Weight loss without diets: 10 basic rules for harmony

Exhausting diets and endless workouts, fatigue and constant tension, weight control and total disappointment ... Do you know this? But recently, experts in the field of weight loss collected many accumulated knowledge and revealed some patterns, or rather - 10 win-win rules, how to lose weight. In this case, you do not need to sit on hard diets or engage in professional sports.

Weight loss without diets: 10 basic rules

1. Get enough sleep

We need a full sleep just like air. But it turns out that lack of sleep will also provoke the production of a stress hormone, which causes an increased appetite. Sleep more - eat less, everything is natural! According to scientists, full sleep is considered to be at least 8 hours for an adult person, and to fall asleep better until midnight, when the sleep hormone is at the maximum level in our body.

2. Drink more water

Water does not include coffee, tea and other drinks. Water is water - drinking, still, without additives and preferably at room temperature. It's quite easy to get up every half hour from your place in the office and go pick up a glass of water in the cooler, do not you? The same goes for everything else: keep a bottle of water in a prominent place, and then you definitely will not forget to drink it in sufficient quantity.

3. Do not drink soda and packaged juices

This is a real evil! In them not only a huge amount of fast and not at all useful carbohydrates (and accordingly calories), but also dyes, flavors, chemicals, food additives harmful to our body. Do you want something sweet? Drink freshly squeezed juices, brew compotes without sugar, make cold teas and natural lemonades.

4. Eat soups

First, it's budget: do not have to spend on expensive exotic products for weight loss. Prepare soup from the usual vegetables growing in your area, and better - from seasonal. If you want meat broth, choose a bird or a lean ground meat. It is not necessary to add a lot of potatoes to soups, it is better to make a mix from other less caloric vegetables.

5. Reduce the amount of food

Sometimes, eating even the most useful products, we do not notice how big our portions are. But there are calories everywhere! The best way to get used to small portions is to use small dishes. So your stomach will contract, and afterwards you will be saturated with much less food. Even calculations were conducted: according to the polls, if you reduce the portions by about one and a half times, you can lose about 7-8 kilograms per year without any effort.

6. Do not abuse alcohol

First, it has the same calories, and a lot. Secondly, this undeniably harms health: the metabolism is banally slowed, digestion is disrupted, the excretion of toxins and toxins is inhibited. Third, everything is even simpler: provoking an irrepressible appetite and a desire to eat something that is harmful, such as fast food or fatty foods.

7. Move more

We're not even talking about training right now! It is enough to introduce the habit of moving more, especially if you have a sedentary job, and you are very little "active" for the day. Try to walk more, install a pedometer on your smartphone that will track your activity and stimulate for more. Go up the stairs instead of the elevator, spend the weekend in the fresh air, walk more. Like to lie in front of the TV in the evening? Force yourself to move during each commercial break.

8. Change the color ... of the sauce

Do you like sauces and seasonings? Then replace mayonnaise and white sauces on its basis (and on the basis of fatty sour cream and cream) on red or yellow. Red tomato sauces, especially with the addition of seasonings, spices, chili peppers, will not only contain fewer calories, but also provoke an acceleration of metabolism. Yellow - this mustard: choose a spicy and sharp for the same effect.

9. Observe the mode

The most important thing in the process of losing weight is discipline, and first of all, this refers to meals. Accustom yourself to eat at the same time, in any case do not skip breakfast, try not to eat too late (at least 2-3 hours before bedtime). And increase the number of meals a day - from three to about five, but here you need to reduce portions, or between meals to add snacks.

10. Make the right snack

By the way, about snacks. It's easier to replace harmful bars, chocolates, cookies with useful bananas, apples, dried fruits - they satisfy hunger no worse than hunger, and bring us nothing but empty calories. Take with you to the office a specially prepared set of raisins, dried apricots, various kinds of nuts. When the hand reaches for the sweet, just put the vase in front of you and enjoy.

11. Dine with your beloved

Surprisingly, this is a scientifically proven fact. A group of psychologists from Illinois has proved that in the presence of a man, a woman eats less. Subconsciously a small portion of food should show how much the lady is a refined and miniature creature (well, or strive for it!).