Welcome to the lost world!

From 2 to 8 January at the theater "MODERN" - prehistoric lizards and the era of dinosaurs in the play "The Lost World" based on the novel by Arthur Conan Doyle.

"The lost world" - will involve children in a whirlwind of adventure, will give them to feel like real heroes, pioneers. Dinosaurs will live in front of the audience (they took more than three years to create them!), Scale stage scenery created by the latest word of visual and sound technologies, easily transfer them from London to the British Empire in the jungle. So, the eccentric scientist Challenger finds evidence of existence in the jungles of South America surviving dinosaurs. He declares this at a meeting of the Zoological Society, and a team of daredevils is immediately formed around him: the young journalist Meloun, the skeptical Professor Summerlee, the philanthropist and hunter Roxton, his servant Sambo and even the young daughter of Challenger Olivia - they are ready for anything to see with their own eyes prehistoric animals. Expedition immediately sets out on the road. In the uncharted jungle, inhabited by ancient reptiles, the company is waiting for interesting adventures and difficult tests. What is hidden in the lost world? Can a man conquer nature? And is there a place for nobility and romantic feelings in the extreme conditions of the wild jungle? Yuri Grymov: "Our Lost World" is not a franchise of the Broadway musical and not a retelling of the book, but an original domestic production combining the approach of Russian drama and European technological theater, original music and the most modern stage technologies. For the performance, an original staging was created, and our main task was to return the spirit of romance and adventure that is now disappearing to our children. We came up with a romantic line between the main characters, so the plot will be interesting to both boys and girls. Ultimately, this is an exciting story, telling the children about eternal values: goodness, justice, love and friendship. "6+ Tickets: 800 - 2000 rub. Disbursements: January 2-8 at 12:00