We are a friendly family. photo contest. summer

The magazine "Happy parents" is proud of its readers! We are looking forward to the photo of your friendly family to publish it on our pages.

To take part in the competition, join the PARENTSRUS group, in a special album and share friendly family photos with a short story on the topic "My family is my value".

Photos are accepted until June 1.

Of all the competitive photos and stories uploaded to our groups, the editorial staff of the magazine will choose 1 family. Her photo and story will be published in the May issue of the magazine "Happy Parents".


Vkontakte: join PARENTSRUS group, put a photo of your family and your story in a special album. If you upload photos to the album in the last round and want to continue to participate in the new one, upload the photo anew - only photos and stories downloaded from March 13 are accepted for participation in the new tour!

One participant can put a maximum of 3 photos. The story should be published in a comment to your photos.

A prerequisite for all participants: your account must be open to the group / group administrator, so that you can be contacted / emailed, if necessary.

Congratulations to the winner:

a united family of Lesikhins from Vologda.