1-2 times a week. The fish contains useful amino acids, prolonging our youth and keeping a healthy mind. That's just not every fish is useful. So, frozen tilapia and pangasius sold in many supermarkets at affordable prices, is weedy. It is grown in Asia almost in ditches, where different wastes are merged. It is better to do without fish at all, than to use it of this quality.

5. Run in the morning. For people with unstable heart rhythms, rapid collection after a night's sleep and similar loads on the heart and muscles can lead to death ... Everywhere you need to know the measure. And if you do not feel comfortable running around in the morning, however, like the majority of the Planet population, jog (if you want) at any other time of the day. Just do not eat too much before that. And evening or afternoon jogging will be no less useful for health than the morning.

6. Do static stretching before active exercises. We were taught from school that the same slopes to the sides and raised legs prevent stretching, trauma. But scientists from North Carolina believe that this is not so. Moreover, stretching before sports is harmful, as it leads to muscle strain and fatigue ahead of time. But stretching after class is very useful. As a warm-up, it's better just to step on the spot.

7. Wash at low temperature. This saves electricity, water on Earth, but does not save clothes from dangerous microorganisms. Gribkov, for example. If your family has their carriers, clothes need washing at high temperature followed by ironing.

8. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Even if this does not feel like it at all. Stop counting how much you drink in a day! Drink only when you feel thirsty. Remember that the body receives moisture not only in such a direct way, but also from products. And the amount of moisture required by the body is determined by various factors. Including the number of calories consumed.